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  1. chuckg

    OPPO Digital shutting down!

    I read the news today, oh boy.
  2. chuckg

    I have my OPPO UDP-203

    Agg! pass the eye bleach! naw, really, thanks for that!
  3. chuckg

    I have my OPPO UDP-203

    But of course I have! Picked up a Samsung UN65MU8000 as a Black Friday special. Today I sat straight through BR2049. Fantastic! (every time I see that, I think of the old HeeHaw phone number BR549....ugh!)
  4. chuckg

    I have my OPPO UDP-203

    Oh, frabjous day! My UDP-203 arrived last night. Updated the firmware, connected to TV, watched a bit of BR2049. NICE! Audio was the nasty sort passed through the TV and out the optical port...Main reason for getting this particular player is the analog audio out, which I need for my HTR...
  5. chuckg

    Device to "Read" My Remote Control ?

    Undoubtedly someone, somewhere, can tell you what "name brand" set is most like hte "no name" set. This would let you pick the right TV in the universal remote. You could try some settings at random, but why not toss us whatever name and model info you can find on the tv?
  6. chuckg

    How much does a home theater cost?

    This board won't get you a decent answer, because we are all phreaks who spend too much on our home theaters! I would bet that the actual majority of HT buyers opt for the all-in-one system, costing less than $1000, and a high fraction of those are in the sub-$500 range.
  7. chuckg

    Center Channel Speaker won't fit furniture

    I was forced to build my own entertainment center, since every one I looked at was either ugly, expensive, or did not have room for the equipment. I must say my solution is cooler than what I could have purchased, too.
  8. chuckg

    Odd room - probably no chance doe a 5.1 system is there?

    The rear speakers could be placed high enough to keep away from the little ones. i think you've got an excellent chance at having good surround here - the front speakers can go on both sides of the TV, the center under it, and the surrounds ( think "side" ) ought to fit nicely on the walls, up...
  9. chuckg

    Sound Reduction in Basement

    You can't glue drywall to other drywall and then remove it later - whatever you do will be permanent. Solid doors do a much better job of sound deadening than hollw, but you will need to weatherstrip to seal the cracks. You might be able to put zig-zag bends in some ductwork, or use some...
  10. chuckg

    My Current Setup

    Antenna quality is directly related to it looking like an antenna. In other words, if it looks like an old "bunch of sticks" antenna, it will work better than one of those gadgets that looks like wings or a UFO. Don't waste money on cutesy stuff, go straight to a TV shop and get a real...
  11. chuckg

    Amazon VOD poor quality

    Is the quality really that poor, or are my expectations too high for streaming? yes, and yes.
  12. chuckg

    Trying to get TOSLink into a standard receiver

    Perhaps if the OP had researched the TV/monitor first there would have been no need for this thread. I typically spend _months_ reading, ogling, and asking questions about, things before making up my mind. I guess I'm kinda slow and impulsive. ha! And, now I'm 50 so I'm old, too.
  13. chuckg

    Comb Filtering Effect. What do we know about it?

    Wow, it's a good thing they don't make MTM speakers, then, because they'd have horrendous comb filtering problems.
  14. chuckg

    Frame rate slowdown on Blu-ray player?

    Scratches could confuse your player, making it repeat a frame or two until it gets back on track. That's not a certain thing, just a possibility.
  15. chuckg

    If I knew then what I know now...

    My biggest advice would be: good god, man, don't do it!!!! Okay, silly remarks aside. Number One: give yourself an upgrade path. If you get a system that is unable to grow, you will end up wasting money replacing perfectly good equipment. Number Two: pick a budget and stick to it. It...
  16. chuckg

    1st home theater set up

    The lossless output from the PS3 is not disabled, but is not available during 3D movies. So, you can get lossless with 2D, or lossy with 3D.
  17. chuckg

    New project - Basement finishing -

    Hey! Looks great. This is my first look at this thread, and it looks like you did more-or-less what I had in mind from the original drawings. Great work!
  18. chuckg

    mounting my ceiling speakers

    Depends what speakers you mean - the surround speakers belong more to the side. The suuround back (or just back, or rear) speakers of a 7.1 system go behind, spaced about as far apart as your fronts. Blueprints and buildings seldom match. I work in a place with whole ROOMS not on the...
  19. chuckg

    what power amp should i use

    pretty much anything will work. Pick an amp that has a name you've heard of before, and is in your price range.
  20. chuckg

    Presenting my blank canvas

    Excellent work on a tight (nonexistent?) budget! I bet that room gets plenty of use.
  21. chuckg

    Voices difficult to understand

    Don't forget a major cause of hard-to-hear dialog: That's the way the movie was made. In the last several years, every movie theater I have been to has played the movie at excruciatingly loud levels. At those levels, you can certainly hear the dialog. At home, when you adjust the volume so...
  22. chuckg

    Electricity to devices in closet?

    Sure. Run an extension cord under the door. While that is sloppy, and probably violates someone's sense of safety, it does work. You could also put "blank" wall plates on both sides of the wall near the tv/closet area, and run a cord through the wall.
  23. chuckg

    Jbl 2225h as a sub?

    Yup, what Robert says. The 2225h is a woofer, but not a subwoofer. You could, just for fun, install the whole batch of them as an IB and see how it sounds...might be pretty entertaining. Fs = 40 Hz, Xmax= 2/10 inch. anemic.
  24. chuckg

    Updating electronics in an old stereo cabinet

    I love old stuff! Very cool that you are updating it...hope it turns out way cool! Here's a shot of the record saver in action - don't know about the lights.
  25. chuckg

    Distortion from a projector

    What Jason said. The lens shift technique was introduced to eliminate distortion. Know those old, bellows-type cameras? The lenses could shift all sorts of ways to get better focus and decrease distortion. Probably every movie projector in every cinema uses at least a little lens shift.
  26. chuckg

    Attached Layout - Where Should I place Speakers for 7.1 Surround sound?

    Addendum: sub placement is a matter of trying a few spots till you get it right. in a corner is a reasonable place to start.
  27. chuckg

    Attached Layout - Where Should I place Speakers for 7.1 Surround sound?

    All you need do is print out the graphic showing the "correct" locations for speakers, and lay it on your room drawing. Rotate the speaker location diagram so that the center speaker is center on your screen. Put the speakers as near to the "correct" placement as possible, subjuect to where...
  28. chuckg

    home theater system for a room with 13 ft ceiling

    Oh please let me be the first to say "don't buy Bose" ! If you do a bit of reading on this forum, you will find no lack of folks who can explain that Bose quality is highly over-rated. In fact, a $400 Home Theater-in-a-Box will do as well. For well under three grand you can get a system...
  29. chuckg

    Detachable Wall Mount Adapter

    I hate to say this without supplying a link, but.... I have seen mounts that fit on the TV, then simply hang onto the part that attaches to the wall. It was just something that I noticed at one of those BBig BBox stores. I think a quick web search, and a look at pictures of the mounts, would...
  30. chuckg

    Swamp Thing AV center

    Here's a shot at an angle. The three glass shelves are from a Z-frame computer/office desk. I didn't want the desk anymore, and it didn't sell at a garage sale. Lucky for me I never toss stuff, eh? The top glass is 30"x60" and rests only on the 3/4" birch-face plywood box. The center shelf...