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  1. Mike Ma

    Tivo-HDTV receiver

    What is the brand and model #?
  2. Mike Ma

    Tivo-HDTV receiver

    Does anyone know if Direct TV is coming out with a Tivo-HD combo box? I have a chance to pick up a Toshiba DST-3100 (after months of waiting) but will hold off if I can get a box that does HD and Tivo.
  3. Mike Ma

    need help - home theater design

    have an 18.5' x 18' room with a hardwood floor and wood beam ceiling. I have a Toshiba 65H80 TV and want to put together a home theater system. I have an old pair of Klipsch speakers that I'm going to retire. I've inherited 4 Klipsch Quintet speakers that I'd like to include in this setup if...
  4. Mike Ma

    Toshiba DST-3100 and Direct TV

    Does anyone know if the Toshiba DST-3100 will be compatible with Direct TV?
  5. Mike Ma

    PIP question

    I have a Toshiba 65H80 with DirectTV, how can I set up PIP? Do I need a second signal source? Thanks in advance.