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  1. PeteD

    ***Official CABIN FEVER Discussion Thread

    Saw it yesterday.. I liked it. Alot of it is pretty hysterical, intentionally I believe. "Why do you want to kill squirrels?" "Because they're gay!" ... "Naw I'm just kidding, I'd kill them if they were straight too." Classic...
  2. PeteD

    HTF REVIEW: "jackass the movie" (warning: adult orientated review) (with screenshots)

    I've watched the show since it came out. On opening night, I took 2 female friends who'd never seen Jackass. They actually cried, they laughed so hard. Actually, pretty sure I cried too. And I'd agree, make sure you watch ALL the end credits
  3. PeteD

    DTS Dropped From "Blue Crush"

    Missing my point.. But I'm not touching this debate with a ten foot speaker cable
  4. PeteD

    DTS Dropped From "Blue Crush"

    Damn! I just cancelled my pre order since canadian sites didn't list the DTS track I figured it was just dropped from our release. I have to say that I for one am depressed about this. I saw it in DTS at the theatre and as I've stated here before, it's an academy award worthy...
  5. PeteD

    Blue Crush DVD when? / Review

    It's Coming!!!!! January 14th 2003 and get this: DTS track MMMmmmmmm. Here are the specs according to: • 1 hr. 43 min. • Color • Closed Captioned • Widescreen/Letterboxed • In English • Dubbed in French, Spanish • Universal Studios...
  6. PeteD

    *** Official "JACKASS: THE MOVIE" Discussion Thread

    Saw it last night... In the first 30 seconds, I had tears streaming down my face... This is brainless and stupid -- The funniest film i've seen all year. All I can say is make sure you stay for after the end credits.. Oh man that's funny.
  7. PeteD

    *** Official "JACKASS: THE MOVIE" Discussion Thread

    I'm with you! I've been for this since last spring.. Unless you subscribe to MTV Canada, you can't get Jackass up here so I've arranged a field trip with all my "stupid little buddies" to go see it. They have no idea what they're in for. Bobbing for Jelly fish indeed. Can't wait.
  8. PeteD

    Questions about Twilight Zone, Tales from the crypt, Tales from the darkside

    Count me in for season by season release of Tales from the Darkside... I LOVED that show...
  9. PeteD

    Blue Crush DVD when? / Review

    OK, yes its got problems.. But it's based on a magazine article for crying out loud?! My girlfriend is a Hawaii nut and I’m a hot chick nut so we decided to give this one a try. Can you say: Win / Win? Story: Well, it's a tad shallow but here goes: local girl raises little sister after...
  10. PeteD

    Apollo 11: The NASA Mission Reports, Vol. 3 DVD

    Didn't seem to be mentioned, but IMHO the very best Apollo anything is: For All Mankind (Criterion). "Coming up on staging. And when staging hits, it's like -BAM!" Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it... Al Reinert went through the NASA cold storage archives and put together a...
  11. PeteD

    Beavis & Butt-Head, 9/24

    Cop: Hey, this is that de-alcoholized crap! You're not drunk, you're just stupid! Butt-head: Yeah, we're wasted. This made me giggle just typing it. I have all except maybe 1 of the VHS tapes they released.. They really work better IMHO without the videos.. Some of those just became a...
  12. PeteD

    Dogtown and Z-Boys (A seriously overlooked Gem)

    I've been trying to see this film for over a year! It played at a couple of local theatre's here in Toronto, but never could get my act together to see it.. Then I heard it was accepted to the Toronto Film Fest (or was it last year, the internet won't say). Luckely I was browsing HMV the...
  13. PeteD

    Brightness flicker on DVDs....

    I get something like this too, except its not related specifically to DVD. I find it really noticable during the scene in Empire (THX LD), when the walkers first start shooting at the rebels. In the top left corner of the screen where it's all white, I get this noticable snakey dark shadow...
  14. PeteD

    Judging acting ability only, who is the better actor, Russell Crowe or Kevin Spacey?

    Spacey by FAR... Swimming with Sharks Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Usual Suspects Sounds like a bit of range IMHO.
  15. PeteD

    Girl-friendly porn

    K, For the record: Bukkake. There. I said it. I feel better. It's been a while, but I think Michael Ninn might be on the safish -- almost arty side. Specifically "Latex". Now there could be nastyness that I've just blocked out, but I think its prolly OK. P.
  16. PeteD

    What is Juliette Lewis doing theese days?

    She was in Bruce Mcdonald's last film Picture Claire. It put me to sleep and to recall her doing a Montreal accent *shudder*. Even deep in the back mountains of Gatineau you wouldn't hear someone sound THAT bad.
  17. PeteD

    Hurt myself and damage my Legend case removing the security tag

    I remember taking one off a cd I purchased.. the silver bits on the back pryed away from the shell and sliced my hand open. They're VERY sharp! Ever since then I won't even attempt to remove them. Call it a conditioned response
  18. PeteD

    Star Wars Trilogy on laserdisc question (not covered in other threads)

    If I'm not mistaken, in addition to CAV/CLV difference I believe the Definitive box set also had commentary by Lucas over a number of chapters on the analog tracks. P
  19. PeteD

    Dark Blue World - I've finally seen it...

    BTW, did you watch it with the Czech language track or the English? If you listened to the Czech track, how do they handle the England location? Is it in English? Curious, Oh I can't wait to see this! P
  20. PeteD

    Dark Blue World - I've finally seen it...

    Man, thank you! I've been trying to see this film for over two years. I tried to get tickets to it at the Toronto Film Fest but I lost the lotto. A year before, a friend of mine showed me the trailer and I had to see this film. As soon as I read your post I sneaked out of work just...
  21. PeteD

    Image's MST3K: The Movie PCM Tracks?

    Alrighty.. My Denon reciever and Pioneer player say its DD2.0 I KNOW that my old Pioneer receiver said it was PCM, but since I don't have the unit anymore I can't for certain say that it wasn't a misconfiguration on my part. So, from this point on I guess I'll have to lean in the direction...
  22. PeteD


    I'll take your Indy's if they're still available.. Let me know via email: [email protected]
  23. PeteD

    Looking for a new reasonably priced receiver

    I hate these types of threads but this is really the best way to get a good non-tryin-to-sell-ya-somethin-boy-! opinion. Don't go too far out of your way, but wondering if anyone had any suggestions off the top of their heads: Video channel switching not my biggest concern.. Must haves...
  24. PeteD

    Commentary Tracks -- who listens?

    Usually I'll watch a movie, then watch it again immediatly after with the commentary. By far the worst commentary has to be that costume designer from Logan's Run. "We had this material upstairs, I cut a hole in it and voila it's a costume!" Repeated over and over again for 2 hours, talk...
  25. PeteD

    Image's MST3K: The Movie PCM Tracks?

    Sadly, most of my collection is boxed up as I'm in the last stages of getting ready to move. I'm fairly certain it's PCM, but willing to admit i'm mistaken. My old Pioneer definetly detected the stream as PCM. After i'm settled in I'll check it out...
  26. PeteD

    Image's MST3K: The Movie PCM Tracks?

    It is PCM. My Denon reciever says that it's decoding Dolby Pro Logic. It doesn't mention PCM, although it is decoding Dolby Pro Logic from the 2 channel PCM mix. My old Pioneer reciever said it was PCM. It is PCM. Even says on the keep case if I remember correctly.
  27. PeteD

    Has anybody seen the new Ministry Live dvd??

    Sorry, Yes it's mainly footage of the '96 tour.
  28. PeteD

    Has anybody seen the new Ministry Live dvd??

    Alrighty... This is a collection of their live stuff from various venues. In at least one instance I can think of they cut to a few different performances of the same song, but the soundtrack remains the same so it's only for show. According to spec's on the website it says the disc is...
  29. PeteD

    Has anybody seen the new Ministry Live dvd??

    I just came back from HMV where bought it. I'll watch a bit of it tonight and let you know! P.
  30. PeteD

    seeking the most interesting space or science DVD

    Here here For All Mankind. Best space disc IMHO! Most watched disc in my collection. P.