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  1. Peter Mazur

    Testy Area 51

  2. Peter Mazur

    Anyone know this movie?

    Chucky, I think we have a winner, thanks.
  3. Peter Mazur

    Anyone know this movie?

    There is this B/W monster movie I used to see all the time on TV when I was a kid. It is probably from the 50's or maybe early 60's. All I remember is that this creature looked like he had a whole bunch of hot-dogs coming out of his mouth. It was corny as hell but my brother and I loved it...
  4. Peter Mazur

    Nudity and Mandy Moore

    When the rating was first introduced they would show more than they do today. European Vacation is a good example of a few scenes of nudity.
  5. Peter Mazur

    Movies that promised a sequel but didn't deliver

    That ending is perfect, it doesn't need to be resolved. The live action Masters Of The Universe left the door open for a sequel. Also Jason And The Argonauts.
  6. Peter Mazur

    Old games to download?

    Does anyone know of any sites where you can download old games. I am looking for one that I used to play on my Apple IIe and also ones for Atari 2600 and also Colecovision. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Peter Mazur

    TV show Top DVD sales

    Douglas, I hope Paramount is listening because I personally haven't purchased the TNG sets due to the high price. I'm not made of money, and even though I want them badly, I always end up picking up something cheaper instead.
  8. Peter Mazur

    TV show Top DVD sales

    I find it interesting that there are no Star Trek sets on the list. I figured they would be selling well.
  9. Peter Mazur

    Duran Duran's new album, will it be any good?

    Having been a fan since way back when I first heard "Planet Earth", I expect that this new release will deliver. I actually like every album they have ever done, including such loathed ones as: Liberty, Thank You and Pop Trash.
  10. Peter Mazur

    Dream Theater - Train of Thought

    True, but again on their earlier releases they had an outside producer to reign them in a bit. The last three albums contain what I consider to be ridiculously over-the-top soloing. The solos on the latest all sound the same, just busy-bee sounding noise. And that is too bad because their are...
  11. Peter Mazur

    The all-in-one FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE thread

    It's not a Christmas movie but my wife and I watch Toy Story every Christmas eve. It has been our tradition for the past 5 or so years.
  12. Peter Mazur

    Dream Theater - Train of Thought

    Brian, For my taste ever since they started producing themselves the soloing has become too over-the-top. If that is more your speed than you will enjoy "Metropolis 2". "Awake", I feel, contains the perfect balance of being heavy and melodic at the same time.
  13. Peter Mazur

    Dream Theater - Train of Thought

    I would recommend "Awake" to be your next purchase. IMO it is by far their pinnacle.
  14. Peter Mazur

    Corvette Summer: We NEED this DVD.

    Me too.
  15. Peter Mazur

    Doors Fans I need your Help!

    JonZ is correct. The three remaining members recorded music to go with the poetry he had recorded years before.
  16. Peter Mazur

    California 6.5 earthquake

    My wife and brother both felt it. She works in Santa Clara, and he is in Concord. I work in Emeryville but I didn't feel a thing.
  17. Peter Mazur

    Your top 10 "Fantasy" DVDs that will never come out (bootlegs don't count)

    I would love to have something like the recent Led Zeppelin DVD done for Genesis. The more Peter Gabriel footage the better.
  18. Peter Mazur

    8 Abbott & Costello Films Coming! (2/10/04)

    Awesome!!! Thanks Randy
  19. Peter Mazur

    8 Abbott & Costello Films Coming! (2/10/04)

    Does anyone have a listing of which movies were not for Universal? My personal favorite is "A&C Go To Mars", which I believe was from Universal.
  20. Peter Mazur

    Directors Smallest Crowd you saw at a movie theater.

    Return of the Jedi - Me and one other person. Star Trek V - Same thing, just one other person. Fantasia 2000 - Me, my wife and her friend and that was it.
  21. Peter Mazur

    Top Albums of 2003

    I will wait until after Christmas to do my complete list because I have a few cd's on my wish list. As of right now though my favorite so far is: Arena - Contagion Others I've liked are: Zwan - Mary Star Of The Sea Jane's Addiction - Strays A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step Iron...
  22. Peter Mazur

    Films that made you cry...

    The two movies that really made me breakdown were: Casualties Of War Boys Don't Cry Others that get to me are: Platoon Saving Private Ryan Backbeat Iron Giant Prince Of Egypt And the scene in Forrest Gump: He is talking about John Lennon and says "For no good reason someone...
  23. Peter Mazur

    Novice Anime Discussion Part I

    I noticed Arcadia Of My Youth is coming out next week but it is listed as full screen. I could have sworn my old VHS copy from the late 80's was letterboxed. It has long since bitten the dust though. I can't find any info about the correct aspect ratio. Does anyone know for sure what it should be?
  24. Peter Mazur

    Super Hero Movie Overkill?

    When I was watching the Hulk recently I kept thinking, why is he so huge? I pulled out my handy Marvel Encyclopedia and it lists his height at 7'. Why they felt the need to change this is beyond me.
  25. Peter Mazur

    Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums of All Time"

    Queen: A Night At The Opera at #230?!?!!! This list is just plain wrong.
  26. Peter Mazur

    New DVD packaging threat !

    Thanks Will! That is a great site.
  27. Peter Mazur

    New DVD packaging threat !

    Perfect. Thanks, Jason.
  28. Peter Mazur

    New DVD packaging threat !

    Does anyone know where I can get blank cases? I would like to start using the DVD cover art site to replace my snappers. When I look online, most of the sites require large orders. I just want to pick up individual cases and one or two of the 6 DVD cases.
  29. Peter Mazur

    "Wizards" early 2004?

    Excellent!!! Another film I can scratch off on my most wanted list.
  30. Peter Mazur

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Out-of-Towners

    Ron, I do not think think you will be disappointed. This is a great film. I hope they release more Jack Lemmon films. I really want "Good Neighbor Sam".