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  1. manishj15

    HDMI Cable Quality?

    Hi All, I just bought a Sharp 42" LCD TV w/1080p. I have a comcast HD cable box and I purchased a 3 foot HDMI cable from RAM Cables. I got the cheapest one they had and it was like 10 bucks. The picture from the cable box to the tv seems kinda fuzzy. I played around with the settings but no...
  2. manishj15

    Not sure what to do?

    Hello all, new to home theater and had some questions. I have a JVC HDTV with 1 HDMI input. I want to get a home theater system thats capable of producing surround sound with the DVD player as well as with the cable tv. It's a Cablevision box and has 1 DVI output. I want to spend...