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  1. AdamW

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Gone With The Wind - Four Disc Collector's Ed. (VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    Arr, debating on making a blind purchase. I'm a poor college student, but... I'll do it! :)
  2. AdamW

    NEW Top 100 DVD Census - Vote Now For Your Top 10

    1. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring- Extended Edition (4-disc) 2. Terminator 2: Judgement Day: The Ultimate Edition 3. Toy Story: The Ultimate Toy Box (3-disc) 4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Special Edition 5. The Matrix 6. The Godfather Collection 7. This is Spinal Tap...
  3. AdamW

    what about garfield and friends on dvd?

    I'd buy full season sets of Garfield. I loved that show. :emoji_thumbsup:
  4. AdamW

    Shrek's ReVoice is a gas!

    Each time I try and boot up the ReVoice studio, it crashes. :frowning:
  5. AdamW

    What's with the fullscreen releases???

    I recently was at Wal-Mart... loads and loads of P&S A Beautiful Mind, not a single widescreen copy. :thumbsdown:
  6. AdamW

    Count of Monte Cristo

    I actually read the book a few months ago during school. I saw the film and it was A LOT different than the book. Still a fairly good movie, though.
  7. AdamW

    Joe Six-Pack came to my garage sale today

    I make sure all of my friends know the benefits of widescreen and I also must mention the benefits of widescreen to my parents once a week. I don't know whats wrong with everyone, even my 11 year old sister knows you see more with widescreen. When I was watching Legally Blonde with her, when you...
  8. AdamW

    Harry Potter DVD, Got it early

    I ordered it on Friday drom deepdiscountdvd, so I won't get it early.:frowning: Plus, I didn't even get confirmation yet on the order and it doesn't appear on the order status. I'll just call them on Monday and tell them to cancel the order (if it even went through) so I can get the movie in...
  9. AdamW

    Fight Club, Big Trouble, Sound of Music Discontinued!

    So many titles, so little money. :frowning: Fortunately, I have some cash lying around so maybe I'll pickup all these films. BTW, for those of you who missed out on Cast Away, Independence Day, and The Abyss 2-disc editions,the local Sam's Club had a few of each in stock. Of course, it'll...
  10. AdamW

    This is going to be a great year for DVD releases

    Nope, no Lion King for you this year, Joey.:) Disney's platinum DVD is Beauty and the Beast this year.
  11. AdamW

    HELP: Need list of retailers that are pressuring the studios away from widescreen....

    I used to buy a lot of DVDs at Target, but they are now hated by me. They only carry Pan and scan at all the Targets in my area. I won't ever buy a DVD from them again, even one that is released wide screen only, until they stock widescreen on dual releases. Also, if they have an old version of...
  12. AdamW

    Would you boycott DVD if studios went P&S only?

    Well, we have petitions to make sure that Widescreen stays around, but what would you do if studios stopped releasing widescreen movies on DVD all together? I strongly doubt that this would happen, but I just want to hear what some intelligent people would do.
  13. AdamW

    The Others possibly a Vista Series title?

    Damin, thanks for pointing that out. Oops :)
  14. AdamW

    Atlantis:Lost Empire (R1-Canada) possible defect...

    Of course, mine plays fine except for the fact that I can't enter in a time of the movie to jump to :angry:! I tried putting in 27:24 only to get the slash mark, so I had to skip through it. I have a Panasonic player, A115, which has only had problems with Atlantis and Dinosaur.
  15. AdamW

    The Others possibly a Vista Series title?

    VISTA Series is Touchstone's banner. The Others is from Dimension/Miramax, so I'm betting it will say either Miramax or Dimension Collector's Series at the top.
  16. AdamW

    Unbreakable, no alex ross illustrations?

    I picked up my copy about a week after street date and the illustrations were included.
  17. AdamW

    Snow White Free DVD Offer

    I also preordered it through Disney Store, so I got the DVD with it along with a pin and lithographs.
  18. AdamW

    Any plans for a new PLEASANTVILLE DVD before I buy?

    I don't see New Line putting out a new edition, after all it is Platinum Series and New Line won't be releasing any catalog titles as infinifilm releases.
  19. AdamW

    TRON SE - Anyone have this yet?

    I watched the movie last night, I have no school today :). Good transfer. Still gotta return it later,and this time I'll look for one that's packaged well.
  20. AdamW

    TRON SE - Anyone have this yet?

    I just got it a few hours ago, only to find out when I opened it that the case was broken. I'll get it replaced tomorrow.
  21. AdamW

    What Disney titles go OOP this month?

    I'm 99.9% sure that BOTH Tarzan editions will be out of print.
  22. AdamW

    What Disney titles go OOP this month?

    OK, going OOP on January 31st are: Pinocchio Mulan Tarzan: Collector's Edition Snow White
  23. AdamW

    What Disney titles go OOP this month?

    I heard something about a disney dvd going OOP, I don't remember which one, though :frowning:. I'll get back to you.
  24. AdamW

    Potter DVD this May

    Harry Potter could be on the way May 7th. A late April release also seems to be a possibility. Let's just hope Warner doesn't release it in pan and scan only. I doubt that would happen, though, but it's Warner Bros. so you never know.Just thought I'd let you Potter fans know whats going on.
  25. AdamW

    Simpsons Season 2, Disc Suggestion

    Season 1 release was solid, however animated menus would have definitely been nice. I would venture to say FOX will jump up a level or two with Season 2 and give us more extras and animated menus.
  26. AdamW

    Any early reviews of Tombstone Vista Series DVD??

    The footage has been edited into the film. Head on over to and check out the screens under the news section. The Director's message should clear that up for you.
  27. AdamW

    Any early reviews of Tombstone Vista Series DVD??

    Expect a review from The Digital Bits tomorrow.
  28. AdamW

    How to replace a FS DVD with OAR version?

    I've tried something similar to that before, and most retailers will open the package right in front of you so the chance of that working is slim.
  29. AdamW

    Back To The Future Summer 2002 !!!??

    Dave, the rights for Columbia end at the end of 2001. ------------------ Adam Wilson Back to the Future on DVD in: 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002! [email protected]