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  1. Felicia J

    !!!! NEWS FLASH !!!! Warner to release SOUTH PARK in SEASON SETS

    SWEEEET! Not hellasucks. But ... DVD Planet has listed the first season set for awhile, with the specs. No Spirit of Christmas, but the set will contain Cartman's rendition of "Oh Holy Night." BEEFCAKE!
  2. Felicia J

    My stepson and widescreen releases

    I'll tell my husband that he has superior genes, but that I'm obviously a good influence on the boy! ;)
  3. Felicia J

    My stepson and widescreen releases

    Thanks for the info! I'll look it up right now. I seem to remember that the first time I looked for "Watership Down," I could only find a full-frame release. This might make a good Christmas gift for our widescreen loving boy!
  4. Felicia J

    Question on "Cadfael" box sets

    I've been thinking about buying these, but I'm confused. Exactly how many are there? DVD Planet lists a set 1 and set 3. Amazon lists sets 2 and 3, with the set they list as "set 2" having the same content as "set 1" listed on Planet. Are there 3 Cadfael boxes or just 2. Or should I give up...
  5. Felicia J

    My stepson and widescreen releases

    I wanted to share this tidbit from the weekend and strike another blow against the notion that PS is "family friendly." My 10-year-old stepson has been educated about widescreen. He has insisted "widescreen is better" ever since we demo'd a scene in "The Iron Giant" in both PS and WS, and he...
  6. Felicia J

    The (in)sanity of collecting DVDs

    Three years ago, I expressed hesitance when my hubby wanted to buy us a DVD player for Christmas. We are both huge movie fans, but I wondered: Would DVD be so much better than VHS tape? (We bought VHS in widescreen, when available). What about the limited number of rentals in most video stores...
  7. Felicia J

    Law & Order: The First Year, 10/15

    What I love most about this show is that, because it concentrates on the cases, you can jump in and watch any episode and not suffer from not knowing the "backstories" of the characters. I have too many other interests in life (movies, music, books) to watch TV shows religiously, so Law and...
  8. Felicia J

    Wal-Mart "Cues Up A Rival to Netflix"

    I've had good service from Netflix. They recently added a Denver hub, which means I get my new movies a couple of days after mailing back my old ones (I live 40 miles from Denver.) I don't plan to switch to Blockbuster or Wal-Mart because you can't beat the Netflix selection. Plus, I imagine...
  9. Felicia J

    HTF & DVD ETC. MAGAZINE POLL: "The Top 10 Videos you can't get on DVD"

    1. The African Queen 2. E.T. (original theatrical cut) 3. Dial M For Murder 4. To Catch A Thief 5. Suspicion 6. Star Wars (original theatrical cut) 7. The Empire Strikes Back (original theatrical cut) 8. Return of the Jedi (original theatrical cut) 9. The Compleat Beatles 10...
  10. Felicia J

    Beavis & Butt-Head, 9/24

    Favorite video gems: Over video for "The Devil Went Down to Georgia": Is this supposed to be Satan? I've seen better Satans in a Mr. Big video. Over U2's "One," when the buffalo go over the cliff: He he, he he. That's a really big dog! Over Johnny Cash's "Delia's Gone": Is this gagsta...
  11. Felicia J

    A Touching Story About Widescreen

    A couple of years ago, my stepson thought he preferred full screen, until we showed him pan-and-scan and widescreen versions of the scene in The Iron Giant when the robot jumps in the pond. He got it immediately. He said, "Half the picture is missing!" Now 10, when quizzed he'll say, "Pan and...
  12. Felicia J

    Confessions of a Chapter Hopper

    Guilty! :D Mostly I go chapter-hopping with commentary tracks turned on, to hear what the director had to say about my favorite scenes. Some examples: Apollo 13: liftoff sequence and entering the atmosphere/splashdown sequence Toy Story: the alien crane game, toys attack Sid, final...
  13. Felicia J

    Six Wives of Henry VIII

    I would love to own this classic BBC production on DVD, but I have heard the video and audio in the current set is poor, and the discs have no chapter stops. Has anyone heard if there are plans to re-release this set with a better transfer and extras? I love the BBC Elizabeth R set. Since...
  14. Felicia J

    Why so many different 'LOTR' editions being released?

    As for hubby and me ... we are GEEKING OUT! We loved this film, and the idea of having both versions with gobs of extras that do not duplicate just makes us salivate! 2 and 4, for us! :D
  15. Felicia J

    Sight unseen Criterions, any input?

    Rebecca is an excellent Criterion disc. I have not yet waded through all the special features, but the transfer is stunning! I first saw the movie by renting an inferior "movie only" disc, and the Criterion disc blows it out of the water! While not a typical Hitchcock film (he was a...
  16. Felicia J

    What's with the fullscreen releases???

    My hubby and I were chagrined to find the deluxe edition of "Stuart Little" is seemingly available in full-frame only. It looks like the previously released, widescreen version is going out of print! Hubby got on e-bay and found a widescreen edition for us. I almost bought a copy of Edward...
  17. Felicia J

    Just as I suspected- I can't find 1776 anywhere

    We bought the only copy at our local Barnes and Noble, after checking Target, Borders and Best Buy with no luck.
  18. Felicia J

    More Criterions on the Way! (New Hitchcock)

    On the subject of Hitch films, I'm longing to have "Dial M For Murder" released to DVD.