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  1. lancer1558

    Jumpers for bi-wire capable speakers

    Chu, thanks for your response. All wiring has an insulated jacket. Would you use spade or banana connections? Thanks, Gary
  2. lancer1558

    Jumpers for bi-wire capable speakers

    We have a pair of JBL 30 speakers and would like to replace the shorting bars jumpers from the upper and lower binding posts with 14 gauge speaker wire. 14 gauge speaker wire is currently running from the amp to the speakers. My question is: do you twist together the speaker wire with the...
  3. lancer1558

    Composite Coax To Connect Sub

    After reviewing a number of posts, shielded coax (composite) cables can be used for RCA audio connections. Are the shielded coax 75 ohm cables superior in performance to the red and white 50 ohm RCA cables? If so, shielded coax (composite) cables are a good option to red and white RCAs...
  4. lancer1558

    Help with Video Connections

    I just purchased an Onkyo Tx-SR504 receiver, an Onkyo DVD DVSP404 and an Onkyo DS-A2 iPOD Dock and need help with the video connections. I have a sufficient number of Composite and Component Video Cables to do the connection either way. I want to use OSD (on screen display) for the receiver...
  5. lancer1558

    Speaker Wire

    Andrew, great articles on wiring. The one that catches my interest is the artice entitled "A Practical Realist" by Brian Florian. Basically, he states: He used in-wall Ultralink CL414 cable 14 gauge 4 condutor wire that he purchased it for 75 cents a foot. I am doing a quick check for in-wall...
  6. lancer1558

    receivers with ipod compatability

    Bob, can you share with us where you bought this item? Thanks, Gary
  7. lancer1558

    10 Must Have DVDs for Your Library

    What are your top 10 DVDs in your library? DVDs that you would purchase if your entire library was lost for some reason. Thanks, Gary