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  1. JoeHard

    Dvds for sound system

    My favorites are "Master and Commander", lots of boom in the battle scenes,but also alot of subtle surround effects. " War of the Worlds" is another, lightning storm and earthquake scenes are especialy good for "Wow factor". And "Super Speedway" is always a crowd pleaser at My house. Surround...
  2. JoeHard

    Problem with dvd payer or dvd disc

    I have a Yamaha DVD C750 player and use it for all video and music sources. I just watched the "Chronicles of Narnia" dvd and noticed some pretty severe video distortion. It didn't happen until the battle sequince and came and went through the rest of the movie. I would describe it as horizontal...
  3. JoeHard

    How do you listen to 2 channels CD?

    I have a universal player and enjoy both formats. Unfortunately much if the music I would buy is not available in either format. I find myself listening to many of My stereo cd's in Prologic II Music mode, and unlike some find the effects very satisfying. I can't help but agree there will be no...
  4. JoeHard

    Can't decide on my center speaker (DEFTECH)

    Derrek, If the extra $ is not an issue go with the 2002's. I own a 2002 and have a friend with the Procenter, so I am familiar with both and I find the procenter can tend to sound harsh. As for Onix, I can't say as I have never heard their speakers.
  5. JoeHard

    Deftech vs Polk quality

    I would never tell You how to spend Your money. That's what wives are for. I'm sure some of the price difference is the plastic enclosure on the procenter. To Me the procenter can sound a little harsh, but that's just My opinion and You may not agree. Try to listen to both. There are currently 2...
  6. JoeHard

    Deftech vs Polk quality

    Neil, I have heard the procenters and am not as fond of them as I am other DefTech centers. If You are buying the BP6 or 8, both nice speakers by the way, why not look for a used CLR 100 if Your trying to save $.
  7. JoeHard

    Deftech vs Polk quality

    I am a long time DefTech owner, BP2002 and CLR 2002. I can't speak for Axiom, as I have never heard them, but they certainly are well liked on this forum. As to Polk, with all respect, I don't think they sound as good as DefTech, but others may not agree.
  8. JoeHard

    Good BASS for floorstanders <$500

    It seems everytime I read a post that asks advice for a specific price,someone always recommends something more expensive. So here I go. For $600 listen to the Def Tech BP6 . You may like the look and sound better than than than C.V. 's and with respect I think they would be money much better spent.
  9. JoeHard

    Definitive Technology Owners

    Original BP 2002's , CLR 2002, Cambridge S300 for speakers. B&K 5 channel amp with Rotel RSP 1066 and Yamaha DVD C750 universal player. I have been very happy with this set-up but must admit I am ready to add a stand alone sub for soundtracks.
  10. JoeHard

    CSW S300 Surrounds Question

    Seth, I have the S300's and am very happy with them. I switched them between dipole, bipole, and direct and found a real difference. Much better than the Polk surrounds I had before. Watch the Cambridge web site as I paid $200 for new A stock with free ship. Highly reccomended
  11. JoeHard

    Mirage Omni S 12

    Thanks Mike. It seems this is a no brainer. If I'm not happy with this sub I'm sure I can sell it with no problem.
  12. JoeHard

    Mirage Omni S 12

    I am wondering if anyone has experience or opinion about the Mirage Omni S12 sub. I have seen this sub online for what appears to be a good price. I have been looking for a sub to compliment a pair of DefTech BP 2002's, mostly to reinforce movie soundtracks. The Mirage is a 12 incher with a 300...
  13. JoeHard

    DVD Changer

    The Yamaha changers will also randomly shuffle in the manner You are looking for.
  14. JoeHard

    How do I do this?

    Thanks to all for Your help. My amp is an older B&k AV5000 with no 12 volt trigger, although I believe later units did. Looks like the hard way.
  15. JoeHard

    How do I do this?

    Mylan, Thanks for Your reply. My pre/pro is a Rotel RSP1066 and doesn't have any outlets. Any oter suggestions?
  16. JoeHard

    How do I do this?

    I would like to set up macro's to help my family use Our home theater more easily. My problem is My amp cannot be turned on by remote. I realise I can program the macro to control the other components and turn the amp on manually, but is there some kind of device I can add to power up the amp...
  17. JoeHard supercube 11 ?

    Is there any way You can get a loaner from a local dealer. Take one home for a weekend and try it out, then You can be sure.
  18. JoeHard

    Where has the red gone on My Pioneer ?

    Thank's to all Who replied. I am embarrassed to admit the component cable did come loose from cable box. I should have known to check connections first.
  19. JoeHard

    Where has the red gone on My Pioneer ?

    Maybe someone here can help Me. I have a Pioneer SD-553HD5 that will no longer display the color red when watching cable brodcasts. I don't notice any problem when watching dvd's. My cable box is a Pioneer Voyager HDTV and my cable provider is Time Warner. I have tried to adjust the color in the...
  20. JoeHard

    RX-Z9 or Rotel seperates?

    I have a Rotel 1066 and a B&k 5 channel amp. The reason I prefer seperates is flexibility. If You decide that down the road You would like more power or more channels, just swap or add amp. My previous pre-pro was a Marantz that I was very happy with. When I wanted dts,6 channel analog, and...
  21. JoeHard

    Tough call here! Good deal?

    Go with the Rotel, I have the 1066 and have been pleased. The 1068 is said to be a big step up as far as sound quality.
  22. JoeHard

    DVD-A / SACD combo players

    I have to agree with Will B. While I enjoy both multi-channel formats, and own a Yamaha C-750, if they aren't dead neither is Elvis.
  23. JoeHard

    Fix My dvd player or buy a new one?

    I took Jerome's advice and bought a new Denon changer model DVM 715. If anyone has an opinion or experience with this machine I would like to hear it. Thanks
  24. JoeHard

    Fix My dvd player or buy a new one?

    I'm leaning towards getting it fixed, just because I paid $400 new. The thought of spending another $400 or $500 adds up to alot of money, and my other gear isn't compatible with DVI or HDMI. If someone has a player in mind in the $200 range that would be different. Phil, I took my player back...
  25. JoeHard

    Fix My dvd player or buy a new one?

    My 2 year old Yamaha DVD C-920 took a crap. It will cost $100 to fix it. I have seen a Toshiba SD5915 for $100. Is anyone familiar with this player? Should I fix the Yamaha,it has Burr-Brown dacs and the Faroudja v-chip, or look for something else? I will use this player for cd's and dvd-audio...
  26. JoeHard

    Reciever for outdoor use

    I bought a Sherwood stereo reciever at C.C. for my Boston deck speakers. It's rated at 100 wpc and was $80, it works fine
  27. JoeHard

    Who uses dipole surrounds?

    I recently bought a pair of Cambridge Newton S300 surrounds and am using them with Def Tech BP 2002 and CLR 2002 across the front. While the 300's are switchable between direct, bipole, and dipole, I have found the bipole to be my favorite for both movies and music. I have them mounted at the...
  28. JoeHard

    another "help me decide" thread

    If You want room filling sound listen to Definitive Tech. Since You already have a sub, You can get one of there non-power towers and stay well witin budget.
  29. JoeHard

    Open box items, would you buy one?

    I have bought 2 amps, an integrated amp, and a tuner used as demos. Never had trouble with any of them. Personaly I would shy away from cd and dvd players, only because the amount of moving parts.
  30. JoeHard

    Marantz AV-560 - what's next?

    Bob, I had a Marantz AV-550 that I was very happy with, until I too got the upgrade bug. I don't believe that Marantz makes a surround Pre-pro anymore. In fact, I'm looking at the Stereophile Buyers Guide as I type this and all it lists is just one Marantz stereo unit.