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  1. JayM

    Has anyone every heard or built these speakers? Straight 8's?

    i tried to do a search but it wouldn't let me search for the term '8' Can you guys tell me what you think of this DIY kit? I am looking to jump into the DIY speaker realm and I am looking for a good kit start with. I like the Adire...
  2. JayM

    Thinking of selling everything, take a look and help me out.

    This was removed from the hardware for sale forum, so i really don't know where else to post it. So I will try here I guess Ok, I am graduating from College in December and instead of moving everything, I am thinking about just selling everything off and starting from scratch. But I need to...
  3. JayM

    Sony XBR owners, I have a question for you

    Hey I have the 36XBR400 and when it does the 16:9 squeeze the black bars on top and bottom are huge. Like 3 inches, is this normal? Is there away to adjust it so I use more of my screen? The strange thing is this. I don't remember the bars being that big until I got my sony 9000es DVD player...
  4. JayM

    Bi-Amping, need some amps recommendations

    Ok, I have PSB 5T's as my mains and I want to bi-amp them. This is what I know so far. I have to disable the internal cross-over in my PSB's. I run a cable from the pre outs of my 777es and run in to an active crossover. The x-over will split into high and low signals, I then run each...
  5. JayM

    F/T or F/S Hannibal,Musketeer,Seven, Three Kings, Silence of the Lambs LD and Young G

    I have the following for sale or trade: DVD Three Kings $12 Hannibal $15 Musketeer $13 Seven $10 LD Young Guns $7 Silence of the Lambs $7 Want them all? Make me an offer, want to trade, do the same, make any offer.
  6. JayM

    Sony DVP-S9000ES Owners Help me out, will ya?

    Can you tell me your opinion about this player now that you have owned it for a while? Has the chroma bug been that big of a flaw? I am going to buy this player I am pretty sure and want to know what people who have own it think about it. Thanks
  7. JayM

    Best DVD Player for around $500????

    I am looking to upgrade and was wondering about opinions. What do you think is the best bang for your buck DVD player for around $500. Let me know what you think
  8. JayM

    Does Bi-wiring your speakers make a big difference

    I have the PSB Image line (5t's for mains) Would it better to bi-wire these, and if so, how do I do it?
  9. JayM

    Sony DVP-S9000ES, Should I buy it for $1000?

    Can you guys give me some opinions on this Progressive Scan/SACD player? And some recommendations what PS player to buy. Thank
  10. JayM

    Cross Over Questions for the SVS Guys, and anyone else who can help

    Ok here is my system: Sony STR-DA777ES JVC DVD-723GD Progressive Scan DVD Player Pioneer LD Player Sony 36XBR400 PSB Image 5t's, 2b's, and 9c SVS 16-46cs powered by a kenwood amp Here is my question. My receiver has a lot of options when it comes to bass management. Should I set my...
  11. JayM

    Sony 36XBR400 Problems, help!

    Two problems and one question. 1. Yellow Discoloration in the corners 2. While in in letter box, the bottom black bar curves up slightly. Question: Can you set the squeeze alway on in the service manual, so i don't have to change it ever time i watch a DVD in progressive mode. If you have...
  12. JayM

    Can this be done????

    Ok, I have a Sony 36xbr400 (thinking about trying to exchange for the newer 450 model, but that is another story) I just got a progressive scan Dvd player. I learned that the sony doesn't do the auto squeez with a 480 progressive signal. I have to change it in the the menu every time i want...
  13. JayM

    FS: Panasonic DVD-RV65 Player

    I have one of these great players for sale. I watch maybe 5-10 movies on it, less than 1 month old. Have everything, box, remote, manual. Everything. I am looking for $215 OBO plus shipping. MSRP $349.95 Email me if interested Email Me here are some of the features: Digital Cinema...
  14. JayM

    FS: JVC XV-D723GD Progressive Scan DVD Player

    I have this sweet progressive scan dvd player with dvd audio for sale. Only one month old. I have box, manual,remote, etc. I am looking for $250 + shipping. (MSRP $899.95) Email me if interested or have any questions. Email Me Here are some of the features: Compatible with DVD...