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  1. Jeff Williams

    FS: Hipix DTV-200 HD PC Tuner

    I am selling a Hipix card with all of the original accessories included, even the batteries. It was used for about 8 months and is in great condition. For reference, check out my feedback on eBay. Asking price is $300. Shipping will be via the USPS. The exact amount will be determined by the...
  2. Jeff Williams

    Aerosmith Coming To DVD-Audio

    Direct from MTV News - June 19, 2002
  3. Jeff Williams

    Looking For Reviews Of Digital Theaters In New York City Area

    Well with Star Wars EPII being released in DLP theaters, I have to go and see it there. I'm looking for opinions of either of the two theaters in NYC or the one in Edgewater, NJ. I'm hoping that someone has been to at least one of them. I would also like to know about the seating and sound. It...
  4. Jeff Williams

    My CD and DVD Roms won't recognize CDs!

    This just came out of nowhere. I'm running XP and have a Toshiba DVD-ROM and a Philips CDRW. Two days ago they both stopped reading CD-ROMs, CDRs, and CDRWs. I have no idea why. The DVD-ROM will play DVDs still. I'm confused. Normally fixing a computer problem is easy, but this one is an unusual...
  5. Jeff Williams

    Just Bought A Lightsaber!!

    Just bought a replica of Luke Sky Walker's Lightsaber from Return of the Jedi. It's as close to the real thing as you can get. It's from a company called Master Replica. These are being produced with George's permission, so they are real. I found it right on the homepage. Only 2500...
  6. Jeff Williams

    Was Aerosmith "Rocks" SACD ever released?

    I found someone selling a copy of this SACD, but I don't think it was ever released. It's probably a case of the seller not knowing what they have. Can anyone help me here? Jeff
  7. Jeff Williams

    Are Tyan motherboards any good?

    I am in the process of finding a new board and would like to have dual processors. I am also sticking with AMD so that limits my choices to Tyan and Asus. I have an Asus now and it is great, but how about Tyan. Are they reliable? I have heard good and bad about them, but that's to be expected...
  8. Jeff Williams

    Onkyo 797 And 898 Now Up On Crutchfield. Here's The Specs

    Onkyo TX-DS797 Key Features: -100 watts x 6 into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.08% THD -THX Select -THX Surround EX -DTS-ES, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II decoding -DTS Neo:6 modes -192kHz/24-bit DACs -Digital upsampling -Backlit, learning/multibrand remote with macros -Digital...
  9. Jeff Williams

    What Options With Dual 5.1 Inputs?

    I have DVD-Audio and want Multichannel SACD but only have one 5.1 input on my receiver. Is there anything out there that could accept dual 5.1 inputs other than the Denon 5800? Or may is there some kind of switch that I could plug both into and have only one coming out? I know that there has to...
  10. Jeff Williams

    LFE Cable or Speaker Wire For 30 Foot Run

    I'm thinking of making the jump to SVS after all the great things said about them here, but here is my question. Should I run the LFE cable 30 feet from the receiver back to the amp or the speaker wire 30 feet from the amp back to the subs? Which option will give me the purist signal? Put aside...
  11. Jeff Williams

    A.I. Soundtrack Will Be On DVD-A!

    I was just out looking for new DVD-A titles and I bumped into the AI soundtrack at DVD Empire. I haven't heard anything about this. Is it for real? Anyone confirm or deny it? Jeff ------------------ And yes, DVD-Audio does sound better.