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  1. michael_mo

    FS Parasound HCA-1000A

    zip code?
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    Well, I got the Samsung up and running, but no Blu-ray discs!

    I think anyone posting a review/opinion on their BD or HDDVD player should be required to post their set up and specs. I think a lot will depend on multiple scalers and deinterlacers. If everyone has a 1080i hdtv/projector, then its easy to compare. But, most of us, or at least a good # have...
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    Question about DVD Recorder/VHS combos

    Have the Insignia IS-DVD1001 combo unit (LG). No problems thus far with the unit. Having a problem with my STB.. only giving a mono signal to the Insignia (but i get stereo if i plug the coax cable directly into the Insignia....?) Dubbing from VHS to DVD-r or DVD+r works fine, no quality...
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    false advertising?

    I suppose it is not a true description of the TV. A lot of what is advertised on the stickers at BB or CC are gross exaggerations. How many times is a Kenwood receiver rated at "100 watts per channel".. when you later realize its 100 wpc only at 1 khz. But the big, flashy, eye-catching...
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    Line twitter during football on my rptv ?

    Sorry if this is newbie question.. i am naive to HDTV. I could not find a simliar question with extensive searches. I have a Toshiba (65H82 i think) RPTV. Adelphia Cable with a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3100 (need to verify when i get home) HD box. Component connected. My question...
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    Monitor Silver Series / Paradigm Studio Series???

    At that may want to consider B&W 601s. I am not sure you will get tower design paradigm studios in your range.. and IMHO, the bookshelf studios are not as impressive as the towers. Why? I dont know.. just going by me ears. A friend of mine was about to get Axioms, then agreed to...
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    Beastmaster DiviMax

    anyone own this yet? can anyone confirm the improvments?
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    "Family" movies with under-the-radar gay Characters??

    Piglet in The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
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    *** Official THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Discussion Thread

    In the book, TTT, after Frodo gets stung by Shelob.. Sam thinks Frodo is dead... He takes the ring and actually wears it for a time. In this time, he learns that Frodo is still alive and then you know the rest. Interesting chapter, as it really is Sam's soliloqy.. he has to make a choice...
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    *** Official THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Discussion Thread

    I read in the Encylopedia of Arda that Celeborn and Galadriel had 'realtions' only once every 2000 years. Maybe Celeborn could have stayed behind and 'caught up for some lost time'
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    *** Official THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Discussion Thread

    In cliff notes form: Gandalf falls Battles Balrog on way down, like in 1st scene of TTT They fall in an underground lake... miles down Survives fall (shows power of Gandalf and his kind) Still battles Balrog.. starts winning.. Balrog flees Gandalf realizes the only way to get out of deep...
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    *** Official THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Discussion Thread

    Wasnt it 17 years from Bilbo's departure until Gandalfs return? Or was there a two year stretch after Gandalf came to when Frodo actually left? I'll have to pull my books out again. I remember Frodo putting it off for a while, but I thought he finally left on his 50th birthday, and wasnt he 33...
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    *** Official THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Discussion Thread

    Love all 3 EE's. To nitpick: 1.For all 3 movies and all books, I enjoyed Frodo's journey the best. TT and ROTK-TE did not have enough of Frodo and Sam. Why PJ cut out Frodo's journeys thru Mordor on the theatrical edition, yet all the slow motion elf walking thru the forest scenes, that, by...
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    Sequels better than the original...

    "The Oddyssey" is much better than "Troy" (wishful thinking, I know, but I hope to god that this movie is made some day ..... with Sean Bean as Odysseus and Howard Shore doing the score) Evil Dead 2 (IMHO) was more of a remake, not a sequel. Same basic set and plot. Evil Dead was more of a...
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    Best mafia movie

    This one may be a no-brainer. The Godfather. But, the true appreciation of the movie is only captured in repeat viewings. The first time thru... you cant catch all the subtle, yet important, character and plot developments. Goodfellas has to be up there, and much easier to view the first...
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    My dream cast for Goblet of Fire

    I'll probably be made fun of for this... but look at the pics of Marilyn Manson on the cover of the Mechanical Animals disc and the tour around that time, then read the description.. of Voldemort after he comes out of the cauldren. eerily.... he would fit the role VERY well. Proper...
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    "WOW!" Moments in the Movies

    The Sum of all Fears When the nuclear bomb actually goes off I actually stopped breathing and had to catch my breath. It floored me. The LFE's helped as well, with the moment. I walked into the movie not knowing a single plot line or spoiler. Just paid my money and sat down to be...
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    Yamaha RXV 640 / HTR 5660 owners, please help

    Problem is, i cant seem to even have that as a choice (Dolby PL2) When I hit the dolby/dts button... i get the choice of: Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Enhanced Thats it. Anyone?
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    Yamaha RXV 640 / HTR 5660 owners, please help

    I have the 5660 and recently got my 6th speaker for a 6.1 setup. Is there any way to get the receiver to make a matrix'd 6.1 out of DolbyDigital 5.1 ?? I tried everything. A friend has a RXV 1300 and can flip to a matrix'd 6th channel when viewing a DD 5.1 soundtrack. I seem to be stuck...
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    My SVS keeps moving.... any suggestions?

    I have a SVS 20-39 PC+. Anytime I play a movie (loudly)with lots of LFE, my SVS creeps, sometimes about 2 feet. This didnt happen on cement, but once I put carpet down.. it creeps. Any suggestions?
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    Best King Arthur film?

    Ernest, as in the above post.. there is plenty of Wagner in Excalibre. The one I am alluding to, that is repeated many times, is from 'the ring' opera... it appears as the music when the sword comes out of the lake the first time. Been about a year since I've watched it, thus I cant give more...
  22. michael_mo

    Best King Arthur film?

    I agree 1000% Excalibre, of all the epics, has aged the worst. The casting seems laughable. The battle scenes are a joke and the FX seem elementary. But, I say this 20 years after the film was made, and after 20 years of film-making technology. I still appreciate Excalibre for what it is...
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    Ulysess,starring Sean Bean,what are the chances for this movie to be made ?

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bana was excellent in Troy and certainly did kick ass. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ray, i never implied Bana did a bad job. Actually, i thought...
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    Ulysess,starring Sean Bean,what are the chances for this movie to be made ?

    I think "the odyssy" would do a lot better at the US box office than "the iliad" i.e. "Troy" has been doing. For one, there are more substories that fill the typical american viewers need for constant intrigue. Also, the Odyssy is the greatest mythology story ever. Much more fantasy and intrigue...
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    *** Official TROY Discussion Thread

    A few of my own thoughts..... I loved the film. But, I love old-earth epics, so I would have probably liked anything they put on the screen. Although this film will not go down as in the same class of LOTR, Braveheart and Gladiator... Troy does provide us with some very memorable scenes. The...
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    slow part of "Paranoid Android"

    Best system i ever heard was a set of Martin Logans. Prodigy IIRC. Duel Krell amps powering each.
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    Athena AS-B2's pair need to sell

    Location? may be interested if local
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    recommend some orchestra DVD-A/SACD

    I would highly recommend Levi (Atlanta symph) version of Stavinsky's "Rite of Spring" This was on the Telarc lable recorded around 1990. Not multichannel.... but very good audio. The kettle drums make my house shake (well, the SVS with the gain turned to about 40% helps that as well!!)...
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    FS: Paradigm Monitor 5 v.1