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    What Forgotten Films do you want on Blu ray or 4K?

    Still waiting for ADAMS RIB. Scratchin' my head as to why this Tracy/Hepburn favorite hasn't come out yet. NIGHT WORLD (1932) Fast paced 60 minute gangster film from Universal. Boris Karloff, fresh off of FRANKENSTEIN plays night club owner/gangster Happy McDonald. Lew Ayres. Mae Clarke, George...
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    Lost Films Found

    The film will supposedly go PD in 2025. Apparently Universal would very much like to release it on Bluray. Unfortunately, negotiations with the current rights holder have proved fruitless. Since the complete original Technicolor negative survives, I would love to see it get the same treatment...
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    King of Jazz

    Here's the first review of the Blu-ray from DVD Beaver. KING OF JAZZ