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  1. Don Peskin

    Liberty Stands Still wierd problem - help

    Thanks for all the replies. It turned out that it is an indictor from the dvd player that the dvd has multiple angles. I just have to go into the setup menu to shut it off.
  2. Don Peskin

    Liberty Stands Still wierd problem - help

    I just watched the dvd. The movie wasn't bad. My problem is that through out the movie a white icon of a movie camera was on the screen. No matter what I tried I couldn't get rid of it. Can anyone help?
  3. Don Peskin

    Invasion ongoing thread

    Well it seems who ever wrote the show likes Peter Gabriel because he had the sherif say "Shock the Monkey" instead of shoot or trank the monkey. Of course Shock the Monkey is a Peter Gabriel song.
  4. Don Peskin

    Gilmore Girls Season 6 Thread

    Didn't anybody see Richard making a fist when he was talking to Mitchum. I think only his good breeding kept him from punching him.
  5. Don Peskin

    Alias Season 5 ongoing thread

    I read that "Vaughn" is supposed to join the cast of Kitchen Confidential. Could he be gone because JG new husband didn't like her working with the guy she was doing before him. Speaking of that, what is with her. She meets her co-star on Felicity and marries him. She meets her co-star on...
  6. Don Peskin

    DeepDiscount going Downhill with me!

    Well I broke down and ordered Cube Zero during their 20% off sale. When I rec'd the disc the back indicates it contains both the full screen and widescreen versions. If only someone in customer service had looked they could have told me this instead of giving me the stupid answer they did. But...
  7. Don Peskin

    Ad-aware SE version 1.06 wierdness

    That's what I did the first time. The second time I deleted the old version using it's uninstall program before trying to do the download. I still got the old version. Lavasoft still has not responded to my email.
  8. Don Peskin

    Ad-aware SE version 1.06 wierdness

    I've been using version 1.05 for sometime now. I noticed they came up with a new version 1.06 at PCWorld. I downloaded the new version and the program asked if I wanted it to delete the old version. I did and it said it was deleted and then installed the new version. Except I keep getting the...
  9. Don Peskin

    "Angel" star, David Boreanaz, gets new show

    David Boreanaz is getting a new show called BONES. He plays an F.B.I. agent teamed with a forensic anthropologist to solve murders.
  10. Don Peskin

    CHARMED - S7 Finale

    Notice how the new Piper lost weight. Since she couldn't do it with diet and exercise it's a good thing she had magic as a fallback.
  11. Don Peskin

    Amazing Amazon

    5/17/05 I email Amazon to let them know that there was a defect (damage) to the 5th disc in the Angel season 5 boxset. 5/18/05 I get emails from Amazon saying a replacement set has been sent and a postage paid return label is in the mail. When I get the label I should send the defective...
  12. Don Peskin

    DeepDiscountDVD - COnfirmation Orders not appearing in my account

    I had the same problem for months. I couldn't get any email from them, even when they tried to email me a return label. Eventually they fixed the problem. You might want to email their tech support to let them know.
  13. Don Peskin

    Windows Xp - can't shutdown problem solved

    LewB, I graduated in 1971. My last year there was when they started busing kids in. That's when it started getting crowded and the high standards starting dropping.
  14. Don Peskin

    Windows Xp - can't shutdown problem solved

    Yep, Freedomland was here. Speaking of Allerton Ave - I used to live on Mace Ave and Boston Rd. Allerton was around the block. I went to PS 96, JHS 135 and Christopher Columbus HS - when it was still a good school. Sad to say Joseph, but it wasn't long before my time. I went to Freedomland...
  15. Don Peskin

    Windows Xp - can't shutdown problem solved

    Co-op city, but I used to work on 180th St and Southern Blvd. I drove home fast. We have another thing in common. I checked your profile. You were born 10/8, I was born 10/7.
  16. Don Peskin

    Windows Xp - can't shutdown problem solved

    Every once in a while this problem crops up. I hit the start / shutdown buttons and nothing happens. I go to task manager and hit the shutdown button and nothing happens. I hit the power button on my computer and nothing happens. Once this was going on day 2 so I just pulled the power cord...
  17. Don Peskin

    Thoughts on Boxset consolidation!

    I go for slim cases like those in the Charmed season 1 box-set. They take up the same space as a gatefold case without the hassle getting to the disc you want.
  18. Don Peskin

    Viruses and Browser Hijackers: Here we go again!

    I agree, Spybot is very good. The program that is memory risident is call Tea Timer. To get to it you have to open the advanced portion of Spybot, If I remember, it's under the Tools menu, if not just keep looking around. It took me a while to find it.
  19. Don Peskin

    DeepDiscount going Downhill with me!

    I emailed them back letting them know that other sites, such as dvdempire, show the same titles as being widescreen to let them know that both versions are available. Their reply: Thank you for contacting! We understood your request, however certain dvds only come in...
  20. Don Peskin

    DVD Empire: Overcharging?

    I think once I used a coupon and they dropped the price of an item so the total price was less then it should have been. They still gave me credit for the coupon. Also, if the price went down after they ship it, I would call them as there is a good chance they will credit you the difference.
  21. Don Peskin

    DeepDiscount going Downhill with me!

    I've placed over 100 orders with them without any major problems that weren't resolved. However, lately i've noticed a big problem. I wanted to order Cube Zero when they had it for 13.29. I wanted to order Infernal Affairs yesterday when I saw they had it for 9.36 I wanted to order Badder...
  22. Don Peskin

    Nowhere Man coming to DVD

    Loved this show too but don't know if i'd get the dvd set. I hate when a show is cancelled without tying up loose ends. It was frustrating when UPN cancelled the show, do I really want to relive that?
  23. Don Peskin

    Dale Midkiff on Without a Trace...

    Recognized the voice before the face. Doesn't seem to have aged too well.
  24. Don Peskin

    Doctor Who Star quits!

    Anyone know if this show is going to be shown in the U.S.
  25. Don Peskin

    ALIAS season 4 ongoing thread (merged)

    I might be confused, but didn't Marshall meet his wife in the CIA office where they both worked before he got the new gig?
  26. Don Peskin

    Gilmore Girls Season 5 thread

    The only one I want to see Rory with is ME.
  27. Don Peskin

    Help getting online coupons

    Problem was easily solved. I went into Spybot's advanced mode. There is a selection to view Host files. I went down the long list and found one labeled CLICK.LINKSYNERGY.COM All I had to do was click on it and then click on delete selected. I did this, then went to coupon sites and had no...
  28. Don Peskin

    Help getting online coupons

    I decided to download the Firefox browser to see if that would work. It doesn't give me a PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED message. It does give me CONNECTION WAS REFUSED WHEN ATTEMPTING TO CONTACT I emailed the good people at Spybot Search and Destroy, thinking maybe their...
  29. Don Peskin

    Help getting online coupons

    Thanks for the advise. For some reason I can't seem to get to either place. Guess I'll have to just give up.
  30. Don Peskin

    Help getting online coupons

    Just did a search of the hard drive as suggested but was unable to find the filename.