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  1. Jonathan

    FS: Nintendo Wii

    I am selling my Wii that I have had about a year. It has been used only by adults and is in excellent condition. I have the original box and manuals. I am including 4 Wii remotes w/ silicon sleeves, 2 classic remotes, 2 nunchuks and 21 games. The disc based games are Zelda: Twilight Princess...
  2. Jonathan

    Opinions on Toast

    Is Toast the best program to burn DVDs on a Mac? Do you guys recommend another program? Thanks
  3. Jonathan

    What do you guys think about Time Capsule?

    I can get a 500g Time Capsule from Amazon for $280. What do you guys think about it and is it worth the money? Thanks
  4. Jonathan

    Discount on .mac account with new purchase?

    I was under the impression that I could get a .mac account for $70 instead of $100 since I purchased my first Mac. The only thing I see is a 60 day trial which I am doing, but I would purchase a full membership now if I could get it for $70. Is that an old promotion that Apple is doing anymore...
  5. Jonathan

    FS: Denon AVR-887

    I am selling a Denon AVR-887 that I purchased just over a year ago. It is in perfect condition with only adult use. I am asking $300 shipped. PM me with any questions. Here is the spec page on it. Denon USA |
  6. Jonathan

    FS: Denon AVR-887 Receiver

    I am selling my Denon 887 that I purchased back in Feb. I have the box and all of paperwork that it came with. I am asking $450 shipped to anywhere in the 48.
  7. Jonathan

    FS: XBox 360 Elite w/ extended warranty

    I am selling my 360 Elite that I purchased 3 months ago. I purchased the extended warranty from Microsoft when I got the system so it is covered for 5 years from Microsoft. The system includes: 360 Elite system w/ HDMI port 120gig HD Black 360 controller w/ rechargeable battery Plug and...
  8. Jonathan

    FS: SVS 20-39 PCi Subwoofer

    I am selling a SVS 20-39 PCi subwoofer that I purchased in Dec '02. The sub is in perfect condition and still works great. I have all of the paperwork that it came with, but I do not have the original box. Because of that I am looking to sell it locally. I am willing to ship it if you want to...
  9. Jonathan

    FS: Xbox 360 Prem w/ Gears of War

    I am selling my 360 which is only a month old. I have the original box and all of the paperwork that came with it. I am including an extra controller and Gears of War. I am also including 2 plug and play cables along with 2 Xbox 360 rechargeable battery packs. I am only asking $325 shipped.
  10. Jonathan

    FS: HD-A1 HD DVD Player w/ 5 free movies

    I just purchased a HD-A2 and no longer need the A1. I updated the A1 to the latest firmware that posted today. I have the original box and manual that it came with. I will include the UPC from my A2 plus a copy of the receipt so that you can send in for the 5 free movies. I am asking for $225...
  11. Jonathan

    FS: Onkyo TX-SR800 Receiver

    I am selling my Onkyo TX-SR800 for $250 plus shipping. This includes the manual and original remote. The receiver is in great condition and has no cosmetic issues. PayPal is preferred.
  12. Jonathan

    FS: Denon DVD-2200

    I have all of the original materials that came with the player. This includes the manual, remote, cables and the original box. Player is in excellent condition. No scratches or dents. I am asking for $250. That also includes shipping. If you have any questions please let me know.
  13. Jonathan

    FS: XBOX Wireless Adapter

    I am selling my original XBOX wireless adapter which will also work with the new 360. Includes ethernet cable it came with. 40 bucks shipped.
  14. Jonathan

    FS: Xbox wireless adapter

    I am asking $50 bucks for a XBOX wireless adapter. I have all of the original cables, along with the box. PayPal prefered.
  15. Jonathan

    Brad Paisley: Mud On The Lens DVD

    This DVD is a Best Buy exclusive that came out today. I want to get it if it has all of his music videos on it. But the DVD info on the back is very vague in what is actually on the DVD. Has anyone else purchased this DVD? And if so could you confirm what is actually on the DVD. Thanks.
  16. Jonathan

    Just got Hitachi 57S500. Few Questions.

    I just bought this TV tonight to replace by broken Mitsubishi. I used my Video Essentials disc to "calibrate" the picture. I plan on having Gregg down later this year to have it professionally calibrated. Is there any settings or recommmendations to change on this TV. Thanks in advance.
  17. Jonathan

    HELP!! My Mits 55" has went nuts!

    My TV was working fine Friday night. I get up Saturday morning and it is still working fine. I go outside for about 10 minutes then come back inside. To my surprise my TV picture has went totally out of wack. It looks like the blue cannon is out of alignment. I tried auto converging and then...
  18. Jonathan

    Question about PQ for A Walk in the Clouds.

    I was wondering if anyone had compared the pq of the old dual layered widescreen only disc with the new single layer widescreen/p&s disc. I would think that the quality would have to suffer, but I wanted to get your opinion on it before I bought the new DVD. Thanks in advance.
  19. Jonathan

    Is Super Mario Brothers DVD 16x9?

    Just picked this up at Best Buy for $5.99. It says widescreen on the back, but doesn't say if it 16x9. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  20. Jonathan

    FS: Zenith HD-SAT520

    Just bought this a couple of months ago. I have everything that came with it excluding the box. It fell victim to the my wife. I am asking $400, but that is negotiable. If you have any questions please let me know.
  21. Jonathan

    FS: Sony RM-AV2100

    Has this about a year and still works great. I still have the code book and instruction manual. Asking $50, but will negotiate.
  22. Jonathan

    Whites on my TV look "blown out"

    I have had my Mits 55805 for a while now. Just recently I have started to experience a problem with my picture. Anything white is almost glowing and there is a blue tint around the white. I have tried adjusting my contrast, along with other adjustments, but with no luck. Any help or opinions on...
  23. Jonathan

    Are the HD PPV on Direct TV in OAR?

    Just got HD Direct TV hooked up and thought about ordering a HD PPV movie. I know that HBO usually doesn't show scope films in OAR, but I didn't know if the same went for HD PPV. Thanks in advance!
  24. Jonathan

    FS: PS2 w/ game and access

    I am selling my PS2 for $175.00. This includes GTA: Vice City, 2 controllers, memory card, Monster Cable component video hook-up for PS2, & the regular video cables. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Jonathan
  25. Jonathan

    FS: Yamaha HTR-5490

    Bought this a little over a year ago. It's in pristine condition. Still have all manuals and of course the remote. Only thing I don't have is the box. Asking $300.00, but will listen to other offers. Please e-mail me with any questions.
  26. Jonathan

    Placement of 2 center surround speakers

    Just bought the Onkyo TXSR800 Friday from work. I had a 6.1 receiver before, which was running with one center surround speaker. The Onkyo says THX recoomends 2 center surround speakers. My question is placement. Right now my center surround is centered between my 2 regular surrounds. Do I...
  27. Jonathan

    Is the SVS 20-39PCi sheilded?

    Just got this from UPS this morning. Damn this thing is huge! The way my room is set up the sub is going to have to sit close to the tv. I've read through the owners manual and can't find out one way or the other. Thanks in advance for the help.
  28. Jonathan

    How long is turnaround when you order a sub from SVS?

    I ordered my sub today, a 20-39PCi, at around 3:00pm. How long does it usually take for SVS to ship them out? I would love to get my sub by Christmas, but it's probally not going to happen. Damn paycheck came late. Thanks in advance!
  29. Jonathan

    Anybody picked up the Zenith HDV420?

    My local channels have finally all went HD and I really want to get a HDTV tuner. I can't find any reviews on the receiver. With my employee discount I can get one for about $250.00. Is it a good decoder or should I spend more money on a different brand. Thanks in advance!
  30. Jonathan

    Regular price on SVS 20-39PCi?

    Anybody know what the regular price is on this sub? I really want to order one before they go off sale, but money is really tight. If the price difference is significent I might go ahead and order it. If it's just 50 bucks or less I will probably wait. FYI the current price is $549. Thanks in...