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  1. Justin W

    New Kubrick SE's

    is there a reason the box set is impossible to find right now?
  2. Justin W

    DVD Review Death Proof Extended DVD Review

    John, you said in your review a line of dialogue was excised and another one used a different take. i didn't catch either of these. just out of curiousity what were they?
  3. Justin W

    DVD Review Death Proof Extended DVD Review

    i'm patiently awaiting part 2 of your Q&A write up. i'm interested to see the answers to the questions you raised in your little cliffhanger there.
  4. Justin W

    Grindhouse - New Tarantino/Rodriguez film announced..

    good call, i spaced on that. that would've improved the slasher feel if there was that sense of looming danger right from the beginning i guess. i still love it for waht it is.
  5. Justin W

    Grindhouse - New Tarantino/Rodriguez film announced..

    i thought death proof was genius. it didn't bother me that nothing happened for a long time. every slasher movie starts out with a group of friends partying for a half hour before any kills. i enjoyed hanging out with these characters and kurt russel was outta control good. quentin's twist on...
  6. Justin W

    Jessica Alba Fans-The Slepping Dictionary

    what about the see through dress she wore at that awards show last year?
  7. Justin W

    Syriana 2-disc SE on June 20th, 2006

    the 2 disc cover is much nicer than the single disc. i hope we get more word on this as the release draws nearer.
  8. Justin W

    A Few Words About A few words about... The Mel Brooks Collection

    i can't decide if this is worth buying or not. i've only seen 4 mel brooks movies. i thought frankenstein, blazing saddles, and producers were brilliant. spaceballs was one of the worst movies i've ever seen. i dunno if i'm comfortable taking a chance on the other 5 movies in the set.
  9. Justin W

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Good Night, and Good Luck (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    the guy by himself talking about 'dad' is casey murrow. the guy with the much older lady talking about 'dad' are fred friendly's son and wife. the two old people are joe and shirley wershba. if i remember correctly those are the only people in there that weren't directly involved with the film...
  10. Justin W

    Chinatown SE?

    yeah, where is ace in the hole anyways?
  11. Justin W

    ever watch a film with the director in the room?

    i'm going to be watching creepshow with george romero on april 19th. not quite dawn of the dead, but i'll be sure to have my 4-disc ready for signing. (i actually don't like creepshow at all, but i'm not passing up a chance to meet mr romero and listen to him speak)
  12. Justin W

    Leone's The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 2-disc SE, May 18, 2004 (MERGED THREAD)

    they goofed with this. they should have included both versions of the film. the gunshot effects really create the aesthetic of spaghetti western as far as i'm concerned.
  13. Justin W

    A Few Words About A few words about... The Mel Brooks Collection

    is there any word on whether these titles will be available individually?
  14. Justin W

    A Few Words About A few words about... Mr. Arkadin

    yeah, but maybe they're his best films because he had final cut. we'll never know.
  15. Justin W

    Warners Film Noir Boxset 3 in July!

    i'm excited. i've only seen lady in the lake. so that's four new noir titles for me. on dangerous ground looks good. nicholas ray huh?
  16. Justin W

    A Few Words About A few words about... Mr. Arkadin

    wow. it comes with the novel? that's fantastic. i'm a welles nut so this is a no brainer for me.
  17. Justin W

    Capra Box Coming From Sony

    hmm... might have to pick this one up.
  18. Justin W

    Paramount Re-packaging

    wow. they took average covers utilizing poster art and made them all look like tv movie-of-the-week dvds. :thumbsdown:
  19. Justin W

    Adaptation (Superbit) - 5/20/03

    there was a trailer on the spike jonze music video directors series dvd for an "adaptation special edition." that was a year or two ago though. and knowing spike it could have been a joke. seems odd though. anyhow judging by the malkovich special edition, i'm not sure how great an adaptation...
  20. Justin W

    Dazed And Confused: Criterion?

    evil. i wonder what the possibilites are of any other linklater films getting the criterion treatment.
  21. Justin W

    Dazed And Confused: Criterion?

    i'm glad i never got around to buying the flashback edition. love this flick. love linklater. love criterion. i'm set.
  22. Justin W

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Everything Is Illuminated (RECEOMMENDED).

    i'm with you ron. the trailer on good night and good luck interested me as well. i'll probably rent it first. but i'm excited.
  23. Justin W

    David Lynch Room to Dream (Inland Empire)

    i got it today. the interview with lynch is fantastic. it answers almost everything i'd ever want to know about how he makes films. the scene on the other hand. lynch is my favorite filmmaker. and this takes about 90% of the excitement i had for inland empire away. the look of it is just...
  24. Justin W

    Zu Warriors - R1 "Original HK Version" Cut + Altered!

    this was a miramax release right? i wonder if weinsteinco will continue these practices. it's a shame you can't get drunken master II or fist of legend on dvd in this country uncut with the original soundtrack. :angry:
  25. Justin W

    The Digital Bits 7th Annual "Bitsy" Awards Discussion Thread

    great work as always.
  26. Justin W

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Howl's Moving Castle - VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEDED

    great post adam! pixar has done a fantastic job with these ghibli films. i wonder if they'll be revisiting mononoke, castle in the sky, or kiki's delivery service.
  27. Justin W

    New Line (A History of Violence)

    if people would just stick to poster art the world would be a better place.
  28. Justin W

    John Wayne-John Ford Collection & John Ford Collection: 06-06-06

    i don't mind bogdanovich. i just hope he doesn't try to imitate ford like he did hawks on the bringing up baby commentary.
  29. Justin W

    20th Century Fox's 'Film Noir Classics' DVD Series

    man between these and the warners boxes i'm a spoiled little noir fan.