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  1. Mr645

    Reviews of DIY Subwoofers?

    Here it is with the grill sitting on front. My plan was to install 4 threaded inserts, one in each corner and use nuts and bolts to attach it. But I like it without the grill so I left it. The grill was custom so it sits until I decide to trash it.
  2. Mr645

    Reviews of DIY Subwoofers?

    Should read "I am NOW using a Crown XLS-2502 for power"
  3. Mr645

    Reviews of DIY Subwoofers?

    Also, since the build, the plate amp failed. The plate amp is also no longer sold. Parts-Express accepted it for return but that left me with no amp and a big hole in the back, 2 holes actually. I made a wood plate to cover the entire back, painted it black and sealed the back up, cut a new...
  4. Mr645

    Reviews of DIY Subwoofers?

    Here are links to the things I used for this build.
  5. Mr645

    Reviews of DIY Subwoofers?

    So it's been a few days with my Dayton 18" UM18 in a 4 cu ft sealed enclosure. Power is from the Dayton plate amp, 1200 watt with DSP. The entire kit was $899 from Parts Express. First, everything arrived very well packed and went together really well. I used Titebond III glue for main assembly...
  6. Mr645

    Reviews of DIY Subwoofers?

    well, I built one. An 18" sealed kit with plate amp from Parts Express. Came out nice and sounds awesome. Only listened to music so far. Movies coming
  7. Mr645

    Reviews of DIY Subwoofers?

    Dual opposing 18" drivers is an option. I have room for almost a 2x2x2 ft box, 8 cubic feet. But I have room for one, no other places I can really add a second subwoofer.
  8. Mr645

    Reviews of DIY Subwoofers?

    I see lots of information about building them but really nothing solid as far as a review as to how they perform. I am thinking of building a subwoofer project during this downtime and looking at the Dayton UM 18 in a 4 cubic foot sealer enclosure. Possibly doing 2 of them in a slightly larger...
  9. Mr645

    Have anyone seen the new LG 86" 86UM8070 set?

    I bought the Sony X850G, still unable to view the LG even though retailers have it in stock
  10. Mr645

    Bi-Amp and Tri-Amp Applications

    I bi amp my Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures. The speakers seem to be set up for it and I realize greater, tighter bass performance. Better imaging and more volume. HOWEVER I cannot contribute that 100% to the fact that the speakers are bi amped. because I use a Parasound 5 channel external amp to...
  11. Mr645

    Have anyone seen the new LG 86" 86UM8070 set?

    Looking for a big set and this one fas perfectly but I was not so pleased with the picture quality of the older 6570 model from LG. I can get this set for at least $500 less than the Sony 850G and I prefer the apps and software from LG over Sony.
  12. Mr645

    Broken JM Lab Subwoofer?

    If you can find a replacement driver that is designed to work in the size and type of enclosure, replacing it then becomes rather easy. I would start by taking out the driver and looking for a model # on it and search for a new one of the same model.
  13. Mr645

    86" LG or 85" Sony 850 series?

    Thanks, I am considering the Sony 900 series as well. The LG 86" uses a 120 hz panel. The 60 hz panel is only in the smaller sizes of that series. Some others have also suggested the Samsung Q8 82" TV for exceptional picture quality or even the 82" NU8000.
  14. Mr645

    New LG Cinebeam short-throw laser 4K projector debuts at CES 2019

    Interesting that the show it in a well lit room.
  15. Mr645

    86" LG or 85" Sony 850 series?

    Shopping for something in the 80"+ size. The only place with these TVs on display is a local Best Buy. They also have the 82" Samsung. I am upgrading from an older Sharp 75" 1080p set. Anyway, based on size and reviews I was thinking the LG 86" for around $2500 but the home theater expert at...
  16. Mr645

    Help choosing a receiver (Pioneer, Marantz, Denon)

    What features or improvements will I get moving from the Marantz 5012 to the 8012 or 7703 ?
  17. Mr645

    Help choosing a receiver (Pioneer, Marantz, Denon)

    I will look for a 7702 II or the 7703, but retail price is more. The receivers I am looking at are $599 open box. All three are regular price of $999 retail and $200 for the Black Friday sale.
  18. Mr645

    Help choosing a receiver (Pioneer, Marantz, Denon)

    Need to upgrade a Pioneer VSX-32 to something that can pass 4k. I am using external amplification so need pre outs for 7 channels. the front mains are bi-amped and I am actually running 5.1 speakers. Anyway, the Pioneer LX-503 has the preouts as do similarly priced models from Marantz SR5012...
  19. Mr645

    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    Would be a nice upgrade to my older Pioneer Elite receiver
  20. Mr645

    8 ohm vs 6 ohm. Can I mix and match speakers with different impedance?

    If the receiver has a microphone and can listen to the speakers and set itself up, you should be fine. It may take some fine tuning to adjust gains for the different brand speakers but it can certainly be done.
  21. Mr645

    What PSU am i looking for to power my car amp?

    As stated above, buy a 120v amp. You will spend more on a DC/AC converter in order to power the amps. The car amps will have huge peak draw which your car battery can handle for brief moments, but those convertors don't have the headroom and when the amps clip they can actually damage the speakers.
  22. Mr645

    Question regarding power amp vs. AV receiver for home theater build...

    As long as you have a volume control on the source, you should not need a processor/pre-amp/receiver in the mix.
  23. Mr645

    Recommendations for 5-channel power amplifier?

    Parasound has some very reasonable amps. I think even something like an HCA-855 will be more powerful then just about any receiver. Bryston, B&K, Carver, Rotel, various others. Amps are long lasting, reliable components so even if you decide to move up to brands like Krell & McIntosh, it's...
  24. Mr645

    So freaking lost...

    Sounds like you need a receiver with two zones. One for the living room, and one for the rest of the house, multiple 2 channel sound. The receiver should be able to power the living room theater and look for a receiver with a 2nd zone line output and buy an 8 channel amp. Search for something...
  25. Mr645

    A/V Receiver VS. Surround Sound Processor & Amp

    Separate amp are a lot more powerful then a receiver. Forget what the ratings say. a 100 wpc external amp will be at least twice as powerful as a receiver rated at 100 wpc. And like stated above, amps last for a long time. I have the same Parasound amp since 1999 and it works great. Separate...
  26. Mr645

    Building a new house, soon ready for drywall and need help

    I would also say wire for 7.1. Even if you don't use it it is cheap to do. Also leave enough wire so in case at some point in the future you move things around, you have enough cable to reach
  27. Mr645

    More Dolby Atmos details - start saving up, guys!

    Is it just me, or do others find that a pair of high quality, well placed speakers can deliver an amazingly accurate front soundstage
  28. Mr645

    Subwoofer_Quality vs. price?

    Something interesting I recently discovered. First, the amp in my subwoofer failed, due to the age and the company that built it no longer around, parts or replacement amp was not available. Contacted the designer, now working for another company who was helpful, but also suggested that...
  29. Mr645

    Need amp advise! Where to go?

    An external amp will be much stronger. I use a Parasound HCA-855 (85x5) and it powers a pair of Vandersteen speakers rated at 86 db/wt/ft and drives them to uncomfortable levels. About 4DB louder then a Pioneer Elite receiver rated stronger. It also does it with much cleaner sound with much...
  30. Mr645

    Sony speakers watt max

    It is also much easier to kill a set of speakers by pushing an amp with too little power then by driving them with two much power