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  1. Shelley Douglas

    Why so many different 'LOTR' editions being released?

    John W: More money sure, but all of us here have the benefit of a forum like this to inform us about all the different editions so we can make our choices up front, Joe and Jane who don't frequent these types of boards do not. All these versions are just going to confuse a lot of consumers...
  2. Shelley Douglas

    Just saw Moulin Rouge...

    I'm apparently on the "hate it" side. And I did see it in the theater. Thought it was just as described above, "ghastly." Then another writer hit the other emotion elicited by this film, "annoyance." So a friend talked me into believing that I must have just been in a bad frame of mind, and...
  3. Shelley Douglas

    Is Wal-Mart Scaling Back on DVD's?

    Not scaling back here. In fact, they have remodeled their entire section of the store to place it behind an airport security scanner (that's not really what it is, but that's what it looks like). There is a great deal more room dedicated to not only DVDs, but to video games and consoles and...
  4. Shelley Douglas

    HTF REVIEW: "Rat Race"

    Well, as usual, sometimes I enjoy a movie for myself, and sometimes I enjoy a movie for my grandsons. I enjoyed this movie thoroughly for my grandsons. They are 7 and 5. And they, and I, watched this in the theaters, and now on DVD, and we laugh till we have tears in our eyes every time. It is...
  5. Shelley Douglas

    Snow Dogs?! What the hell happened to Cuba Gooding's career?

    Well, it's a shame that Mark and others are too much of movie snobs apparently to watch a well-done "G" movie and enjoy it, but that's precisely what I, my husband, and my two boys, 5 and 7, did, and we DON'T have huskies. (But I'm sorry, Beethoven I did not enjoy.) And I assure you, these...
  6. Shelley Douglas

    Movie Endings you hate and why

    Ronin ....hands' down....stupidist ending for a movie ever... My DVD Collection
  7. Shelley Douglas

    I need recommendations for mushy tearjerkers

    Somewhere In Time Brian's Song Madame X (need a full box of tissue for this one):b