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  1. Phaelon

    WTB: Pioneer HLD-X9 (or LX-900) Laserdisc player wanted (California)

    Christine - as requested... I sent you an email with photos etc. It went today from my gmail account - please check your yahoo spam/bulk mailbox if you don't see it in your regualr Inbox.
  2. Phaelon

    Separating audio from HDMI to go from Roku to processor with DVI and optical inputs?

    Thanks to all. After more reading and research - and these helpful replies - I think I'll start by using an AV receiver that has pre-amp outs as my processor and just dump the 970 (for which I'll get very little but that's okay.) My colleague has a Denon 2008 vintage AVR987 (one of the units...
  3. Phaelon

    Separating audio from HDMI to go from Roku to processor with DVI and optical inputs?

    I don't anticipate ever wanting 3D TV in the foreseeable future. I'm sort of wondering if I should just sell the 7125 (and could throw the 970 in at no extra cost as a package deal.) If I do that and just use the internal amps of the SR6005 receiver I think that resolves my issues - right? But I...
  4. Phaelon

    Separating audio from HDMI to go from Roku to processor with DVI and optical inputs?

    Hello to all. I have not been active in this forum since I put together the pieces for a better home theater about three years ago but some family situations and schedule issues put the project on hold until now. I have put together a system comprised of NHT ST4 towers, SDP-2 surrounds, SC-2...
  5. Phaelon

    WTB: Pioneer HLD-X9 (or LX-900) Laserdisc player wanted (California)

    Follow-up: I did d find a thread that discusses whether the optical out will support Dolby Digital or DTS and the answers are unclear. Some suggest that the optical out is only for sending audio data from audio CDs and other say it supports Dolby Digital but not DTS...
  6. Phaelon

    WTB: Pioneer HLD-X9 (or LX-900) Laserdisc player wanted (California)

    Hi Christine - I am not planning to keep the discs. There are roughly 50 of them and all are in absolutely pristine condition with original jackets. MY GF is home for several weeks recuperating from surgery. She's dying to have a new project - I'll ask her to catalogue them and can provide you...
  7. Phaelon

    WTB: single NHT Evolution M5 speaker

    I have a single NHT M5 speaker that was purchased intending to use it as a center channel but my plans changed. It is new in box with grill (literally never used) and I'm now seeking a second one in order to have a left-right pair for stereo audio. My price range is $150 and it should be in...
  8. Phaelon

    WTB: Pioneer HLD-X9 (or LX-900) Laserdisc player wanted (California)

    Hi Christine - I regret that I can't help with the Pioneer but if he needs a replacement unit or second LD player I do have a Panasonic LX-900 that I used sporadically for a few years and then stored in the original box in the closet. When DVDs became available I shifted away from LD but I have...
  9. Phaelon

    What makes my Paradigm Signature S4 V2s "special" (in other words worth 4 grand)?

    I think your ears already answered your question. When you get past all the marketing hoo-hah you have the quality of the component pieces used to buidl the speakers and then the desing and construction quality, attention to detail etc. You can't make crappy drivers sound sublime and amazing...
  10. Phaelon

    NHT Super Zero Xu - OK to overpower?

    That's good news - thanks. The room is only 10 x 17 with 9 foot ceilings and the systems is already a bit of overkill for the amount of space. I doubt that I'll ever turn it up past 3 or 4 but will certainly keep the caveat in mind if I ever migrate it to a larger space.
  11. Phaelon

    Panasonic BD30 2.2 firmware now available

    Oops. Just realized that it's my new Samsung display that has the USB port - not my Panny BD30. That said - I'm still wondering why the firmware would go on a CD. Can't I just take a laptop and run the upgrade directly from that?
  12. Phaelon

    Help picking a display device

    HL61A750 is down to $1274.95 delivered price from Vann's Electronics of Montana. I spotted one for $1599 at the local Best Buy a few weeks ago marked "open box special - last one". That prompted me to check Amazon... who had it for $1399.... and showed Vann's as the supplier. I checked Vann's...
  13. Phaelon

    Panasonic DMP-BD30 review/impressions

    I'm still learning the quirks of my new Panny BD30 but as my first piece of true HD equipment I'm quite pleased. Upscaled standard DVDs seem to have apparent resolution etc. based very much on original source quality. I watched a House MD disc and it looked almost like HD. My previous...
  14. Phaelon

    NHT Super Zero Xu - OK to overpower?

    After acquiring some parts and pieces for the audio portion of my home theater a couple years back I happened across a demo pair of NHT ST-4 towers with passive subs and couldn't pass them up due to the attractive price. Out went the Super One L/R and the Super Center and the Boston...
  15. Phaelon

    WTB: NHT SC2 center - black

    Ad canceled as of 1/1/07. Bought a NIB NHT M5 instead and found buyer for my Super One's. If you read this and by chance need a NIB gloss black NHT Super Center or a NIB Atlantic Technology T70 PBM powered sub please PM me. Thanks!
  16. Phaelon

    Bi-amping advice needed - NHT ST4 and HK AV 325

    Hello to all. This is my first post... joined this forum about three years ago when I bought a new house and acquired some home theater gear. A busy life... a bit of lethargy... and then a death in the family.... all contributed to getting the gear unpacked, partially installed and then never...
  17. Phaelon

    My budget theater website up "Jones Theater" now open.

    Nice theater setup. Can you point me to some info on the materials and pattern/design you used for the black-out curtains? I'm presently settgin up a modest hoem theater in the only room available to me - it used to be a sunroom and has three walls that are mostly windows - light control will be...
  18. Phaelon

    Yippee!!! I get to build a HT!

    Sankar - what part of NY state are you in? I just moved back up here to Syracuse after four years in the NYC area and assure you - winters are typically rough here but this year was far worse than usual - it won't always be like this one. I'm also in a new house (new to me) and adapting an...
  19. Phaelon

    Popcorn not popping correctly, need help.

    You're welcome. I used to lurk in AVS but after i acquired a RPTV and prog scan DVD player I just used them and didn't pay attention to much else. Now that I'm finally out of an apartment and into a house again I hvae the luxury of making a real HT room instead of a just making do with the...
  20. Phaelon

    Moving my home theater

    If you're going to gut the room you might consider putting in a staggered doubel ceiling arrangement, provided you have high enough ceilings to permit this. In combiantion with standard unfaced fiberglass insulation, the double staggered sheetrock and stud arrangement works wonders in walls. Not...
  21. Phaelon

    Building my first house! What should I do for a home theater room + other questions

    I'm not building a house but am in the process of setting up a dedicated HT room in a house I just purchased. It was originally a sun porch so there's much to do in terms of light control and sound dampening but my biggest concern at the moment is power. The rest of the house was completely...
  22. Phaelon

    Popcorn not popping correctly, need help.

    It sure sounds like bad corn - probably just old and maybe stored for too long in a container that was not airtight. Popcorn pops ebcause the latent moisture inside the kernel heats up, forms steam and burst the shell of the kernel. I'm guessing that if it's stored for too long, some of the...
  23. Phaelon

    Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

    I just looked it up - the phones I referred to that are from Charlotte NC are $80 per pair and the brand or company name is Planequiet. I'm a new member and can't post URL's but if you Google it under that name you'll find it. You might also check for Al Fasoldt's "Technofile" review - just use...
  24. Phaelon

    Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

    I have read i several places that comparable technology is now available from other vendors for way less money. I saw a very favorable review of noise cancelling headphones offered by a company based in the Charlotte NC are and they were between $60 and $100 - way less than the Bose. I think the...
  25. Phaelon

    Mixing and matching brands for 6.1/7.1?

    Would I attach the two speakers in this scenario with some sort of "Y" style speaker cable or splitter or just squeeze two cable ends instead of one into each red and black terminal for that sixth channel? That seems like the best bet for me as the best value in receivers that I'm seeing in...
  26. Phaelon

    Mixing and matching brands for 6.1/7.1?

    But does 7.1 in theory use two speakers in the center of the rear? (even though it is currently "quasi" and uses synthesized data rather than a separate discrete seventh signal). If so.... what happens when 6.1 is played? Does the same signal get replicated to both rear center speakers rather...
  27. Phaelon

    Mixing and matching brands for 6.1/7.1?

    Hi to all. I'm finally ready to upgrade! Have been lurking around here for a week or so and researching but can now use some of your expert advice on a specific issue. I'm hoping to get feedback based on real life experiences rather than theory! My original setup years ago was a Panasonic VHS...