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  1. Bryce Miner

    Pinocchio Blu Ray replacement disc for missing lines of dialogue?

    I called today and they still have not received my copy in their return envelope which was mailed on the 11th. They didn't seemed surprised that my copy had not arrived yet and to check back in another week.
  2. Bryce Miner

    FS: Pioneer DV-45a Region Free DVD, DVD-A, SACD

    **Sold** For sale is my well taken care of Pioneer DV-45a for $75 includes shipping UPS ground to the lower 48 states. Canada inquiries may be considered. Pioneer USA - Elite DVD Players It is region free and will playback material as the source it is in. It does not convert PAL to...
  3. Bryce Miner

    Why Are YOUR Separates Better???

    My history is as follows: Denon 2802 with Swan Diva C3, 6.1, 2.1 and R3s bought B&K Ref 50 and used denon as amp bought adcom 5503 200x2 and then a B&K 125x5 amp sold B&K ref 50 and went to Denon 2809 and continued using amps returned 2809 and bought B&K ref 50 series 2 I'm using...
  4. Bryce Miner

    Who else is looking forward to the Panasonic DMP-BD50?

    I think the current buyers are weighing the options of buying one now or waiting for the bd55. I don't need 7.1 analog outs only 5.1 (have B&K Ref 50), so i made the purchase for the BD50 and sold the PS3.
  5. Bryce Miner

    B&K fans- discuss the latest hardware for 2008

    I currently have a Ref 50 and recently sold the PS3 that I was using with optical for a Panasonic bd50 and will be using the analog out for DTS-MA and True HD. I'm hoping I'll like the results and not be tempted to swap out the B&K for an Integra or another option.
  6. Bryce Miner

    FS: Blu-rays (Free Shipping)

    PM sent for Pirates of the Caribbean : The Curse of the Black Pearl - $12
  7. Bryce Miner

    FS: Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on

    PM Sent
  8. Bryce Miner


    I have a copy that I could part with? Why are you craving the 1.85:1 ratio? EDIT: Whoops, i only have the 2.35:1 version, but it is the release before the two disc edition.
  9. Bryce Miner

    Bugsy Malone - Finally!!!!

    This was supposed to be released today however I am unable to locate it anywhere. Anyone have better results than me?
  10. Bryce Miner

    DVDs purchased AFTER Christmas with Christmas proceeds.

    Toy Story 2 for me.
  11. Bryce Miner

    Best DTS tracks on DVD

    Region 3 has DTS 96/24 support. It sounds amazing and very full sound.
  12. Bryce Miner

    FS: Xbox wireless adapter

    How much for shipping?
  13. Bryce Miner

    R3 questions (Phantom of the Opera)

    I received my R3 hong kong version yesterday. It has a DTS 96/24 track on it. The packaging isn't as nice as the korean release, but the 96/24 support makes up for it. Subtitles are defaulted to off. Plus more features on the 2nd disc then the R1 release. This is my new reference disc.
  14. Bryce Miner

    Apprentice Season 3 ongoing thread

    so,.....who got fired?
  15. Bryce Miner

    Has gone under?

    Good thing I still have my DVD Discoveries disc in my collection. Thanks DVDangle!
  16. Bryce Miner

    Anyone in Utah interested in calibration by Gregg Loewen?

    Wes, I can do partial work to help your friend with the 1080i convergence. Hourly rate is $75.
  17. Bryce Miner

    B&K AVR507 or Ref 50 & 125.7?

    Too Bad. The B&K would of knocked your socks off with all the great features, presets, remote, etc, etc, etc... Yes I think you made a mistake. YMMV.
  18. Bryce Miner

    Alias - 3/28/04 - The Frame

    What's up with Sydney's new haircut? I don't like the bangs!
  19. Bryce Miner

    Alias - 3/21/04 - Taken

    I thought the covenant was in the SUV that picked up the kids from the beginning.
  20. Bryce Miner

    need advice on using denon 4802 as a pre/pro

    How about purchasing the pre/pro first and using the 4802 as the amp. Then later down the road swap out the 4802 for a better amp. My personal opinion is that the pre/pro makes a bigger difference then the amp. (This goes for movie watching not 2ch music playback)
  21. Bryce Miner

    Classe SSP30 or B&K Ref 50?

    I say get the B&K Ref 50.
  22. Bryce Miner

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Annie: Special Anniversary Edition

    To me the Dolby Digital track sounds better than the DTS. I compare it to "The Rock" criterieon dvd dd vs dts. I bought it for the music. I have it on laserdisc and I can now just sync up the two and have the video from the laser and audio from the dvd.
  23. Bryce Miner

    Once Upon a Time in Mexico Details (including OAR discussion, past and present)

    For those that want the 2:35.1 ratio just put up some black mattes to make it that way and crop off the top and bottom. Problem solved.
  24. Bryce Miner

    Blockbuster's Gaming Freedom Pass

    I tried the game pass at blockbuster for a month but was dissapointed half way through. Most of the games where always gone from other game pass users. I then went to gamefly and had better results. Two games at once. This helps justify the ship times where I'd ship one and keep one. I would...
  25. Bryce Miner

    XBOX multiplayer games I can play with my kid?

    SWAT Yes, it didn't achieve great marks, but it is quite fun to play cooperatively. I think you'll enjoy it.
  26. Bryce Miner

    driving the divas

    I stopped by because I too have the 6.1, C3, 2.1 and R3 setup. I'm running a B&K Ref 50 with an Adcom GFA-5500 which is 200x2, and using a moderate denon 2802 external input to run my other 5 channels. I'm hoping to upgrade the denon to a B&K or adcom 5ch amp. I haven't decided and was checking...
  27. Bryce Miner

    Do you miss 'Ken Cranes'?

    I too want to join this party. I remember in my teens going to ken cranes everytime I would visit my grandmother in Huntington Beach CA. It was something else. The store full of laserdiscs. After our trips there we also stocked up on titles. We only did internet shopping occasionally. Long Live...
  28. Bryce Miner

    Crimson Skies system link -- only 2 per Xbox?

    I don't like on system link that you can't have custom names. It is harder to tell who you are killing. Player one is always nathan, 2 is betsy, 3 is maria etc. I don't like that you get "kicked" out after every game instead of just staying connected. You have to find the host after everygame...