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  1. Jeffrey Nelson

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Dragonfly Squadron 3D -- in Blu-ray

    I finally got round to watching my copy of this. I think it’s a fine little B war picture, extremely entertaining and even thrilling in a few spots, not remotely awful as has been alleged elsewhere. Love the cast, all of whom are giving their all. You can tell everyone was busting their asses to...
  2. Jeffrey Nelson


    I’m guessing you didn’t like the setup for the revenge plot. Nasty, I grant you, but if you like amazing 3D and classic Kung Fu action you should really watch the rest of it sometime (maybe just fast forward past the first bit) because it’s absolutely phenomenal for those two factors. Crazy...
  3. Jeffrey Nelson

    Tales From the Darkside

    Just picked up the complete series set and am having a blast going through it, haven’t seen it since its original run when I was a teen. Watched the first disc of season 1 so far. Such a gem of a show, holds up wonderfully. So glad I picked this up.
  4. Jeffrey Nelson

    Comin' At Ya!: THE HTF 3D GURU REVIEW

    There’s no crosstalk on my Sony display or my girlfriend’s JVC display. Opening titles sequence looks perfect. It’s Ron’s display used for review that is causing his issues. Incredible depth and amazing popouts, although I agree that they got too close to the camera for some shots. Don’t let...
  5. Jeffrey Nelson

    HTF DVD Review: Leave It To Beaver Complete Series Set

    This set was apparently reissued by Shout Factory in October of last year at a reduced price, but it looks like the essential bonus disc and foldout game board included with the original set is MIA on the new set. Dammit, I really wish I’d picked up the original set. :(
  6. Jeffrey Nelson

    Pre-Order Star Wars: A New Hope (4k UHD) Available for Preorder

    No original theatrical version, no sale.
  7. Jeffrey Nelson

    Will we ever see LOOKING FOR MR GOODBAR on blu?

    I’m bisexual, and I think that the assertion that Paramount has an anti-gay agenda regarding music clearances for home video is ridiculous. I love this film and am currently making do with an anamorphic widescreen DVD bootleg that I found online for download, must have been ripped from a stream...
  8. Jeffrey Nelson

    Danny Kaye on blu-ray?

    I can’t imagine ever not loving Danny Kaye’s films, especially THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY and THE COURT JESTER. And STILL they’re MIA on Blu.
  9. Jeffrey Nelson

    Press Release HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time May 2018 Release Announcements

    As the BFI Blu release of BOAN already uses the beautiful Photoplay restoration, is absolutely jam-packed with extras, and has a booklet, deluxe hard case and nice cover art, the TT version will be extremely hard-pressed to beat it. I'll be interested to see what they come up with though...
  10. Jeffrey Nelson

    PEDICAB DRIVER (1989) from Warner Archive! But...

    The buck stops with WB, who could have done a proper subtitle track. They're not a struggling small company. I'll just have to hope that at some point this classic will get the properly subtitled Blu-ray it deserves.
  11. Jeffrey Nelson

    PEDICAB DRIVER (1989) from Warner Archive! But...

    ...apparently the subtitles are botched. And I'm not talking about typos and grammatical errors, which kinda go with the territory; I'm talking about HOH stuff like "musical interlude" and "thwacking continues". So sayeth Bob Cashill:
  12. Jeffrey Nelson

    Dick Van Dyke in THE MORNING AFTER (1974) - this needs to be released!

    And, it's been nearly five more years since I last posted in this thread, almost eight years since I started it, and still no release of THE MORNING AFTER...what the hell, Warner? Where's the love for one of the greatest television films of all time?
  13. Jeffrey Nelson

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (4k Remastered Blu-ray) Single Available for Preorder

    Word has it that the fixed version is also now being included in the new trilogy set.
  14. Jeffrey Nelson

    Appreciation for Films (Not Necessarily the Technology of Our Viewing)

    I LOVE classics (of course), including 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, and I thought GRAVITY was a phenomenal theatrical experience; it felt like I was out there in danger with the characters, more than any other film I've seen. And I normally can't STAND Sandra Bullock. I also don't like a lot of...
  15. Jeffrey Nelson

    The Thief and the Cobbler

    Son Of Threadcrap.
  16. Jeffrey Nelson

    Rabid Dogs (Kidnapped) Arrow Blu Ray.

    Does Arrow's version of RABID DOGS open with a crying woman?
  17. Jeffrey Nelson

    MGM MOD: Fox Bows On Demand MGM Movies for Retailers

    Will I COULD GO ON SINGING (1963) finally get an anamorphic transfer? This is one of Judy's best films, as well as her very last, and deserves much better treatment than it got for its DVD debut. A crime that it'll never be judged worthy of an HD transfer.
  18. Jeffrey Nelson

    The Thief and the Cobbler

  19. Jeffrey Nelson

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre -- in Blu-ray

    Luckily this vile film has stood the test of time and remains one of the most effectively chilling horror films of all time, with barely any gore shown; it's all about the atmosphere with this one. The brilliant soundtrack seals the deal. You don't need lots of money, gore and tits to make a...
  20. Jeffrey Nelson

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Chaplin's Mutual Comedies -- in Blu-ray

    The titles you're used to seeing were not the originals; they were done by David Shepard for the Blackhawk versions in the '70s. The intertitles on the new set have been re-created in the style of the original Mutual theatrical prints. The opening titles are not, because apparently no...
  21. Jeffrey Nelson

    Could the original, unaltered STAR WARS be on its way to Blu-ray?

    There are a lot more organic effects in TRON than it would appear at first glance. I love the distinctive look of the film, like no other I've seen.
  22. Jeffrey Nelson

    Could the original, unaltered STAR WARS be on its way to Blu-ray?

    There are effects shots in STAR WARS that look as least as dated as anything in TRON. I think the latter holds up extremely well (as does the former).
  23. Jeffrey Nelson

    Could the original, unaltered STAR WARS be on its way to Blu-ray?

    Laughable in terms of SFX? Bullshit. That film was on the bleeding edge of SFX in 1982, and still makes for a much more pleasurable candy-color viewing experience than the drab blue-white slog that is the sequel.
  24. Jeffrey Nelson

    Could the original, unaltered STAR WARS be on its way to Blu-ray?

    I just heard about the announcement, which briefly got my hopes up, but now reality is setting in. Is this quote from the above-linked article true? "Disney doesn't own Star...
  25. Jeffrey Nelson

    Anyone for these Herbert Ross films on blu?

    PENNIES FROM HEAVEN, pretty please, with cream and sugar on it. I fell in love with this film the first time I saw it. The only debit is a missing scene that, according to critic Peter Rainer (one of the film's very few staunch advocates among film critics) was cut for time by Ross, which...
  26. Jeffrey Nelson

    KRULL Blu-ray on 9/30

    I'm really glad this is hitting Blu, but it's reeeeaaaalllly lame and annoying the extras weren't ported over from the DVD. Now I'll have to hold onto the DVD too.
  27. Jeffrey Nelson

    Try to sell a difficult Blu-ray title to the HTF Membership

    The dark musical PENNIES FROM HEAVEN (1981) is my pick. One of my fave films of all time, and the last great Hollywood musical, based on Dennis Potter's British TV series. It was a box-office bomb, and I think the only critic who liked it was Peter Rainer, bless him. It's about a Chicago...
  28. Jeffrey Nelson

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Oklahoma! -- in Blu-ray

    After having grown up with the Cinemascope version, I tried watching the Todd AO version when it first surfaced, and found I preferred the performances in the Cinemascope version. I fully admit that the reason for that is most likely bias towards the version I'm familiar with.
  29. Jeffrey Nelson

    Bedknobs and Broomsticks blu-ray on August 12

    BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS is certainly criminally underrated, but MARY POPPINS is most definitely not criminally overrated. And I love them both passionately.
  30. Jeffrey Nelson

    Bedknobs and Broomsticks blu-ray on August 12

    I vehemently disagree with you 100%, and will not be purchasing this waste of disc space. What a travesty. I love the (nearly) complete version of this film, and have no use for the butchered version. Sad. Luckily the Gold Edition DVD looks pretty good.