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  1. Doug T

    SWIMMING POOL - What's it all about? (Spoilers within!)

    Thanks, Michael! I saw Swimming Pool over the weekend, and, like most, had figured that Sarah just embellished who Julie was. But I could not reconcile the final scene of them waving with the fact that they did not appear to know each other in the office. Sarah simply took the existence of...
  2. Doug T

    ATTN!!!! New, HORRIBLE butchering of programs on TNT!!!

    Ever since TiVo and ReplayTV have gained a foothold, I knew this was coming. Advertisers will eventually refuse to pay for conventional commercial time if everyone is simply bypassing them. Airing commercials during the program itself will become their only way of reaching people. I despise...
  3. Doug T

    INSOMNIAC! God this is a funny show!

    I have watched a few episodes myself, and was an instant fan. A great idea for a show as long as you've got the right "host". And Dave is perfect. Any other show of this type would simlply resort to making fun of everyone, and while that may generate a few laughs now and then, is very...
  4. Doug T

    The Tick on tonight... first impressions?

    I am always grateful when the TV powers that be have the courage to offer us something different/unique/original (of course this is not "original", but in prime-time TV world, it is incredibly different). I loved the animated show (whenever I managed to catch it), and while the pilot last night...
  5. Doug T

    PIONEER VSX-24TX and it Elite Family- are they good?

    Brian - From everything I've heard, Uncle's is an extremely popular place to shop and, overall, people seem to be very happy with them. However, I believe everything they sell is backed only by their own warranty, and not the manufacturer's. Whether or not this bothers you is, obviously, your...