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  1. Brian Bowles

    Toshiba 65HDX82 - cleaning and upgrade options

    Wow..... still no responses? I guess the forum is not what it used to be....
  2. Brian Bowles

    Toshiba 65HDX82 - cleaning and upgrade options

    I still have my Toshiba 65HDX82 RPTV. It has served me well and is still going strong. I did a lot of research on here before I bought it many years ago. I guess that was around 9 years ago. I had an ISF calibration 7 years ago. Then three years ago one of the tubes had to be replaced. I guess a...
  3. Brian Bowles

    Toshiba 65HDX82 warm-up issue

    I have the EXACT problem and the exact tv. I am going to hopefully have someone here on Friday to look at it. I would say there is a 90% chance it is the hyper module. The caps on it are going bad. This is a known issue that is affecting many Toshibas. Send me an email at [email protected]
  4. Brian Bowles

    CRT vs LCD

    My crt still looks great. It also looks much better than a lcd or dllp when viewing cable channels. Although lcds and dlps are brighter and are not as dependent on calibration. Also they are lighter.
  5. Brian Bowles

    4-year-old CRT RPTV Better PIC than DLP/LCos/LCD?

    Greg Patterson, I have a Toshiba 65hdx82. If you know a dlp or a lcd that rivals it is picture quality please let me know so I can go look at one. I probably would buy a DLP today because there is less problems in the future. Although the color wheel just went out on my friend's samsung...
  6. Brian Bowles

    What level do you put your samson amp on for SVS subwoofers

    I do have a spl meter. I just wondered what level most people turn the amp volume to.
  7. Brian Bowles

    HTF REVIEW: Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

    That is true and not true. I thought the LFE of episodes 1 and 2 was impressive. Episode 3 just does not have it for me. Also the sound level is much lower than many other movies that I have.
  8. Brian Bowles

    What level do you put your samson amp on for SVS subwoofers

    Do you turn both knobs to the maximun on your samson amp for 3/4 of the way? Thanks!!!
  9. Brian Bowles

    HTF REVIEW: Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

    I thought the sound level on the movie was low and the amount of bass compared to other movies like Lord of the Rings in DTS was low. I thought there was something wrong with my system until I put in the LOTR movie. I have twin SVS 20-39 subs too. It just seems recorded lower or something.
  10. Brian Bowles

    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)

    One could argue that Anakin did not know that Sideous would kill Mace in his weakened state. Also, Anakin really went off the deep end when he decided to kill all of the children to save Padma. I lost sympathy for him then. Someone brought up an interesting point to me. If the Sith could...
  11. Brian Bowles

    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)

    Do you think Mace could have really defeated the emperor? Or do you think it was all part of the plot to bring Anakin over to his side?
  12. Brian Bowles

    Need help adjusting the color on my rear projection toshiba

    No I an not using that.
  13. Brian Bowles

    Need help adjusting the color on my rear projection toshiba

    I had to have the board in the front of my Toshiba 65hdx82 replaced. It is the one with the six knobs that control the amount of each color. The picture is close but not quite as good as it was. At first there was a little too much blue so I turned the top left knob to the right. This helped. Is...
  14. Brian Bowles

    Hsu Research STF-2 Subwoofer Test & Review

    I really want another svs. I think three is a good number..... Although now the HSU STF-2 is on sale locally for $199. If it is in stock when I check today it might be too good to pass up. This one is going to go in a bedroom on my computer for games and the kids to watch movies on.
  15. Brian Bowles

    SVS cs+ 20-39 enough?

    I have the same amp and sub but I have two of those subs in a room that is 20x18 with 12' ceilings. The only real way to tell is to hook it up and try it.
  16. Brian Bowles

    Looking for a new scanner

    I have a canon scanner that I really like. It is this one: Canon Scanner
  17. Brian Bowles

    DLP or CRT?

    My friend just got a new DLP. I went over to help him set it up. The picture is nice and bright. I just think the picture of my Toshiba cinema series CRT to be better. Is it just me or do others think the same? The dlps are nice but they look pixelated and sometimes the refresh looks too slow in...
  18. Brian Bowles

    SVS PB10-ISD Subwoofer Test & Review

    I am real close to getting a pb10. I am going to hook it up on my computer:-) I will need a cheap receiver and plan to use the digital out of my nforce2 motherboard. I can then use this with games and as a mini hometheater room for the kids. In the other room I already have twin 20-39cs+ subs...
  19. Brian Bowles

    Svs Pb10

    Ed my room is a bedroom that is about 12x12. I would assume this sub would be plenty. I am thinking of buying an inexpensive 5.1 receiver and then running the digital out from my nvidia motherboard to the reciever. I could then hook up my klipsch promedia speakers to the reciever and the svs for...
  20. Brian Bowles

    HELPPPPP!!!!!! Choosing Sub.....

    SVS................ I have dual 20-39cs+ subs that I love.
  21. Brian Bowles

    Need receiver advice

    My friend needs a receiver. He has a lcd projector, progressive scan dvd player, HDTV satelite receiver, and a cable box with HDTV. I would assume he needs a component input for each of these things. I do not see any receivers with that many. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
  22. Brian Bowles

    Need a DVD player to use with a lcd projector

    Thanks for the information. My friend bought a Denon 910 but did not like it. He took it back. Now we are looking...
  23. Brian Bowles

    Need a DVD player to use with a lcd projector

    My friend just got a Sony lcd projector. He needs a progressive scan dvd player to go with it. Would the samsung 841 be a good choice or is there a better choice in the $350 price range and below? Also, should he get one that has dvi or is it not that important? Thanks!!!
  24. Brian Bowles

    New DVD player, need suggestions

    I just got a Panasonic xp30. The xp30, xp50 and the rp82 all use the same video chip and mpeg decoder. The performance is almost identical. I got the xp30 for $169 new online. The xp50 is the same but adds DVD-A and SACD. The rp82 is almost impossible to find.
  25. Brian Bowles

    Samsung the first 1080i/720p DVD player," the DVD-HD931

    Anyone know about this DVD player? Here is the link: Samsung DVD-HD931
  26. Brian Bowles

    toshiba Cinema 65hdx82 or rca scenium hd65w140

    I think there is a potential problem with some hdx tvs but most are fine. I think it is blown out of proportion at hometheater spot. I posted here about the flicker problem and no one replied. I am about to get a toshiba 65 and i think i will go with the hdx and not the h series.
  27. Brian Bowles

    65hdx82 vs. 65h82 - Is there really a difference in the picture?

    Has anyone seen these tv's side by side? I heard someone say they really could not tell the difference in the picture quality. I know the hdx has dvi but there seems to be a lot of people complaining about a flicker problem with the hdx models too. I am confused. I was ready to pulll the trigger...
  28. Brian Bowles

    What do you know about the Toshiba HDX flicker problem?

    I was set on pulling the trigger on a 57HDX82 or a 65HDX82 when I read about all sorts of people having a flicker problem? Now I do not know what to do. The only place I can get a HDX model is onecall so returning it would be a problem. What other models compare for the same price? Thanks!
  29. Brian Bowles

    Is a 65" RPTV too big?

    Well my main concern is my wife's happiness. She watches a lot of cable tv. I do not want something that looks bad on cable tv.
  30. Brian Bowles

    Need RPTV size advice

    Well cable tv is a big issue for my wife. She watches lots of shows on cable tv. We have comcast in this area. I know they offer digital via a box. Is that any better than regular cable tv? I would love to have bigger but I am worried my wife will hate it when she is watching her shows. That...