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  1. David Christian

    DVD's for sale...

    if bring it on is still available, ill buy it. drop me an email if still available
  2. David Christian

    FS/FT: Chasing Amy: CC, Blow.....

    Bill, interested in Heartbreakers and Way Of The Gun, unfortunately there is nothing I own that you want, drop me an email.
  3. David Christian

    31 DVD's (Top Movies) Like New

    ferrel-interested in 2, YGM
  4. David Christian

    FT/FS: sealed Disneys, Decalogue, CC, Jaws 2, LoA, Hardball, and more...

    Joel, I'm interested in American Beauty Awards Edition and also Finding Forrester. YGM.
  5. David Christian

    DVDs sell or trade

    Interested in "One Flew Over.." please contact me.