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  1. David Singleton

    Any honeymoon recommendations?

    According to the forums (in the Ports of Call Subforum), they are open for two ships at a time and Carnival still lists them as a stop as of last week when I called to question them on that. That said, if we don't go, I'm sure I can think of something to do. David
  2. David Singleton

    Any honeymoon recommendations?

    I'm getting married on Saturday, Nov. 27. On Sunday, my wife and I (gotta get used to that) will be flying to Tampa to board the Carnival Miracle for a 7 night Western Caribbean cruise. We will stop at Cayman (open for two cruise ships at a time), Cozumel, Belize, and Costa Maya. I booked...
  3. David Singleton

    NFL Season 2004-2005 Thread

    There I went and shot my mouth off and not only did the Titans lose (not a big deal), Calico is hurt (that is a big deal). Eddie didn't do much. I can't see how he starts, or gets more carries, than Jones. Eddie's still great in pass protection, though. Hopefully, Calico will be...
  4. David Singleton

    NFL Season 2004-2005 Thread

    Jed, Jed, Jed. You know you want to watch the Titans and 'Boys tonight. Surely you can't pass up the opportunity to see poor, 40-year old, Vinny get pummelled by some blitzing LB. ...or see Eddie have a 2.8 yards per carry average with Bulluck and co. smacking him everytime he...
  5. David Singleton

    NFL Season 2004-2005 Thread

    If the Titan's have a balanced offense with Brown, then I think they live through McNair's injuries. Volek would start for several teams and the entire team is very comfortable with Volek behind center. McNair is special in that he can win without a great running game, but I'm not so sure with...
  6. David Singleton

    NFL Season 2004-2005 Thread

    What's everyone thinking about the AFC South this year? The Colts are the Colts- great offense and an average defense. Manning is such a fantastic quarterback and chessmaster. Dungy is one of the best, and classiest, coaches in the league. Their secondary is just too weak. The new...
  7. David Singleton

    Movie primer list - Westerns

    Just to add a couple, or three, movies to this list to include one of my favorite actors in a Western- Sam Elliot. I love Elliot in The Sacketts, The Shadow Riders, and The Quick and the Dead. Now, most if not all of those movies were made for TV, but I felt compelled to include Sam. I...
  8. David Singleton

    2004 NHL Playoffs: Round 1

    Not bad. I got three of the four conference final participants correct (last post on page 1 of this thread). To this point, I only missed the Colorado defeat of Dallas in the Western Conference. In the Eastern Conference, the only pick I got right was Tampa. Good luck to all four teams...
  9. David Singleton

    2004 NHL Playoffs: Round 1

    Let me second how great hockey is in HD. Having watched the Super Bowl in HD this past year and several hockey games, hockey gains a huge edge with HD over SD. Due to the size of the puck, and the ability to see more ice on the screen, and the feeling of "closeness" to the game, hockey in HD is...
  10. David Singleton

    2004 NHL Playoffs: Round 1

    I agree Prentice, they played their way into the playoffs. Their playoff clincher in Nashville was one of the most fun games I've ever attended. Their were probably 1 to 2 thousand Blues fans that apparently road several buses to be at the game. The dueling chants were great. My only...
  11. David Singleton

    2004 NHL Playoffs: Round 1

    I always love to watch the banter between fans of two teams during a playoff series (of any sport, really). I always ask the question of whether the person in question actually knows anything about both teams in the series, or takes other factors (like a rivalry) into account that might impact...
  12. David Singleton

    ANyone else besides ATL having Superbowl HD problems?

    Here in Nashville, WTVF's broadcast was really pretty good. There was an occasional audio dropout, and maybe pixellation once or twice, but it was very good otherwise. When I first saw the new commercial for that car that out ran the speed of sound, and not paying that much attention, I...
  13. David Singleton

    ER 10/23/03

    I actually thought this one of the better episodes in a while. The whole episode just had a great vibe going for it. It's one of the few episodes, storywise, that you could have swapped Mark Greene with Pratt, Ross with Coop, and Carol with Abby and then had an old episode stylisticly. You...
  14. David Singleton

    So how many celebrities live near YOU?

    ... and Nashville probably doesn't count either. It's not uncommon at all to go to a local restaurant (and I don't just mean Ruth's Chris, or something else in that price range, I'm talking mom and pop places) and people like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill along with their Kato (Kenny Chesney ;-))...
  15. David Singleton

    Reviving the Drive-In

    I'm very proud of the drive-in just west of my hometown in Waverly, TN. Built in 1967, the drive-in is so well maintained that it looks brand new. Here is link via David
  16. David Singleton

    Peacekeepers on USA

    D'oh! Having just watched the second show, I realize the show is titled "Peacemakers." Woops. It also has a Wild, Wild West feel to it as well. David
  17. David Singleton

    Peacekeepers on USA

    Absolutely. I have Trimark's Shadow Riders disk and just picked up The Quick and the Dead with Sam Elliot (not the Sharon Stone and Gene Hackman movie). I just wish The Sacketts and Conagher would both come out. I agree Jason. I thought it did work well enough as a period mystery, at least...
  18. David Singleton

    Peacekeepers on USA

    Has anyone caught the pilot episode of Peacekeepers on the USA network? If not, you couldn't have watched USA for at least the past week. While very much a copycat of CSI, the western genre has always had a special charm for me. The pilot episode had a fair story and Berenger makes for a...
  19. David Singleton

    Any chance of the TNT movie "Rough Riders" coming to dvd??...

    There is one other TNT movie on disc that I'd love to see: Purgatory. Great western. David
  20. David Singleton

    Name a show (that lasted less than one season) you wished was not cancelled?...

    OK, don't laugh too hard. Anyone remember "Outlaws" in 1986? It starred Rod Taylor and Richard Roundtree (among others). I loved that show. David
  21. David Singleton

    Jag, 4/22

    Gentlemen, I appreciate the info. I should be prepared for next weeks episode. Thanks, David
  22. David Singleton

    Jag, 4/22

    Ladies and gentlemen, I need help. I was only able to catch the last few minutes of the episode to see that Harm was charged with the murder of Lt. Singer (?). Can someone fill me in on the details prior to next week's episode? Thanks, David
  23. David Singleton

    Er - 4/3/03

    Will, I think you are correct that this will lead to Carter's departure. What I meant with my statement regarding Romano's departure was that he would continue his downward spiral and force his firing- in a "real world" situation. That said, I think the writers will try to throw the audience a...
  24. David Singleton

    Er - 4/3/03

    For those of us who love Romano (and there are many), there were a lot of "I can't believe he just said that" moments. The AC/DC riff and fight were the perfect end to his perfect day. Gallant's retort was indeed priceless. It was funny how Jerry immediately tried to suck up to Romano...
  25. David Singleton

    Jag And The Sentinel Paramount Poll Page

    I would love season sets of J.A.G. at a reasonable price point ($50-$60). Given J.A.G.'s change from NBC to CBS and focus change as far as the ensemble cast is concerned, there could be some interesting extras with these sets. Since the show incorporates current events into the show, extras...
  26. David Singleton

    Roger Rabbit Vista Series review up.............

    Just for reference, here is a link to the censored items: Censored Items David
  27. David Singleton

    Er 11/21/02

    This morning as I was showering for work, I had an epiphany concerning this show. As an aside, the shower is a wonderful place for epiphanies. It dawned on me that the writers have turned Luka into Dr. Ross dialed to "11" in regards to his womanizing. Initially, Luka was a very sympathetic...
  28. David Singleton

    Beauty and the Beast, no shrink wrap for the cardboard cover box!!

    Bought mine from Circuit City. I had them remove their security sticker (very strong adhesive) before I bought it. David
  29. David Singleton

    Movies with Woman superheroes...

    How's about Princess Mononoke? I can't recall anything objectionable in that, but I typically have a bad memory. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. David
  30. David Singleton

    Learning to cook....

    Ron, I can't stress enough the importance of good knives. Yes, they are extremely sharp and must be handled with care. That said, you are more likely to injure yourself with a dull knife when you put too much pressure in cutting a slippery vegetable to compensate for the knife's dullness. A...