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  1. jmk14

    Starting HT in basement; need advivce!

    I am starting to builld a HT in my basement. My question is when I fasten the walls to the floor joists should I use isolation clips or rubber padding when I fasten them or can I just nail them directly to the floor joists?
  2. jmk14

    Need help with ceiling installation!

    I am constructing a HT in my basement. I can't decide what to use on the ceiling, ceiling max or dry wall hung on resilient channel. With a finished floor I have 7'-1" from the floor to the bottom of the floor joists. I want to make the room as sound proof as possible so sound cannot be heard...
  3. jmk14

    Are my ceilings too low?

    Thank you Greg and Jim, I plan to get started as soon as possible with the theater room. First I must do soom research because this is my first home theater room.
  4. jmk14

    Are my ceilings too low?

    Hello everyone, I am planning to build a theater room in my basement. The only problem is my floor joists are only 7'-2" above the concrete floor. Do I have enough room to put a ceiling and floor that is sound proof enough or am I just waisting my time? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!