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  1. Paul Clarke

    Adding a Parasound PHP-850 Stereo PreAmp to my HT...need some help...

    Hey guys, My current main system is an HK 510/Parasound 855a driving 4 Wharfedale Emerald 97 towers and a Yamaha CC...also a JBL PB10 sub. 2 channel sources include an HK CDR20 and a JVC 70BK DVD player. What's the cleanest way to incorporate a Stereo PreAmp into an existing HT? Sorry if...
  2. Paul Clarke

    Anyone using the H/K CDR20/30?

    Just picked up a CDR20 from HarmanAudio and I can't believe how good the CD play is on this machine. Haven't tried the record deck yet except for continuous two deck play but jeez the sound is very nice. I always liked the audio from my JVC 70BK but now I'm a firm believer in separate CD...
  3. Paul Clarke

    Newbie ?? on STR-DA4ES

    So what's the ?.
  4. Paul Clarke

    S&V H/K 8000 review is in Oct issue

    Once again, the H/K flagship gets superb marks. Another entry for H/K over at: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Holl...1/ratevsac.htm It looked like the previous two were getting kinda lonely.
  5. Paul Clarke

    Circuit City Sound Rooms

    Anybody know if they use some kind of signal attenuators on their audio control setups? I was just in a local CC and someone was demoing a Polk 450 sub. Tried it with a variety of satellite speakers. Looked over at the H/K 520 they were using to drive it and the volume read +10. Now there is no...
  6. Paul Clarke

    12V trigger setup info

    I'm putting this here as there has been a lot of amp purchasing lately and the subject has thrown out quite a few random questions on various threads. Radio Shack part numbers: 273-1773...500mA 12VDC Adapter. $12.99 273-1742...6" Power Leads Assembly. $1.99 The second is for those who...
  7. Paul Clarke

    Receiver vs. amp: was this a valid test?

    Here's the setup: (Only Stereo tested) H/K 510 in main system with 2 Wharfedale Emerald 97 towers H/K 310 as pre/pro with Parasound 855A and 2 Wharfedale 97's Channel levels were at 0 on both H/K's and volumes at -25 Gain was maxed on the amp Test tone at 1kHz showed a 5+dB...
  8. Paul Clarke

    4 6 Ohm Speakers from 1 L-R connection...

    on my H/K 510. Not running anything near reference...just for tonight have my towers stacked on each other as a new set arrived...I'm testing them out... and I don't want to use the rear surround connectors...just split up the first main bi-wire set and hooked up the straps. The 510 does not...
  9. Paul Clarke

    For Tower Owners: Anybody else using towers for rear surrounds?

    I am a big fan of multi-channel stereo so having 4 full range speaks whose sound I love is a real treat. I would have 6 (1 a side for the center) but my Emerald 97's aren't shielded. I still use a sub and on different input/surround modes set the towers as Small (especially for HT). Just not on...
  10. Paul Clarke

    Watts and Volume: H/K 310 vs 510---my results...

    sure prove the rule of needing to double the power to achieve a 3dB increase. My 510's (80x2, 70x5) are just 1.25-1.5dB higher at any (usable) volume level than my 310 (60x2, 50x5). Tested 70 through 90dB for reference levels and also tested random comparable volume settings. This is gratifying...
  11. Paul Clarke

    Who has the Refurbed Pioneer 709S?

    I know someone on here had a thread going before the crash. He got it from Refurb Depot. I'd like to hear how it worked out and if he's happy with it or from anyone else that has it. That is a killer deal. Thanks.
  12. Paul Clarke

    Marantz 5200: Who has it, likes it, and why?

    Thinking of pulling the trigger on this one for the bedroom setup. Just like some input, good or bad. TIA.
  13. Paul Clarke

    Apex 7701 Multi-Format SACD/DVD-A Player

    Anyone gotten one of these yet? How does it perform? I mean $250 from JandR...Progressive, NTSC/PAL etc...ain't technology grand?
  14. Paul Clarke

    Sub Port Plugging

    Hello all, I am a newbie so I definitely could use assistance. My question concerns the value/lack of value in plugging a ported sub. My current one is the down-firing JBL PB10. I have no need for anything larger as my home is small and there are neighbors on common walls, albeit concrete...