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  1. Scott_F_S

    Fame, the TV series

    As far as I can tell, S2 has never been released in a separate set. Fame S1, released by Sony in 2005, has been discontinued. Fox released a set combining S1 and S2 on Sept. 15, but that's the only one. That's according to and Wikipedia.
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    Guest actors who became key characters in a series

    Most all of the examples being mentioned are people going from being recurring actors to regulars, mostly as a matter of contract terms or necessity to fill a gap. My intent with the original post was to think of a guest star who had such an impact in a guest role that the producers were...
  3. Scott_F_S

    Guest actors who became key characters in a series

    If I recall correctly, Maude was introduced to All in the Family specifically to spin her off.
  4. Scott_F_S

    Actors Who Quit a Show/Appear and Disaappear

    That reminds me of the awful CGI the Sopranos used to superimpose archive clips of Nancy Marchand's head on a body double after the actress had died. It was creepy.
  5. Scott_F_S

    Guest actors who became key characters in a series

    I got to thinking about this while going through the thread on actors/characters who vanished without trace from a TV series. This is the opposite. Let's talk about actors who appeared in a series initially as a one-shot guest appearance but were so memorable, they were eventually added as a key...
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    Actors Who Quit a Show/Appear and Disaappear

    That practice has pretty much disappeared. Most times now, the writers at least try to resolve a character's departure with a spoken line in passing. But Boston Legal was notorious for having characters disappear with no explanation. I recall that in the second season, two new characters were...
  7. Scott_F_S

    Actors Who Quit a Show/Appear and Disaappear

    She also filmed a few scenes for the pilot of "Firefly" before Joss Whedon decided he didn't like her and replaced her with Morena Baccarin, reshooting that character's scenes.
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    90210-Target Exclusive Disc

    Shipping screwup on Paramount's part:
  9. Scott_F_S

    Larry Sanders: Season Two?

    It's not out of the question.
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    Is "The Wonder Years" that much of a risk?

    You don't know how music clearances work, do you?
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    Larry Sanders: Season Two?

    I do specifically remember that Shandling himself blocked further season-set releases of Larry Sanders. That's not to say that S1 sold well enough for Sony to want to continue. It may not have. But Shandling did say publicly that he had no interest in releasing season sets after S1.
  12. Scott_F_S

    Is a show Public Domain?

    In 100% of cases, bootlegs are illegal -- by definition. If it's not illegal, it's not a bootleg.
  13. Scott_F_S

    St. Elsewhere?

    I know what DVD 18s are. But you need to site a source on your other statement because as far as I know, they are not edited/altered.
  14. Scott_F_S

    St. Elsewhere?

    What are you talking about?
  15. Scott_F_S

    I Dream of Jeannie: Inconsistencies Discovered, History Gone Wild

    The inconsistencies and continuity problems take up a pretty big section in the article about the show at Also: In most episodes, Eden wears her revealing "Jeannie" costume. Censors allowed her to be depicted living in a house with an unmarried man (it was made plain that she...
  16. Scott_F_S

    TV Shows 2-Pack Double Season Sets

    I've also seen King of the Hill S1/S2, as well as a package of The Unit S1 with another show I was unfamiliar with.
  17. Scott_F_S

    Any Word On St. Elsewhere Season 2?

    I wouldn't hold my breath. It appears to be an abandonment.
  18. Scott_F_S

    Completed Series?

    Completed: Buffy Angel Firefly Alias La Femme Nikita West Wing Oz Profit Veronica Mars All released sets: Nip/Tuck The Shield St. Elsewhere Heroes
  19. Scott_F_S

    Most memorable TV series episode

    Back to "The Body," from BtVS: If I had to pick just one episode as the most memorable of any I've ever seen, that one is it. I'll never, ever forget that one. That one cut to the bone.
  20. Scott_F_S

    Hopefully some insight to this Split-Season DVD set argument

    You're assuming, of course, that the studios dictate what the retail stores are going to put on their shelves. I don't think it works that way.
  21. Scott_F_S

    DVD's Overpriced?

    We want our favorite TV shows on DVD. And we want them with sparkling new transfers from the original masters no matter how much it costs. And we want the original music no matter how much clearance rights cost. And we want commentaries and documentaries and other special features. And put it in...
  22. Scott_F_S

    Classic "Home Run Derby" series coming to DVD

    This was back in the day when the extra cash from doing stuff like this helped the ballplayers pay some of the bills back home.
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    A thought for how to re-release TV shows with original music and OAR

    The issue is not with artists or songwriters but with the holder of the publishing rights, who may not be the artist or the songwriter. The most famous case was when Michael Jackson owned the Lennon-McCartney catalog, and McCartney had to pay Jackson for the right to even perform his songs on...
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    The.Best.Ever Artie (Rip Torn), The Larry Sanders Show (You'll have to forgive Hank. His heart's in the right place but he keeps his brain in a box at home.)
  25. Scott_F_S

    Larry Sanders Season 1 - Again?

    The transfers on that first-season set were horrible.