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  1. TreyP

    Bought a new LCD TV last night... Broken

    Yeah so Best Buy has this really good deal on a 47inch 1080p LCD set for $999. I get to the store, and I get the last set they have in stock. Of course, my genius doesn't even think about if it will fit in my car or not before all of this. So I call my buddy up who meets me at the store with his...
  2. TreyP

    Why can't I get the software update on my DVR?

    Looks like this is getting back into the whole hacking phase. Oh well maybe I'll give it a shot, its probably not as hard as it looks.
  3. TreyP

    Why can't I get the software update on my DVR?

    Thanks.... that sucks. I'm about to drop DirecTV. I'm growing more and more frustrated with them.
  4. TreyP

    Why can't I get the software update on my DVR?

    Sorry if this has already been posted. I did a search and couldn't find a solution. I'm trying to network my Tivo DVR with my PC so I can copy football games and old shows. When I first started researching this, what I stumbled upon said I had to put in a new HD, buy different types of...
  5. TreyP

    FS: RCA 36" MM36110 HDTV ready - Philadelphia area

    I'd be willing to cut an inch off the side... LOL J/k.
  6. TreyP

    FS: RCA 36" MM36110 HDTV ready - Philadelphia area

    Dimensions Width 38.75 in. Depth 26.5 in. Height 28.5 in.
  7. TreyP

    FS: RCA 36" MM36110 HDTV ready - Philadelphia area

    I'm going through a divorce and moving across the country, so I'm selling everything I got and starting my life over. I'm selling this TV dirt cheap at $400. Comes with original box and packing material. Buyer will need to pick it up. Located in Langhorne off of Maple St.
  8. TreyP

    How much would you pay for someone to pressure wash your driveway?

    My brother is trying to make some extra cash. He plans on renting a pressure washer and going door to door. He was originally gonna charge $25 but someone recommended to him he should charge around $40. He asked me and I'm like hell I dunno. Also, would you have it done after a rainy weekend?
  9. TreyP

    FS: RCA 36" HDTV.... model MM36110

    Thanks Dave. Jamie, let me know if you're still interested. I've got a couple locals who have expressed interest. I expect it to be sold in the next 2-3 days.
  10. TreyP

    FS: RCA 36" HDTV.... model MM36110

    Here are a few pics of the TV: Sorry if the quality of these photos are a little poor, they were not taken in a well-lit area. Trey
  11. TreyP

    FS: RCA 36" HDTV.... model MM36110

    I'm leaving out of town next Wednesday and won't be back for a week. As soon as I get back we'll start moving into our "temporary" home. So I plan on it being gone before then. Thanks.
  12. TreyP

    FS: RCA 36" HDTV.... model MM36110

    I'm shipping out to Osan AFB, Korea in a few months, so I'm trying to sell as much as possible rather than keeping it in storage for a year. One of the things I'm getting rid of is my television. Its about two years old, and still in very good condition. I still have the original box. This set...
  13. TreyP

    Ever seen a coax to rca cable adapter/converter?

    So we got this TV at work and the screw-on piece on the back where you plug in the coax cable keeps falling out. The TV does have rca inputs on it and I figure somebody somewhere invented an adapter for this. I looked on Radio Shack's website and a few others and even eBay and can't find anything.
  14. TreyP

    Happy Birthday Canada!

    Who's Canada?
  15. TreyP

    Strangest Spam I have ever received

    Hmmm... I have an old bank account with about $10 in it that I don't use anymore but still have it open for no reason... If I ever get one of those emails I may consider toying with them.
  16. TreyP

    save me from dumb ebay buyers!

    My opinion on the Buyer A/Buyer B issue... Ryan and Buyer A both got screwed. Ebay and Buyer B are both at fault. Buyer B shouldn't have been able to back out... Ebay's fault for allowing it, and Buyer B's fault for backing out. After he backed out, then ALL of his bids should have been...
  17. TreyP

    Problem with rentmydvd's site?

    I used to be a member there a while back, and wanted to rejoin, however, I can't figure out how.... I know this may seem dumb, but either their site is broken, or I'm just stupid. I'm probably just stupid. Anyway, I figure this is where I get started:
  18. TreyP

    Good work at home jobs?

    Yea, I kind of figured such. We've looked around for info on this kind or stuff, such as ratings or recommendations from 3rd part well known places, but just keep running into people saying about how they make so much money and blah blah blah so click here. Its actually annoying trying to find...
  19. TreyP

    Good work at home jobs?

    My wife is currently unemployed and looking for work, but really is wanting to get a good job working at home. We've seen a lot of ads about it, but figure most of them are crapshoots. Has anyone here had any good experience with something like this? Thanks Trey.
  20. TreyP

    Fuse keeps blowing in DVD player

    I have an RCA model# RC5910... I bought it a little over a year ago, so its out of warranty. It just one day all of a sudden wouldn't come on. I figured it was a fuse, so I opened it up, and sure enough, it was blown. Just under where the fuse was, it said: 1.0A250V. I guessed this meant it...
  21. TreyP

    2 games for sale/trade

    AFDS sold Other title available for $20 shipped.
  22. TreyP

    2 games for sale/trade

    I have Air Force Delta Storm for XBox and NCAA Final Four 2002 for PS2. I will sell for $20 each shipped. If you want to buy both, I will ship for $35 total. Make any offers for trades. Thanks
  23. TreyP

    Did 80s show get cancelled or moved?

    So does anyone know for sure what's going on with this show? Thier site says nothing.
  24. TreyP

    Did 80s show get cancelled or moved?

    I just saw Fox's preview for Wednesday's lineup, it showed Malcom in the Middle right before Grounded for Life. I hope not cause 80s show and Grounded are my 2 fav shows and pretty much the only 2 I ever watch. Plus, Tuesday is HOTT!
  25. TreyP

    Question about cell phones

    I have this phone that I bought a long time ago (like 3-4 years ago). It was one of the first digital phones to hit the market (Siemens S12). It is the type that takes the SIM card. I haven't used it for over 2 years, its just been sitting in a closet the whole time. So last week, I go dig...
  26. TreyP

    Wisdom teeth removal

    I got mine taken out a few weeks ago. I didn't experience any pain at all, the medicine I was prescribed was very kick-ass :emoji_thumbsup: . But the next couple nights I did feel sick sort of. No pain, just felt sick. Threw up a couple times.
  27. TreyP

    How did you meet your spouse/significant other?

    Sorry about the original title of the thread. I did not intend on excluding anyone (I am never rude to women ;)). I just don't really post here that much, I usually post mostly on sports forums, and I'm just used to posting with a bunch of guys. A forum with a larger amount of women is kinda...
  28. TreyP

    Unofficial "Interesting but true trivia" thread

    I have 2 cats. My hometown has the longest man-made beach in the world.