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  1. Matt Tucker

    Tivo Roamio: The Best DVR You Should Own (Review)

    The OTA Tivo had me considering Tivo again. The last time I had a Tivo it was the HR10-250 DVR with DirecTV and I remembered loving the interface. I bought the base model Roamio two days ago and I am very happy with it. The guide and features are well worth $15/month. Having the option for...
  2. Matt Tucker

    Need help with an HD projector

    My room is about 13 feet wall to wall so my head is about 12 feet from the screen. I went with a 86" diagonal screen. With high definition sources, you can actually go larger (depending on whose charts you go by). I mounted the projector and watched parts of a high def movie at a couple...
  3. Matt Tucker


    If your receiver had an ideal power supply, lowering the speaker impedance by 1/2 would get you about twice the power output. However, power supply voltages will drop with a heavier load (lower ohm speakers) and your power will not go up nearly as much. The output transistors (in the receiver)...
  4. Matt Tucker


    You could mask the top/bottom of a 4:3 screen to make it 16:9, but when you switched to 4:3 material and removed the top/bottom masking (that I think is what you were asking about) you would have readjust your zoom on the projector if you want the picture to fill the screen. I (and I think...
  5. Matt Tucker

    Video Compression Question

    I have been happy using DiVX. I take a lot of my 640x480 30fps AVI home movies from my digital "still" camera and convert them to DiVX. I can then store them on my media server. I started using the DiVX converter Once installed, click on "view...
  6. Matt Tucker

    Motorist admits speeding at 172 MPH

    When visiting the UK, our tour guide was amazed that Americans always think the English speed limits will be in KM/H. He said "where do you think you Americans got MPH from?". Matt
  7. Matt Tucker

    New HT-converting bedroom to Home Theater

    What screen did you use? The room looks good. Matt
  8. Matt Tucker

    HT Construction, Interiors.... gallery link?

    Excellent. Thanks for your efforts. Matt
  9. Matt Tucker

    HT Construction, Interiors.... gallery link?

    In the description of this forum section (HT Construction, Interiors and Automation) there is a link to HT Gallery that I have always used to get to the gallery. The link is still there, but the pictures of everyone's theaters is gone. I think it has been down for a few days. Anybody know...
  10. Matt Tucker


    She will look really nice when your screen comes. I originally thought I had some keystone problems. One side seemed slanted slightly, the other wasn't. I tried moving (rotating) the projector slightly left/right to get the lens perfectly parallel with the front wall and I played with the feet...
  11. Matt Tucker

    Should I get LCD or Plasma? Also what size?

    Is most of your viewing going to be of high definition material? If so, a 30 degree viewing angle (or working backwards from 1.5 times screen diagonal is viewing distance) gives a 90" or so screen. Of course that is tough to do with a plasma or LCD. That begs for a projector or large RPTV, but...
  12. Matt Tucker

    Out of Phase but wired correctly?

    After this discussion, I had to put in video essentials to see if the front speaker phase was right (it was my front right speaker the Yamaha said was out of phase even though wires/terminal marks/colors said it should have been correct. When the guy in the video "got lost in the room" the...
  13. Matt Tucker

    Guitar Amps anyone?

    Are you looking for schematics? Solid state or tube? I have some schematics of some commercial solid state amplifiers. Matt
  14. Matt Tucker

    Finally built a new sub (now whelmed)

    Glad to hear you got your sub straightened out. I bet that cutout was bouncing around inside like popcorn popping! I was going to suggest larger ports and more power before I read you got it going. You can't have too much power for a sub... since you don't have to use it. If you ever want to...
  15. Matt Tucker

    Out of Phase but wired correctly?

    I had similar out of phase problems when using my Yamaha 2600 auto setup feature. I wound up reversing it even though it looked like it was wired fine. At first I wondered if the speaker crossover was causing a problem. Since some speaker crossovers cause a 180 degree phase shift near the...
  16. Matt Tucker

    Any obious holes in this mid-range setup?

    Have fun putting the system together. Glad you went with a sub. I have a feeling you may really like it and eventually may want to go even bigger on the sub. The Sony 55A2020 is a great TV. I did a lot of research on it and almost purchased it, but wound up going with front projection (I...
  17. Matt Tucker

    Need help troubleshooting sound problem

    To me it sounds like you are saying the clicking noise you normally hear when you turn the receiver on is happening when the audio cuts out and then back in. It seems like the clicking your are describing is the click of a relay inside your receiver. Most receivers let capacitors charge and the...
  18. Matt Tucker


    Yes, the PT-AX100U is what I have (shown in the picture of my last post). I have been loving it ever since I got it (about two weeks ago). I already have 60+ hours on it! Enjoy, Matt
  19. Matt Tucker


    You don't need the projector mounted at the vertical middle of the screen for right side up mounting. Mine is mounted a few inches above the top of the screen and the optical adjust lets me lower the image into my screen. If you are going to put it on a shelf or cube, it is nice having the...
  20. Matt Tucker

    Seriously, is 1080 or 720 right for me??

    I recently had the same decision to make. The price difference is big between 720P and 1080P right now. The Panasonic 1000 series projectors I was interested in had over a $1000 price difference. However, I didn't want to go cheap and then feel the need to upgrade a year later. What decided...
  21. Matt Tucker

    Ok, I bought everything now help me set it up... PLEASE

    Mouser has a large selection of LEDs. Blue is the sexy color right now. Here is a link to their green offernings. Matt
  22. Matt Tucker

    Dolby TrueHD & DTS HD

    Not needing a True HD decoder in my receiver is what made buying a HD DVD player easy (Toshiba HD-D2). The HD DVD player sends the True HD signal down the HDMI cable as PCM audio (umcompressed). Matt
  23. Matt Tucker


    I installed a shelf on the rear wall. Your cube could work as the hot air is blown out the front, but you might want an opening for the air intake on the side. If you go to the Panasonic web page and click drawings, you will find a mechanical drawing that might help you out with mounting...
  24. Matt Tucker

    New DVD player; does this one sound good?

    I am in the exact same boat. I have had my Panasonic A110 since April of 1998 and it has been a great player. I have noticed skipping/digitizing on a few rental DVDs, but nothing that I own. I have about a 95% sucess rate reading DVD-R disks, but that 5% is a real pain. I am also looking at...
  25. Matt Tucker

    DIY Adire subs and DIY speaker stands versus SVS

    I had the same dilema... SV sub or DIY. I chose DIY with a Tempest in a sealed sonotube. I am very happy. I agree with Stephen, the sealed will treat you right for your 65% music listening. Don't think you will lose out in movies though, she will pick you up and shake you. Matt
  26. Matt Tucker

    The **Show off your work** thread

    Just finished up my sealed sonosub with a Tempest. I now know that the picture above the couch resonates at 20Hz and the cabinet in the hallway gets going around 30Hz :) Matt
  27. Matt Tucker

    What designs for my tempests?

    I use a "pro" amp for driving my subwoofers. I have a Carvin DCM1000. It has 1/4" inputs as well as XLR, so I bought a rca to 1/4" adaptors. The input level conrtols on the Carvin are set about 40% up. Plenty left. If you don't have 1/4" inputs then the above suggestion sounds good of using the...
  28. Matt Tucker

    So much for my "wonderful" Hsu

    Dr. Hsu was at the San Diego Music and Audio Guild meeting last week and he mentioned that TN series subs now have a rubber surround. I know the white paper for the Shiva and Tempest say they used foam for best performance. Hopefully Hsu was able to keep the same performance when they switched...
  29. Matt Tucker

    LFE info goes to main speakers if set for no sub??

    Location, Location, Location. The bass is more punchy now, but when I went back to using the built-in crossover I also moved the subs to a corner opposite the sitting position. Too many variables to know if the change to the built-in crossover helped or just the sub location. I do have a...
  30. Matt Tucker

    LFE info goes to main speakers if set for no sub??

    I did go back to using the built-in bass management of the pre-amp/decoder. I agree that there is not much difference between 85HZ and 100HZ of same order crossovers, but between 12db/octave and 24db/octave slopes the difference is apple vs. orange. From the sound of the Marantz filter I would...