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  1. Robert Keeler

    Things I wish I would have done differently in my project

    Most of what I'm about to write here has been mentioned, but it'll affirm some of those items to bear not repeating. Things I do differently 1) Wait to install PJ/Screen 1a) Installed PJ/screen first so no walls for 9 months 1b) reinstalled PJ/Screen after rock went up so no painting for...
  2. Robert Keeler

    Any A/D/S fans in the house? Got some speakers, need some info....

    I used to have M- 7's with a soft dome tweeter, soft dome midrange and a 7-8" woofer in a very nice veneer. I regret selling them to this day. I still have my CM5's and a pair a 320i's car speakers. If I recall, the M-12's were about $2K each new, but that was 91-93'. You might get some...
  3. Robert Keeler

    My HT. It is almost done. Maybe?!

    Shawn, Kind of wierd to see your name on things. Great job on the HT. Robert Keeler
  4. Robert Keeler

    Pioneer 49tx v. 47tx

    It's more advanced on the 49TX, whereas the two front left & right can also be affected by the MCACC. The 49 also has the video conversion so that composite and S-VHS inputs are converted to Component. Plus a couple of extra digital inputs. Otherwise performance would be the same. Robert
  5. Robert Keeler

    Wanrted: Star Wars Ep. 1 TPM Japanese Laserdisc

    MikeM, I sent you an email re: SW TPM LD Robert
  6. Robert Keeler

    The "Before" Pictures

    Finally got a website up and after YEARS of lurking, thought I'd participate more. It's pretty funny that I've had this gear for quite a long time (most of it) and still haven't finished the theater. Although I was a lot closr when I had the framing built around a Elite 610,,but now I have a FP...
  7. Robert Keeler

    PIONEER VSX-24TX and it Elite Family- are they good?

    I guess the real question is if Pioneer can make enough of them. David, BTW, the 24 was destined for THX select rating all along so it was purposely limited to 90W. I think it was even the first THX select receiver to hit the market. Hopefully you can swing the 24, it sure is a sweet machine. I...
  8. Robert Keeler

    PIONEER VSX-24TX and it Elite Family- are they good?

    I'm curious why you wouldn't go $150 more and get the VSX-26. I'm looking at the unit for it's multi room and multi source capabilities, not to mention a stronger power supply (read THX Ultra label) at 100X5. I love it that they are using 24 bit audio processors like Burr Brown D/A convertors...