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  1. Dennis Castro

    Question: Novice to Blu-ray....

    I have noticed that some movies are crystal clear and others are grainy. Even within the same movie some scenes will be crystal clear and others grainy. Is this so to factors like the print of the film that wad used on the transfer? The type of film or the camera or lenses that was used during...
  2. Dennis Castro

    The ""24" Experience.

    I had always had the absurd Idea to watch an entire season on "24" in one sitting. So this weekend I decided to give it a shot. Now I'm sure that I'm far from the first person to do this. I did it with season one because I haven't seen it since it first aired. I started at the same hour of...
  3. Dennis Castro

    The Life and Times of Tim/Summer Heights High

    If there are already threads on these I have not been able to locate them. Is anyone watching these shows? Very funny stuff. Two of the best comedies on right now. I find my self laughing very hard very often watching these.
  4. Dennis Castro

    It's elementary, my dear Watson! Sacha Baron Cohen, Will Ferrell

    Holmes pic nabs Baron Cohen, Ferrell - Entertainment News, Los Angeles, Media - Variety This could be very interesting!!!
  5. Dennis Castro

    The Beast(La Bete)

    Um...... I'm very liberal and you have to go a long way to shock me. I have to say that this is the first time I've been rendered literally speechless after viewing a film. I actually feel like this is something that I shouldn't have been watching. This is a whole different trip than...
  6. Dennis Castro

    *** Official THERE WILL BE BLOOD Discussion Thread

    Couldn't find a discussion thread on this. Another fantastic performance from Daniell Day-Lewis. A relentlessly brutal film. Loved it!
  7. Dennis Castro

    The Departed sequel?????,...856616,00.html Scorsese and De Niro together again!
  8. Dennis Castro

    Martin Scorsese's "The Entitled" LOL!!!
  9. Dennis Castro

    CHiP 's The Movie

    Maybe this has been discussed already or perhaps this is already in the works. Considering the current trend with 70's remakes I think that this would be a good candidate. Cops Bad guys Fast motorcycles Fast cars Car chases Car crashes Hot california chicks Two studs (for the women)...
  10. Dennis Castro

    Need help with release dates....

    Where can I find the release dates for all the films that came out in 2003? Is there any such place?
  11. Dennis Castro

    I almost did it.....

    ....and part of me wishes that I did. While sitting in the theater waiting for Monster to start I noticed a mother with three children. One that could not have been more than 5 or 6, another that had to be about 8 or 9 maybe 10, and another that was probably around 12ish. I had the strongest...
  12. Dennis Castro

    Academy Award question

    When is the start and cut of date for films to be considered for this year's Academy Awards?
  13. Dennis Castro

    Help! What is the highest grossing film to never make #1 at the Box Office???

    Your help with this would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Dennis Castro

    FOX 'S World Series Coverage...

    Was horrible. They were constantly cutting to celebs in the stands. Then there was that stupid thing with the Sprint phones; they spent half their time talking to people on that. Meanwhile.... HELLO! THERE'S A BASEBALL GAME GOING ON AND IT JUST HAPPENS TO BE THE WROLD SERIES!!!! The worst of...
  15. Dennis Castro


    With Ben Stiller and Jack Black. What ever happened to this film? I saw trailers for it a couple of months ago. Now it seems to have disappeared. Has it been shelved?
  16. Dennis Castro

    Scarface opens !!!!!!

    I'm going to see Scarface tomorrow! I can't wait to see Tony Montana face down in a pile of cocaine on the big screen!
  17. Dennis Castro

    The Six Million Dollar Man Movie?

    With all the advances in science and technology and special effects, plus the current trend of updating old TV shows into movies, has there ever been any talk of a bringing The Bionic Man to the big screen? If not, what is the possibility that it could be done and done well.
  18. Dennis Castro


    I don't know if I'm in the right section or not for theses questions but here it goes. What is this region stuff and why is it done? I understand the concept of widescreen or letterbox. I am a little confused about the differences in the ratios. If a DVD says widescreen, am I always seeing...
  19. Dennis Castro

    Looking for some direction

    I am a budding movie buff. I have loved movies my whole life. It's only recently that I have discovered how much. I have found that I enjoy film on a different level than most of my friends. After I finish viewing a film I love to discuss the technical aspects and the script and how I might have...
  20. Dennis Castro

    The Outlaw Josey Wales

    This is my favorite film. I believe that I had read somewhere that it is on Scorsese's top ten list. I don't think this film gets the credit it deserves. It is one of Eastwoods best films. Just wondering what the consensus is about it around here.