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  1. Tom Logan

    Remote Replacement for Denon AVR E400?

    One button (volume down) on my Denon AVR E400 is now only intermittently responsive. So I'm looking at replacements. As I google trying to replace the remote, I see some on eBay and elsewhere but they look like generic, other-manufacturer replacement remotes, not identical to the original My...
  2. Tom Logan

    Star Wars The Force Awakens: Bay Area CA/Sacramento Theater Recommendations?

    Being a home theatre enthusiast puts one out of step with the latest/greatest in commercial movie theaters. So: I ask you, you experienced and up-to-date movie theater goers in the Bay Area (SF-Oakland-San Jose & extending to the Sacramento area, if need be), what theater in that region will...
  3. Tom Logan

    Tequila Sunrise: Last 20 Minutes in SD?

    (Some spoilers may follow.) Watching the BD of Tequila Sunrise for the first time, I noticed that at the 1:36:40 mark (Russell & J.T. Walsh in the harbor office) the picture goes noticeably softer, almost out-of-focus blurry. (It may be that the problem starts in the previous scene--with...
  4. Tom Logan

    TCM: Finally in Real HD?

    Turner Classic Movies has been upconverted to HD as long as I've had it on my HD system. Now I think it's changed to true, non-upconverted HD, but I'd like to get some confirmation. (Google yielded nothing, and found nothing at the TCM site.) What I'm seeing (JVC RS-1 on 122" screen)...
  5. Tom Logan

    Twin Peaks & Fire Walk With Me Coming to Blu-ray July 29

    No pre-order up at Amazon yet, but here's the Entertainment Weekly blog post. The headline for me: 90 minutes of deleted scenes from Fire Walk With Me. Motherlode!
  6. Tom Logan

    Vudu Aspect Ratio Question

    New Vudu customer here, and so far I've been pleased that the films I've rented have been in OAR... ...Until last night, when I tried to watch The Year of Living Dangerously. The credits were in the correct ratio of 2.35, but after credits the image shifted to 1.85. :( My questions: Is there...
  7. Tom Logan

    Upcoming DVD release into: the definitive site?

    Greetings, I'm looking for the best websites listing upcoming DVDs and release dates. Thanks for any help! - Tom
  8. Tom Logan

    Pioneer Elite 730HD @ vs. Sony KP65Wv600

    The Pioneer 64" Pro 730HD is floor demo (all warranties and return policies still valid) at a mid-end HT store, selling for $4500. It hasn't been on the floor more than 4 mos, and almost always with widescreen images (no sidebars). The Sony 65" KP65WV600 is brand new in the box, same store...
  9. Tom Logan

    RPTV - With or without integrated HD tuner?

    Is it worth the extra $ to buy the RPTV with an integrated HD tuner rather than without? At the moment I don't have any HD signal capability, but if the DirectTV HDnet Movie thing proves true once I have my HT set up, I might eventually go that way, which means (I think) that I'd need an the...
  10. Tom Logan

    Letterboxed broadcasts enlarged on 16:9?

    I'm about to take delivery on a Samsung DLP 61," and the helpful salesman at Magnolia told me something I didn't quite understand: Sure, DVDs and HDTV signals fill (or almost fill, depending on DVD aspect ratio) the 16:9 screen. But what about broadcast letterbox movies/shows (Turner...
  11. Tom Logan

    The Metaphysics of HT

    Greetings all: I hope this, my first post, won't be too abstract or simply annoying....but here goes... I'm wondering if seasoned HT owners truly achieve something like the immersion effect of watching a movie in a theater. I ask because I'm about to go from a 34-inch Sony and two...