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  1. Raymond Johnson

    Unreleased Columbia TriStar titles?

    Theres not really many i can think of at the moment. But a few that come to mind & i would love to see.... Can't Hardly Wait...uncut R rated version. Desperado....uncut version. The ending was heavily cut(completly hacked out!) among other things to avoid a NC-17. Best of the...
  2. Raymond Johnson

    The Swarm coming to dvd!

    I've read at that Warner has this down for release sometime later this year & it will be the extended version! A PURE cheesy camp classic 'disaster' film. Does anyone here like the film if only in a guilty pleasure way? I've never seen the whole thing,but have got a ton of...
  3. Raymond Johnson

    Friday The 13th...the saga for unrated versions continues

    The wait continues.... Chuck you continue to amaze me with your replies since that's exactly whats on my mind as well,only i've never been able to put the words as beautiful as you! Has anyone heard from John Carl Buechler at all as well? I wonder whats going on since theres been no update...
  4. Raymond Johnson

    FOX- - Cronenberg's Fly SE?

    Yes Fox...any word? I'm one of a huge amount of people who have yet to purchase the current double feature dvd. This film deserves SE treatment & i'd LOVE to see the deleted footage..a branching option would be awsome as well!!
  5. Raymond Johnson

    Paramount: Apocalypse Now special edition

    Count me in as a customer.....whenever it gets released! Though one other thing that would truly make it special is it's original 2:35 aspect ratio!
  6. Raymond Johnson

    New Line please release Nowhere!

    Mark..this film is not for everyone,thats for sure! Still in my's a classic. If your a brave film-fan & into wild,weird films...give this a try if you dare. + New Line dvd release please..the P&S vhs is killing me that i think i will refuse to watch the movie until then..or at...
  7. Raymond Johnson

    Universal--Oragzmo 2 Disc Special Edition

    I agree & you could always label it Not Rated or Unrated! It's very simple. This movie did not deserve a NC-17 & just proves how illogical the ratings board really is. while your at it.....please,PLEASE restore Cherry Falls & release the uncensored original version! & remember not uncut=no sale:)
  8. Raymond Johnson

    E.T. DVD - 1 SKU, 2 Versions!

    I saw it last Friday at a late showing & it was'nt as bad as people make it out to be. The only things i didn't like was the obvious CGI(they should leave well enough alnoe!),the removal of the word "sh*t" durring the bike chase..basically ruined the humor of the scene and then the obvious...
  9. Raymond Johnson

    Ab we need your help!..Class of 1999 & others

    Since other studio's may be afraid to release various films because of certain political issues + who knows who owns the rights now. Is there any chance you could please release Class of 1984....uncut! Class of 1999...unrated! Massacre at Central High Both of the Class films are...
  10. Raymond Johnson

    Close Encounters - any reason to keep the LD?

    It's always happened before when we first got a dvd player & rented The Last Boyscout from BlockCensor Video to see it in WS finnaly! I could'nt wait...was watching the film with my little brother,both big fans of was just amazing since we could finnaly see the whole picture & scenes...
  11. Raymond Johnson

    Close Encounters - any reason to keep the LD?

    lol....well i guess then Stallone should go cut him out of Rocky....there'd be no ending then! Seriously i liked the showed more of the evacuation,had a tense atmostphere...& you just knew something was'nt the other soldier's slowly head over to where Roy & Weather's...
  12. Raymond Johnson

    Bad Lieutenant and Reservoir Dogs

    Actually the song was used durring 4 moments of the film and had a crucial affect to the scenes. While the lyrics where pretty bad in my opinion & offensive for no real reason other than to try to be all that & insulting with the constant use of 'faggot among other words..the beat was good &...
  13. Raymond Johnson

    *** Official "SORORITY BOYS" Review Thread

    I just saw this as well & have mixed opinios on it. The trailers where very mis-leading & tryed to make the film look like a 'cute' romantic comedy or something,when it's really a pretty raunchy 80's style comedy(which i'm sure upset + myself somewhat, the ladies as there were ALOT at the...
  14. Raymond Johnson

    *** Official "BLADE 2" Review Thread

    I saw this tonight & thought it was pretty dam awsome! I wasn't expecting much & the pre-credit sequence had me wondering just what to expect & for a moment thought i was in for a really disapointing sequel & then slowly durring the first fight sequece i felt i was right,just was'nt into...
  15. Raymond Johnson

    Definition of a chick flick

    I find the 'chick flick' label,pretty irritating & offensive in away. Not only does it show the complete shallowness & stupidity of's just a dumb label used by un-educted people who feel they are better than so & so. I've seen guys act all macho,talk about 'awsome' films & 'guy...
  16. Raymond Johnson

    Good Black Comedies?

    I hated the American Psycho film. Want a real dark the book. Possibly the greatest dark comedy ever written,but so extreme/intense...most people can't make it through it. I almost didn't,but toughed it out & it is amazing,hilarious yet also very,very scary & disturbing. A few...
  17. Raymond Johnson

    Close Encounters - any reason to keep the LD?

    This type of debate always comes up......some argueing for the director's matter how much he wants to tamper with the film(decades later)..others who would prefer the original version first released & also made avalible..a version(s) the director is happy with. That way everyone is...
  18. Raymond Johnson

    AMADEUS: Director's Cut, Poltergeist and Gremlins SEs

    Not letting someone who loves the movie see the new version because of the rating for 'brief' nudity is a pretty dumb excuse. Just like the people who complain about the very tasteful love scene in Titanic or Kate's brief nude scene. Well i hardly call breasts nudity....whats so taboo...
  19. Raymond Johnson

    So, for the heck of it, I e-mailed Bruce Campbell.

    Wow...Lisa B. is beautiful..though i've never heard of her before. I've emailed Tom Savini once & got a reply the very next day!..I then replyed again to thank him & mentioned a few more things i rogt to mention before & have'nt gotten a reply yet. I know he's busy..but it was kewl to get 1...
  20. Raymond Johnson

    Close Encounters - any reason to keep the LD?

    Thats funny....the version on TNT a few days ago had the McDonald's sign shot in it! It was when Dreyfuss almost hits that kid in the street.....and then the UFO's fly by & right before one went around the shined it's light on the sign really quick. But i assumed it was the newest cut...
  21. Raymond Johnson

    Columbia: Close Encounter's...Ultimate Set!

    Since studio's have a tendancy to re-release various movies over again. Why not release a true SE of Close Encounter's of the Third kind & include all versions of the film? I happen to not like the 1980 SE & have yet to see the whole thing of the 'new' director's cut of the film since i...
  22. Raymond Johnson

    Question about one of my guilty pleasures--Friday the 13th

    Heres a list of whats censored from the four heaviest cut films in the series. part 2 & the heavily censored trio 5,6 & 7! Jason Goes To Hell while heavily censored as well was left off this list since a Unrated(Thank you New Line:) )version was released on video & LD. We can only hope...
  23. Raymond Johnson

    Bladerunner SE 4 Versions ?!!! on 3 DVD's ?!!!

    The first time i saw the movie was the 1992 DC....since it was the only version stores had for rental/sale. It was great that it was only released in WS(only P&S version i've seen of it is on the dvd!)...but i thought the movie was a bore & huge let-down. Of course i was only 12 at the time,but...
  24. Raymond Johnson

    Anyone Else buy Less Than Zero

    I just got a awsome rare poster from Austraila of the film! Won it ebay for $10..and got the right poster this time:) He sent me the original US poster on accedant before9since he was selling both) & i ended up paying $27 for the wrong poster! I kept it it's a decent poster,but i'm...
  25. Raymond Johnson

    Anyone care to speculate what big title Paramount might release on Aug 27??

    Why is everyone taking all the posts out of context just because a horror movie happened to mentioned along with another classic film? I'm not saying this is better than that as some people seem to be/think. It was just a very simple opinion on what the 'big' August title may be...Saturday...
  26. Raymond Johnson

    Bladerunner SE 4 Versions ?!!! on 3 DVD's ?!!!

    I hope this is true! btw...the violence wasn't cut for ratings reasons..but to please test audiences & critics who panned the film. Of course cutting the violence,adding a(really bad) happy ending + to some extent voice over(which i liked!..but it could've been better for the obvious reasons)...
  27. Raymond Johnson

    Paramount: How about Grease 2!

    Since it may be awhile until the original gets released on dvd(can't wait!). How about releasing the sequel? It's a camp classic & would be great to see it in WS for the first time on home video! The opening credits on current versions all have a WS it's in 2:35,looks great, i might...
  28. Raymond Johnson

    Anyone care to speculate what big title Paramount might release on Aug 27??

    Guys...whats is the matter/ Does nothing please you? All i see is is constant complaints & bickering about this & that..yet nothing pleases you,when you seem to get your way,your favorite titles get released,sometimes full-blown special editions & so on,yet that isn't enough? Rather than coming...
  29. Raymond Johnson

    Anyone care to speculate what big title Paramount might release on Aug 27??

    Thanks for the teases Ron & Mr. Blythe for taking our comments seriously. I have a idea of what the big title may be..i'm hoping for either Saturday Night Fever or Grease(both all time favorites of mine),since Indy's out of the picture for now. As for the titles in September to be VERY happy...
  30. Raymond Johnson

    Anyone care to speculate what big title Paramount might release on Aug 27??

    So,do any specific titles stand out...and does restored enter the picture?