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  1. BenS

    Looking for a flat panel TV under $2000, need advice

    I think he found the tv by now. lol This thread was from 2005.
  2. BenS

    LED LCD panels, IPS or VA or does it make a difference

    How can you tell if a tv has IPS or VA where is it listed in the specs?
  3. BenS

    HTF Contest: Win an Epson HC 8700 1080P projector courtesy of Epson and!

    I just finished my basement project last night. So today I come onto HTF after a few months of being off and I want to look for a new tv recommendation for the basement and I see this wonderful contest and I figure it has to be karma. So with this new projector I will be watching the...
  4. BenS

    Circuit City closing all stores -- watch for bargains coming soon

    What are the deals down to now? Last I looked it was still 10% and the tv's 8 out of 10 were higher priced than other stores.
  5. BenS

    Can you help me find a tv for the bedroom

    Thanks Gregg that's the kind of response I was hoping for. I have been out of the tv market since getting my Mits last year. So I wanted some help from some more informed members.
  6. BenS

    Can you help me find a tv for the bedroom

    I am looking for suggestions in the 42" range less than $1500 and wall mountable. I have checked the threads on here with similar queries but I haven't found enough info from them. If you guys could give me some recommendations that you have I would appreciate it. Thanks, Ben
  7. BenS

    Anyone have Info on Mitsubishi WD-57831

    I absolutely love it. Couldn't be happier with the tv. No I don't have it hooked up to a pc I just dont see the need to.
  8. BenS

    Samsung or Mitsubishi

    Go with the Mitsubishi I researched the Samsung for a friend recommended it and I was going into Ultimate Electronics to buy it and they happened to have the Mits sitting right next to it. It had only been out a week and I had no idea it was out. After seeing the two sitting next to each...
  9. BenS

    Help Building a Gamng Computer Please

    So what bobby posted is all I need to get my computer built and ready to play games? I know i need an OS but that's it?
  10. BenS

    direct tv tivo hd

    So what you are saying is the HR10-250 will be obsolete for HD programming? When is this going to happen or how long can I wait to buy a new HD recording device?
  11. BenS

    Help Building a Gamng Computer Please

    Thanks guys I appreciate the information. If anyone else has some suggestions the more info the better since I a noob at building.
  12. BenS

    Help Building a Gamng Computer Please

    I would love to build a gaming rig but I do not have any experience building a computer and I have no idea what parts manufacturers build quality reliable parts. I have went to dell before but this time I would like to try it myself. I am looking to spend no more than $1500 preferably under...
  13. BenS

    Looking for the Wii? (Update 2/11/07 - Circuit City/Target)

    Wii instock on Dell website.
  14. BenS

    DirecTV HR20 HD DVR

    That's BS I have a lifetime subs. right now. Once I am forced to upgrade i will have to pay for DVR service.
  15. BenS

    DirecTV HR20 HD DVR

    So if I understand you right my HR10-250 will be useless in a year or so. Right now I get local HD via antenna and D* hd via satellite. Am I correct?
  16. BenS

    Looking for the Wii? (Update 2/11/07 - Circuit City/Target)

    How can you find out when Walmart, Target, BestBuy, and Circuit City will get a Wii in or when Nintendo will ship a new batch of Wii's ?
  17. BenS

    WTB: XBOX 360

    Me Too I want one also.
  18. BenS

    Brand New XBOX 360 Premium, w/Gears of War & more!

    Steve do you have the previous one you posted for sale on here yet, if so I will take that one if it's still for sale?
  19. BenS

    FT: Brand New/Factory Sealed Xbox 360 Premium

    Still available?
  20. BenS

    FS Xbox 360 Premium with Receipt

  21. BenS

    Brand New XBOX 360 Premium, w/Gears of War & more!

    If it's still available I want to buy it. Please let me know.
  22. BenS

    Anyone have Info on Mitsubishi WD-57831

    I love it! What is the price that you are quoted for each one?
  23. BenS

    Samsung HL-S5687W bulb dead after 2 months old. Help needed!!

    My buddie just bought this tv 2months ago and the bulb is already dead. He called circuit city yesterday and they told him a tech couldn't make it until next week then they would have to order a bulb that would take 5-7 business days then schedule another appointment which would take another...
  24. BenS

    Looking for TV suggestions....

    I absolutely love my Mits 57831. I recently got it at Ultimate Electronics for $2900.
  25. BenS

    Buying a TV in this day and age...

    I would reccomend the Mits 57831 their new diamond series. It has a 180 watt bulb and a high contrast screen and the picture imho beats a plasma. Looks as if you are looking right thru a window.
  26. BenS

    JVC HD-ILA or Samsung DLP?

    I just bought the New Mitsubishi Diamond Series 57". I love it I was going in buying the Samsung 87 series but I couldn't pass over the level of detail the Mits brought out. I would recommend this set if you are still looking.
  27. BenS

    ISF Video Calibrations: New Eng Detroit Chicago NY OH MO KC, MN, Philly FL LA/SanDieg

    On your trip to Kansas City could you stop by St. louis in November - December?
  28. BenS

    Anyone have Info on Mitsubishi WD-57831

    what is regular cleanings? once a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year? Can I do this or do I need a proffesional?
  29. BenS

    Anyone have Info on Mitsubishi WD-57831

    I would love to know the contrast ratio I can't find the numbers anywhere.