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  1. Dillon*G

    What's New Scooby Doo? Season 2 Announced!

    I will be getting this and the first season. I am so excited that shows like The Powerpuff Girls and this are starting to get released in season sets. There are so many shows that I want released that are starting to come out.
  2. Dillon*G

    Martin is coming!

    It comes out Tuesday. Anyone else getting it?
  3. Dillon*G

    Help, 16:9 material coming in 4:3

    I checked my dvd player and it was set to 4:3. I switched it and now it is coming through great. Thanks for the simple soultion to the problem. That should have been one of the first things I checked.
  4. Dillon*G

    Help, 16:9 material coming in 4:3

    I just got a new HDTV and whenever I watch a widescreen movie it shows up as 4:3. The HD channels comes in as 16:9 and they look great. Does anyone know what might be wrong?
  5. Dillon*G

    George Lopez: Season 1 and 2 finally on dvd!!

    According to George Lopez: Season 1 and 2 will arrive on dvd April 17. It will include the 4 episodes from season 1 and 24 from season 2. Special Features include "Inside the Comedic Mind" featurette and a gag reel. I have been awaiting this release for a while. Will...
  6. Dillon*G

    Consolidated thread: ABANDONED TV SERIES

    The 4th Season of 7th Heaven comes out March 27.
  7. Dillon*G

    Wow! Now Season 4 of 7th Heaven

    I am hoping to get the third season for Christmas. This is fantastic news.
  8. Dillon*G

    7th Heaven Season 3!

    Bumping to urge people to pick this up in hopes for more seasons.
  9. Dillon*G

    Shows You Hope Will Be Completed In 2007

    Only one season left of The Bill Cosby Show so I hope they will release that.
  10. Dillon*G

    Single-season wonders that deserve a DVD release

    One show I really want is Fastlane which I have been watching in reruns lately. I know there is probably music rights holding it up because there is tons of music in this series.
  11. Dillon*G

    Get Smart!

    Thanks to Chas for posting that coupon. It did indeed still work and I ordered my set for just shy of $170.
  12. Dillon*G

    Get Smart!

    Any active coupons for this because I didn't get around to ordering it before the others expired.
  13. Dillon*G

    Sony SXRD info and advice

    I didn't want to start a new thread so, does anyone think this is a good deal?:!1162861620259
  14. Dillon*G

    Ceiling Construction?

    I guess that it was they meant. I got confused when they said they wish they put wood floors down. Now it makes more sense.
  15. Dillon*G

    Ceiling Construction?

    Thanks for telling me about the wood floors. Either I read it wrong or the people didn't mind echoing.
  16. Dillon*G

    Ceiling Construction?

    Planning on drywalling. In the things I wish i'd done differently thread people said they would put down wood floors so i'm leaning toward that. Also, is there an ideal height that a room should be? And any suggestions on the walls would be helpful,too.
  17. Dillon*G

    Ceiling Construction?

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before but i'm thinking about building a new home theater system and I was wondering if how the ceiling was placed made a difference. For example, flat, diagonal, or other ways.
  18. Dillon*G

    Martin is coming!

    I was surprised when I saw the news yesterday. I will pick up the first season and hopefully they will release future seasons if it sells well enough.
  19. Dillon*G

    Weekly RoundUp 9-26-2006

    It is the first ten episodes of the first season. Hopefully if this release sells well they will release full seasons or just more episodes per release. EDIT- Tony beat me to it but i'll still leave my post. I will get this and the Munster movies along with Brotherhood:Season 1. Thanks...
  20. Dillon*G

    Smith non-going thread

    The name of the song is "Hide and Seek" by Imogean Heap. I enjoyed the pilot and will be watching this one every week.
  21. Dillon*G

    The Weird Al Show!!!

    Yesterday in the mail I received a replacement disc 3. I did not get any information confirming it was coming so it was a pleasant surprise. It has been about two weeks since I emailed them about it.
  22. Dillon*G

    The Weird Al Show!!!

    Thanks for posting.I sent them my address.
  23. Dillon*G

    Weekly RoundUp 8-29-2006

    YMMV: A great deal for anyone who hasn't got it, Target has The West Wing:Season 6 for $18.99.
  24. Dillon*G

    7th Heaven Season 3!

    I had already come to terms with never finishing the series. I am so excited this is being released.
  25. Dillon*G

    Weekly RoundUp 8-1-2006

    Just Blue Collar TV:Season 2 for me and an HD version of V whenever it may come out. Thank you for the prices Mike and Patrick.
  26. Dillon*G

    All This Sabrina Stuff... Any Chance Of The REAL Show next?

    This really isn't about the live action show but I was going to buy TAS until I found out that is was going to be a best-of.I hope if the live action show comes out that it will be in season sets.
  27. Dillon*G

    Weekly RoundUp 7-11-2006

    I want: -I Dream of Jeannie:Season 2 -Reno 911:Season 3 Thanks for the prices Mike and Patrick.
  28. Dillon*G

    Best Buy TV show sale

    Actually, i've seen those prices posted at other websites so there is a good chance it is right.Also, Best Buy might not have updated their site yet.
  29. Dillon*G

    Weekly RoundUp 7-4-2006

    Nothing new this week but will get some tv shows that are on sale. Thanks for the price.