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  1. ScottHosler

    Carnivale (Season 2)...

    Usually it is inherrent in any good vs. evil battle that the evil appears more powerful. Star Wars, LOTR, and other good vs. evil movies always show evil appearing more powerful, only to have the good guys win through love, light, and other "good" characteristics. The other thing is, good...
  2. ScottHosler

    Carnivale (Season 2)...

    No, he tried to bring Ruthie back with the fish in the pond, but it didn't work. Remember, at the end of Season 1, management told Ben that to give life, he also needed to take life. That's when he killed Lodz.
  3. ScottHosler

    Carnivale (Season 2)...

    I really don't know what the deal with the cornfield dying was. If you remember, Ben could heal people with corn, birds, ect., but to bring someone back from the dead, he needed to take life from another person. So, if Sophie wanted to bring back Justin, wouldn't she need to take life from another?
  4. ScottHosler

    *** Official STAR WARS DVD Glitch Thread

    Well, I called today, and I was told we WILL NOT have to return our defective discs. I guess they are mailing them out on the honor system.
  5. ScottHosler

    Deadwood: Episode 3 "Reconnoitering The Rim"

    You may have seen him on TLC or some other channel performing card tricks. They guy is UNBELIEVABLE at tricks with cards.
  6. ScottHosler

    The all-in-one FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE thread

    It was my understanding that the Alistair Sim version of "A Christmas Carol" was widely regarded as the best version made. I know it is my personal favorite. I never particularly cared for the George C. Scott version. The recent version with Patrick Stewart is not bad, but I think that's because...
  7. ScottHosler

    Monday Night Football in HD (Merged)

    In case anyone was interested in my above posts, I finally found out from my local ABC channel that they are broadcasting in Standard Def until early Sept. Then HD goes online.
  8. ScottHosler

    Monday Night Football in HD (Merged)

    Well, I'm annoyed now. Football was one of the things I was most looking forward to in HD. We've had NBC HD for 8 months, but they don't carry many major sporting events. The HD looks great, but no widescreen. I hope they are just working out the bugs at our local station, but I think a phone...
  9. ScottHosler

    Monday Night Football in HD (Merged)

    Can anyone tell me if they are getting the game in 16:9. I have yet to get MNF in widescreen. We just got HD ABC here so I am wondering if TWC is having problems. Another wierd thing, instead of black bars on the side of the picture, I have gray bars. Anyone else ever see this?