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  1. Alan-C

    Directors List your 10 favorite bands of all time (in order or preferece)

    1. Stone Temple Pilots 2. Metallica 3. Evanescence 4. AC/DC 5. Enya 6. Alice in Chains 7. Korn 8. Nirvana 9. Disturbed 10. Saliva
  2. Alan-C

    *** Official KING ARTHUR Discussion Thread

    On a 1 to 10 scale I'd give it about a 6.. I love movies of this type, but after reading the King Arthur book. I think they could have done MUCH better with it. I just couldn't get use to seeing King Arthur in Roman armor.. I kinda thought the Merlin charactor stunk. Merlin was a GREAT wizard...
  3. Alan-C

    Best King Arthur film?

    Well the new King Arthur movie comes out in a month or so doesn't it? I love that type of movie, but right off one thing I have noticed is their armor looks more Roman than medieval. Not sure whats up with that...
  4. Alan-C

    Remote remote-controll

    I'm pretty new here, so I think this is in the right section, but not 100%. Here is want I'm wanting to do. I am installing in-wall speakers and a small LCD TV in our bathroom. The receiver is going to be in the bedroom. I want to also be able to controll the receiver from in the bathroom (on...
  5. Alan-C

    Is there a certain actor/ actress's movies that you won't watch?

    Some that come to mind on my list are: Leonardo Dicaprio and Patrick Swayze.
  6. Alan-C

    Bathroom HT

    Wow.. that is awesome... but a little out of my budget.. I like the ceiling speaker idea above. I might do a couple in the wall across the room too... Does anyone know of a receiver/cd player with waterproof controls or remote? Would steam bother regular speakers, or does someone make something...
  7. Alan-C

    Bathroom HT

    I am redoing our bathroom and going all out. I just put in a new hot tub and am contemplating some HT elements in the bathroom. My idea is putting some type of sound system around the hot tub and maybe a small plasma screen. Has anyone had any experience with bathrooms? ideas? Its going to be...