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  1. Harminder

    Oppo bdp-83 and canadian retailers

    I bought an Oppo DV-983H DVD Player from ONLY BEST RATED before. The only issue was that I had pre-ordered it and it kept getting delayed and after 3 weeks they finally had some in stock. I picked it up from their warehouse locally and that was that. So I would recommend them.
  2. Harminder

    Planet Terror and Death Proof in Blu!! Coming 12/16

    About darn time! I'll definitely pick up Death Proof.
  3. Harminder

    Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on price drop -> $50

    Just picked up the add-on for $45 at EB Games in Canada. Should serve well as a backup to my A1.
  4. Harminder

    What's with Warner only doing lossy Dolby tracks?

    Bill Hunt mentioned recently that Warner knows that people don't like lossy tracks on their BD releases and will be releasing lossless tracks more often with future releases.
  5. Harminder

    What tv show would you love to see in HD?

    Star Trek: The Next Generation Arrested Development
  6. Harminder

    Not buying Onkyo any more

    When it comes to their receivers, I have to vouch for Yamaha. Fantastic products they are. I find the sound to have more ooph than other receivers. I even have Yamaha speakers which I find very exceptional.
  7. Harminder

    WB poor choice in audio for Terminator 3

    No it doesn't. I use to think the PLUS meant something, but it clearly doesn't with T3. Had the BD version of T3 had a PCM or TrueHD track, I would have gladly double dipped on this movie.
  8. Harminder

    Blu-ray owners: What Blu-Ray Players do you have?

    Just changed my Blu-Ray Player yesterday from a Sony BDP-S1 to a Panasonic DMP-BD30 and I'm loving it :D
  9. Harminder

    Samsung announces combo player

    Confirmed for December:
  10. Harminder

    **Official HTF HD Formats Ind./Retailer/Studio Support Thread-*SEE POST 3176, p. 106*

    WOW! Didn't see this coming at all. The format war is now prolonged. That's the official press release.
  11. Harminder

    Universal releasing Carlito's Way, Inside Man and Seed of Chucky on 10-23-07

    Definitely going to grab Carlito's Way. That is all. :D
  12. Harminder

    HD DVD Quick Review-The Bourne Identity

    That's all I needed to know to purchase it on HD-DVD, thank you :D
  13. Harminder

    HD DVD Outpacing All Next-Gen Formats in Sales Growth

    Why do I have a feeling those numbers for blu-ray don't include PS3...
  14. Harminder

    Sony BDP-S1 to get Dolby Digital Plus and TrueHD Upgrade

    It was available for over 12 hours, and then they pulled it. I have a feeling it was released prematurely (since they had previously announced that it would be available next week, not this week). EDIT: The 2.0 firmware is available for download again...
  15. Harminder

    Sony BDP-S1 to get Dolby Digital Plus and TrueHD Upgrade

    Installed v2.0, however I can't test the TrueHD capability yet because I don't have any TrueHD blu-ray titles yet. I will have Letters from Iwo Jima sometime late next week. I'll try it out then and report back.
  16. Harminder

    Sony BDP-S1 to get Dolby Digital Plus and TrueHD Upgrade

    Yes, with this update you will be able to listen to TrueHD through the analog outs and/or HDMI. The player will internally decode the TrueHD track and output it as PCM.
  17. Harminder

    Sony BDP-S1 to get Dolby Digital Plus and TrueHD Upgrade

    Sony has announced that they would be releasing a firmware upgrade next week for the BDP-S1 giving it Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD support. Great news!
  18. Harminder

    Blade Runner 25th Anniversary & Kubrick Collection Advertising Insert

    BLADE RUNNER and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE and 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY? OH MY! I simply can't wait for Oct. to come sooner!
  19. Harminder

    HD DVD & Blu-Ray Black Snake Moan June 26 & Face/Off Aug. 28

    Paramount needs to cut the crap with the audio formats and just release lossless for both formats. TrueHD for HD-DVD and PCM for Blu-Ray. It should be the standard for both formats IMO.
  20. Harminder

    Anyone Else Finding SD-DVD lacking after life with HD DVD/Blu-ray?

    LMAO! That was great! I can't stand going to the theatres anymore. Last time I went was summer 06. I can't recreate the "experience" at home that's for sure. Why? Cause I have something going better than the crappy theatre experience. And with hi-def, I have no need to see a movie in the over...
  21. Harminder

    Anyone Else Looking Forward to The Queen on Blu Ray?

    Is this worth a blind buy? I really REALLY want to see this movie and don't know if it's worth waiting for it on my rental que and just go and buy it.
  22. Harminder

    first titles from SONY with PCM and DolbyTrueHD

    I hope this is a continuing trend. I have a Sony BDP-S1 that doesn't decode TrueHD (hopefully it will in the future with a firmware upgrade), so still having a PCM audio track is awesome!
  23. Harminder

    Walmart HD-DVD Impact

    I see a pro and con to this. Pro: makes hi-def adoption MUCH cheaper! Hence, fast adoption. Con: cheaper components used to build these cheaper players. Hence, much lower quality players (can give increased problems).
  24. Harminder

    Help on how to replace "Everybody Loves Raymond" Season 1 DVD

    I e-mailed amazon customer service directly and they are sending me a whole new box set! WOW! Amazon is amazing! Thanks for your help Anthony!
  25. Harminder

    Help on how to replace "Everybody Loves Raymond" Season 1 DVD

    hi everyone, I order a lot of movies and TV boxsets (90% of the time from Amazon) and I can't get to them right away usually. I bought "Everybody Loves Raymond" Season 1 DVD set back in January and haven't been able to watch it until recently. While watching disc 1 the DVD began to skip and...
  26. Harminder

    Universal's 'The Bourne Identity' gets a release date for HD DVD

    If this doesn't have a TrueHD track, I don't see any reason to upgrade from my SD version. The DTS track on that is killer.
  27. Harminder

    Identity (BD) - 3 PCM tracks

    The hindi subtitles really help me as I've been trying to get my parents to watch more Hollywood movies. Problem is, is that English is not their first language so it's harder for them to pick up some of the dialogue. I hope this is the beginning of a trend to include hindi (or even Punjabi)...
  28. Harminder

    Sticker on "Children of Men" HD DVD COMBO ruined my case!

    Yup, same thing happened to me. Either there is goo left behind by the crappy security stickers or takes off lettering or a piece of cover art. Bravo to the packaging manufacturers who don't test their products before putting them out to market and let US get screwed over it with it *slow clap*