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  1. Michael_Q

    Toshiba 34HFX83 HD CRT for sale--$250

    I am selling my Toshiba 34HFX83. It is a wonderful TV, but I am moving and need to lighten my load a bit. Beautiful, vibrant picture you can only get with a CRT! I am located in Charlotte, NC.
  2. Michael_Q

    Academy Awards trivia question

    My dad posed this question to me (he doesn't know the answer either) and it's driving us nuts. What movie has the most Academy Award-winning actors in it? They could have won before the movie, after the movie, for that movie, it doesn't matter. The Godfather came to mind. Or maybe it's...
  3. Michael_Q

    New receiver choices

    Thanks for the input, everybody! I am going to go with the Panasonic.
  4. Michael_Q

    New receiver choices

    The Panasonic really looks good. Thanks for the feedback. I am currently using Cambridge Soundworks speakers that were originally part of a 5.1 computer setup. It's a small room, so they do the trick, but I will upgrade those at some point too. I am buying the receiver first because I don't...
  5. Michael_Q

    New receiver choices

    I am looking to buy a new receiver for my expanding HT setup. I don't know too much about receivers, so I am hoping to get some advice. I don't want to spend more than about $200 or so. Cheap? Yes, but I'm not the wealthiest member of the forum :) Here are a couple of options I am...
  6. Michael_Q

    Directors Quick Poll - Top 5 most anticipated upcoming 05 films

    1-Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith - I am a Star Wars freak, and the trailers look spectacular. 2-Kingdom of Heaven - Ridley Scott rarely disappoints, and I am ready for a great epic after some recent letdowns (Troy, I am looking in your direction). 3-Sin City - Need I say more...
  7. Michael_Q

    Directors edith head film tourney

    Sunset Blvd
  8. Michael_Q

    Directors edith head film tourney

    A Place in the Sun
  9. Michael_Q

    What's currently the most prized item/s in your DVD collection and why ?

    Raging Bull 2-disc SE, with a personalized autograph from Ms. Thelma Schoonmaker. I would sacrifice my family for this disc....OK, maybe not.
  10. Michael_Q

    Directors Most beautiful movie star/actress of all-time?

    Grace Kelly gets my vote.
  11. Michael_Q

    Directors Best Movie, actor and perfomance of all time?

    Mine change all the time, but at the moment... Movie: Lawrence of Arabia Actor: Denzel Washington Performance: Marlon Brando as The Godfather
  12. Michael_Q

    Porn titles derived from legitimate films

    We'd Like to Spank the Academy Not from a film title, but still funny!
  13. Michael_Q

    Porn titles derived from legitimate films

    Lord of the Shwings I saw this on the marquee at a theater in Seattle recently.
  14. Michael_Q

    *** Official THE AVIATOR Discussion Thread

    This was going to be Howard Hughes' glass. The senator knew of Hughes' germ-related fears and was trying to shake him up--when they are sitting down to eat, Hughes notices the fingerprint and is disturbed because the glass is unclean.
  15. Michael_Q

    2004 Academy Awards: Early predictions and discussion

    I think The Life Aquatic is dead in the water (pardon the lame joke). Reviews have not been too good so far, and I think some people are growing tired of Anderson's ultra-quirky, dry humor. I also think Sideways is a lock for a BP nomination, but The Aviator still has to be the favorite to...
  16. Michael_Q

    Mafia history on DVD?

    I was wondering if there are any good shows/series available about American mob history. I am particularly interested in the prohibition era and Chicago. I think the History Channel has done some good stuff in this area, but I'm just not sure about DVD availability. Anybody know?
  17. Michael_Q

    Pierce Brosnan out as Bond? (UPDATE: Daniel Craig confirmed)

    I really really hope they do something like this, with some good suspense and cloak and dagger elements. However, I seriously doubt it will happen given the current direction of the series. My hope is that the coming of a new Bond (Clive Owen is my favorite option by far) can bring about a...
  18. Michael_Q

    70mm Festival in Seattle

    I saw Lawrence of Arabia today. It was a really great experience! The theater was packed, the screen was BIG, and the print looked great for the most part.
  19. Michael_Q

    *** Official 2003 Academy Awards Discussion Thread

    Here are my two cents on the ceremony: I thought, overall, it was very boring and unfunny. Billy Crystal keeps doing the same exact bit every year, and I am not amused any more. OK, we get it! You're in the movie, but you weren't actually in the movie! Ha, ha. Move on. And the musical thing...
  20. Michael_Q

    My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance (renamed)

    I was amazed that nobody objected. I also thought Steve did an incredible job of turning the mood around after he dropped the news of his identity. Even after the family found out the wedding was a hoax, they weren't happy at all, but Steve put the necessary spin on it. What really struck...
  21. Michael_Q

    2004 SAG Awards

    You're not alone, friend.
  22. Michael_Q

    70mm Festival in Seattle

    Wow! Awesome news! I have been waiting for soooooo long to see a 70mm showing of Lawrence of Arabia. Thanks for the info.
  23. Michael_Q

    Where is Max?? (Around the Horn)

    I don't like Stat Boy, but Kellerman was unbearably obnoxious. I won't miss him. I'm sure Stat Boy is just filling in until they can hire someone else to do it full time.
  24. Michael_Q

    *** Official 2003 Academy Award Winner Prediction Thread

    Predicted winners in bold: Performance By An Actor In A Leading Role Johnny Depp - Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl Ben Kingsley - House Of Sand And Fog Jude Law - Cold Mountain Bill Murray - Lost In Translation Sean Penn - Mystic River Performance By An Actor In A...
  25. Michael_Q

    James Bond 20 DVD set

    Hahaha. I just checked out Kenny Goldin's member profile, and it appears he set his location to "BANNED" so it appears in his posts. He's not banned.
  26. Michael_Q

    Question about DVI

    Comcast does not have the DVI output activated on their HD boxes in most places. If you are not getting a picture through DVI, this is almost certainly why. There is no definitive answer yet as to when it will be active.
  27. Michael_Q

    Superbowl in HDTV around PDX, OR

    I bet that's what the airport is called. Just a guess.