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  1. Vic_T

    subwoofer question

    It should be, yes. Check your cables. A damaged sheild could cause a hum.
  2. Vic_T

    What's Your Favorite Live Album and Why?

    A second for Seconds Out by Genesis. Just a terrific live album.
  3. Vic_T

    Any Steven Wilson fans out there?

    Just starting to check him out. Raven That Refused to Sing was amazing. Some of his other stuff ... not sure yet. He's got a pretty varied catalog, which I like in an artist.
  4. Vic_T

    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    My ideal Atmos home theater setup would be this one right here: the Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver.
  5. Vic_T

    Win an Onkyo TX-NR1030 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver (Redux)

    My ideal Dolby Atmos home theater setup would be heavy on the Atmos, placing the sound anywhere in the theater, even overhead. No matter where I sat, I would be transported into a powerful moving cinema experience.
  6. Vic_T

    Win a copy of Jupiter Ascending on Blu-ray!

    Ellen Ripley from Aliens, of course!
  7. Vic_T

    American Horror Story: Freakshow

    Is this available streaming anywhere? I watched the last three season via Amazon Instant but season 4 isn't showing up.
  8. Vic_T

    Improve your streaming audio: win an Arcam airDAC!

    Why, I would use it to host the Friday Night Dance Parties, of course!
  9. Vic_T

    Issue streaming Hulu Plus w/ Panasonic Viera

    I use a Roku, and the only service I have issues with are Hulu Plus. Not sure what the deal is, but it does seem to be their service that's got the streaming problems, not the actual devices.
  10. Vic_T

    Didn't think I'd like streaming.........

    Streaming is great for TV. Fine for most documentaries as well (our primary source of entertainment). For anything with nice sound and visuals, optical media is still a requirement.
  11. Vic_T

    Need recommendations - DTV tuner/DVR and antenna

    Well, I've been looking for an ATSC tuner/DVR recorder as well, and it looks like theres not much choice out there. Seems like nobody is interested in not taking our money on a monthly basis ;) So far, I've installed a yagi corner reflector up on my roof and I currently have HD programming...
  12. Vic_T

    I'll never understnad why some of these combo sets are released...

    I noticed an M Night 2 movies on 1 set at Wal-Mart that had Signs and The Village. Only the Village was wide screen while Signs was full screen. I don't think a lot of thought was put into that.
  13. Vic_T

    Genesis on SACD soon

    Now it's ..."sometime in November" for the second set. http://bitstream.soundandvisionmag.c...sis/index.html
  14. Vic_T

    Donner Superman 2 SE (merged thread)

    Actually, it's explained through a little thing called the Theory of Relativity. Since Kal-El was traveling at near the speed of light, one year to him would have been many many years to anyone not traveling at the speed of light. So, yes, Krypton had exploded thousands of Earth years ago, even...
  15. Vic_T

    Endless Wire - THE WHO

    Nope. 5 tracks 1. Can't Explain 2. Behind Blue Eyes 3. Mike Post Theme 4. Baba O Reily 5. Won't Get Fooled Again Recorded in Lyon France, 2006
  16. Vic_T

    Endless Wire - THE WHO

    I didn't even know about the sale at Target when I got mine. I was surprised when it rang up as only $10. I call that a bargain! The new album didn't knock me out, but there are quite a few good tracks on it. "Mike Post Theme" is pretty good and appears to be the stand out track.
  17. Vic_T

    I know it's only a rumor, but.....Genesis reformed??

    Just to sum it up nicely ... To coincide with the Genesis tour, EMI Records will be re-issuing 14 Genesis studio albums in three stages during 2007. All the releases will be SACD/DVD double disc sets featuring newly re-mastered 5.1 surround sound and stereo mixes. The release schedule is...
  18. Vic_T

    Does such a CD player exist??

    That Media Player looks nice. That's pretty much what I've been looking for. I just may swing on over to best buy today.
  19. Vic_T

    Which Prince album should I buy?

    THe Hits/B-Sides is a pretty good compilation. Though, the Ultimate Prince will be out soon. It has some of the longer "dance" mixes are are sought after by fans. Either one would be a good choice. For albums, I have just about everything he's put out. Sign O The Times is probably the best
  20. Vic_T

    Maynard Ferguson: 1928-2006

    I'm sad to hear this. Maynard was quite the player and has always had an amazing band. He also has always supported music education in schools. I just saw him play a show a few months ago. Little did I know it would one of his last. It was a tremendous show and at the end he invited the local hi...
  21. Vic_T

    Sam and Max: Freelance Police

    Anyone remember this show? It only lasted a season or two in '97 or '98, but it was a VERY funny and has a bit of a following still. Any word on this getting a DVD release? I would buy it in a heartbeat. I was originally a PC game developed by LucasArts. I'm not sure if they produced the...
  22. Vic_T

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    Why O Why couldn't the negatives for that have been destroyed!
  23. Vic_T

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    Anamorphic transfers have been made from movies a lot older than Star Wars with a much smaller audience, and they still manage to make a profit.
  24. Vic_T

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    I don't understand how the negatives were "permanently altered" to make the special editions. Wouldn't they have just been scanned in and the changes made digitally?
  25. Vic_T

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    I absolutely agree. I believe most of us are not "unsatisfiable fanboys". We're not asking for every bell and whistle. It would be nice, but we're not. We understand that this release isn't going to get the 5 star treatment. All I want is an anamorphic transfer. If so, I will buy. If not - no...
  26. Vic_T

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    Well, this news has kind of shattered my hopes. My enthusiasm for this new release is gone. I don't believe I will be buying these because they're simply not what I want. Anamorphic releases are not special treatment. Even straight to video releases of B grade and lower films are presented in...
  27. Vic_T

    Favorite Cameos in a movie?

    Scorsese also apeared in After Hours. He was a light operator in the night club.
  28. Vic_T

    Dracula 2? The Un-Dead (Official Dracula Sequel)

    I believe the dead will be turning in their graves for this one. :-)
  29. Vic_T

    Looking for a film version of the Odyssey

    Of course, the Latin! Thank you ever so much! Look like it's OOP on DVD.
  30. Vic_T

    Looking for a film version of the Odyssey

    Hi, fellow film buffs. I'm looking for a film I remember as a kid but I can't seem to find any reference to it anywhere. I'm beginning to doubt it ever existed. It was a film version of the Odyssey. Or, it at least used scenes from the Odyssey. I recall seeing it sometime in the mid to late...