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    Netflix The Boys in the Band (2020)

    Does Blue Ray have crawl?
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    Your Top three western series

    Maverick The Rifleman Gunsmoke ---------------------- your turn :)
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    Mary Tyler Moore and Her Spin-Offs

    So sad. She was the best! God speed and thanks for everything!
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    2020 At The Boxoffice

    I don't mind. Just so everyone is safe. Can move when the pandemic ends.
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    Movies & Cinema during the Pandemic? Catch-all Discussion

    Shouldn't be open really. We can binge-watch at home. I think that's a little sacrifice that would benefit tenfolds.
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    Early Delivery Time from Whole Foods?

    Maybe due to limited manpower that is why there is delayed in delivery. First in - first out policy applies here. Most companies are observing health and safety protocols and it's the reason why they are not in full force.
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    How are you dealing with life now with the Covid-19 virus situation?

    Stay active. Make sure to get enough sleep and rest. Stay hydrated and avoid excessive amounts of caffeine or alcohol. Eat healthy foods when possible.
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    Is it time to talk about coronavirus?

    So many lives are wasted because of this pandemic disease. Praying this will end soon.
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    RIP - Kenny Rogers

    So sad. THROUGH THE YEARS, your memory lives on.
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    It's time for an Apocalypse

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    Last (Hopefully Not Ever) Film You Saw In A Theater.

    Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
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    What are you listening to right now?

    City of Angels soundtrack