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  1. MikeDLeslie

    Am I Unimpressed with Home Theater or does mine just suck?

    Yes, they sell them at RS unless they've been discontinued. It looks like the one you linked to only with an analog meter. Good luck! -Mike
  2. MikeDLeslie

    Breathing life back into REALLY old Projection TV's

    Probably a combination of the mirror being very dusty and the age of the tubes. The mirror you can clean. Do a search for the proper procedure. The tubes' age you can't do much about except for replace them. -Mike
  3. MikeDLeslie

    Wtb: B&w Lcr6 S2

    Still looking.
  4. MikeDLeslie

    20 foot straight wire RGB cale

    How many BNC's on each end? Thanks, -Mike
  5. MikeDLeslie

    Who all is running CRT Front Projection?

    Barco Data 801s on a Stewart 100" 4:3 electric masking screen with the microperfed StudioTek 130 material. -Mike
  6. MikeDLeslie

    Wtb: B&w Lcr6 S2

    I'm looking for one of these in Black Ash to complete my set. Thanks, -Mike