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  1. JonS

    Best DVD Burner for around $100

    Taking into account Christian's comments about finding a good writer/media combo, Chris' comments about there not really being a "best" and the overall approval for Plextor, I am definately leaning towards it. Thanks to everybody that helped...though there is still time for me to be swayed with...
  2. JonS

    Best DVD Burner for around $100

    Recently my pile of crap I/OMagic drive just stopped working. It still recognizes/burns CD's but not DVD's. And because of a few other recent problems with it I figured it was at it's end so I'm starting to look around for a new burner but like everything, half the reviews will say something is...
  3. JonS

    Need Advice on MiniDV Camera

    Thanks for all the help guys, every one of you has been a big help.:emoji_thumbsup: Looks like I am going with the Sony TRV38, after doing all the research I have done, it sounds the best for me. I will probably order it from . This sounds like a reputable dealer and their...
  4. JonS

    Need Advice on MiniDV Camera

    My budget was miraculously highered to no more than $650. I can get the TRV38 for just about $650, but the PVGS70 is closer to $750-$800. There are some major differences between the 38 and the 22. Things like a manual focus ring and color viewfinder. And some other minor improvements...
  5. JonS

    Need Advice on MiniDV Camera

    I have been doing some heavy research and the camera that seems the best fit for me is the Sony TRV38. Nothing sounds perfect, but this one seems like it would be what I need. Any comments on this particular camera?
  6. JonS

    Need Advice on MiniDV Camera

    What impact exactly will the editing software have on things? Odds are I would get something cheap, I dont need to do anything too complex, just cut scenes together and add sound effects/music.
  7. JonS

    Need Advice on MiniDV Camera

    Thats the camera that has been recommended to me a few times now. It sounds great, but is a little out of my price range. I cant spend much more than $600 at the very most, and even that is pushing it. Seth, Thanks for the list. Now I have a good idea about what changes need to be made to...
  8. JonS

    Need Advice on MiniDV Camera

    Thanks for all the help. It's a hard and frustrating process researching what camera to buy. I'm sure I'll have more questions in the coming days. Thanks again.
  9. JonS

    Need Advice on MiniDV Camera

    I am in the process of looking for a new camcorder. I will use it to make short films with my friends and family, basically my own personal film school since I cant go to the real thing. I want to be able to film something, transfer it to my computer, edit it and then burn it to DVD or transfer...
  10. JonS

    Movie security, is it lacking?

    I may be in the minority here, but I don't blame anyone who wants to download a movie off the internet. Ticket prices are sky rocketing, audio/video presentations are taking severe dips and the amounts of commercials shown before the films are getting to the point of lunacy. Some people can't...
  11. JonS

    X2 (2003)

    Just got back. Wow! Better than the first. In fact, the first film isn't even in the same class as this one. It is a near brilliant film. And Ian McKellen is so fucking badass. I want to BE Magneto after seeing this movie. Give this guy the damn Oscar for this performance, it really is...
  12. JonS

    *** Official "IDENTITY" Discussion Thread

    As someone who tries to see all movies that are supposed to be any good, and it can be very hard living where I do, maybe it makes me qualified to say that this is indeed the very best film of 2003. City of God was a masterpiece and Nowhere in Africa wasn't bad either, both films count as...
  13. JonS

    *** Official "IDENTITY" Discussion Thread

    This wasn't your average Hollywood twist ending. This film actually got better as it went on. Without a doubt this is the best film released this year so far. I guess I could be cool too and say that I called it, but it really doesn't matter. It was such a great ending, that it didn't matter...
  14. JonS

    'Charade' Question (Spoilers)

    I just saw this film for the first time last night, I loved it. I have one question, though. I am not a stamp collector or anything, but wouldn't the act of actually using the stamps by putting them onto an envelope, seriously de-value them?
  15. JonS

    FT/FS: Oz S1/S2, Farscape, Igby, X-men 1.5, R2/R3 + more

    Aaron, Just in case my address didn't get through to you, damn free email, here it is: EDIT
  16. JonS

    *** Official "HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES" Discussion Thread

    Sorry to see some of you guys just didn't "GET" the movie. Maybe repeat viewings and some research will clear things up. Whether you like this film or not, it is VERY important. It represents the complete opposite of everything horror fans hate. It basically kicks the ass of all the films...
  17. JonS

    Why does everyone always go ballistic over inserts?

    As a collector, I want everything that was supposed to be included with the disc. If the disc never came with an insert, like the MGM Midnite Movies etc., I don't care then. I just want everything I paid for and to have a complete piece of my collection.
  18. JonS

    Observations after baseball's first full week

    My main observation: The Brewers have done the unthinkable, they have gotten WORSE! They are off to an 0-6 start. It's embarrassing.
  19. JonS

    Leprechaun 6-disc set on the way...

    This is GREAT news. I love these movies. In the Hood is by far the best of the series. I hate how some people bash these movies just because he is a killer leprechaun. They are very fun movies that don't take themselves seriously and end up being very enjoyable. Much more enjoyable than any...
  20. JonS

    HTF REVIEW: "Ghost Ship" (with screenshots)

    You guys are nuts. This movie was awesome. It was fun and wasn't cracking one liners every 10 seconds. One of the best horror films of 2002. Last year was a down year for horror, but this was a very enjoyable film. It was way better than the ultra crappy Halloween Ressurection, Fear Dot Com and...
  21. JonS

    On the Beach DVD Quality?

    I was going to purchase this and did a quick check of the HTF to see if the quality was good or not. Very surprisingly I couldn't find any reviews of this disc. I know that it is not anamorphic, I would just like to know how the quality is. Thanks.
  22. JonS

    HTF REVIEW: "The Ring" (with screenshots)

  23. JonS

    HTF REVIEW: "The Ring" (with screenshots)

    I would still like to know how a film that is a remake can be fresh and creative. How is it creative to to make a film that is basically a copy of another? Just because you have not seen the original, does not mean that a remake is fresh and creative. The Ring was a complete failure...
  24. JonS

    What is the most disturbing movie you have ever seen?

    Wow, I can't believe some of the movies you guys have listed. The Ring?? This is the most hilarious movie I have ever seen. After having the priveledge of seeing the real version, the Japanese film Ring, I couldn't stop laughing in the theater. Anyway, if guys want something that will make...
  25. JonS

    *** Official "DARKNESS FALLS" Discussion Thread

    In Final Destination Devon Sawa's character did indeed have multiple visions. Of the top of my head, I can count at least 6. I thought the way that they tied in FD in FD2 was what made it a worthy sequel and a good movie. It showed that there was a point to this movie and it opened up a whole...
  26. JonS

    Scream SE region 4 anamorphic and DTS!

    I am thinking of getting that dvd at cdjapan, and I just wanted to make sure from someone here that this is indeed the director's cut of the film. thanks.