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    The $499 Grudge Match: PS3 vs the A2 (DING!)

    Being an owner of an 360 I can safely attest to the fact that the dang thing sounds like a small plane warming up it's engines. The really sad part is my computer is an AMD 4200+, with 2 120mm case fans, 1 90mm side panel fan, plus the CPU, GPU, and PS fans, and it's maybe 1/4th as loud as...
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    The $499 Grudge Match: PS3 vs the A2 (DING!)

    I'm in agreement with alot of what's been said here by ppltd. Just wish to make a few points. -Not only have there been fairly reliable reports of overheating, but the reports from IBM itself of sub-processors blowing without warning haven't been resolved. It may not be an issue, but it could...