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  1. Irina

    Any Good Places to Buy Brazilian DVDs?

    It seems that does not work any more. Does anyone have any suggestions for other Brazilian DVD retailors?
  2. Irina Buying Experiences

    Has anybody purchased any DVDs from What do you think about this site? One good thing about them is that the shipping cost is at least reasonable. The shipping costs at other Italian sites are astronomical. I have placed my first order with them last week. The item was not available...
  3. Irina

    The Kremlin Letter (1970) DVD

    Does anyone know what happened to this release? It was supposed to get released on November 7th. has canceled my order today due to the DVD unavailability.
  4. Irina Site Does Not Work

    Does anyone know what's going on with lately? I've been trying to get to their site for the last couple of days - it does not work. I have sent a couple of e-mails to theie customer service - no reply.
  5. Irina

    Buster Keaton Chronicles

    Has anyone received this DVD set? I have ordered it from and for some unexplainable reason, they show 4-6 weeks wait time and they do not respond to my e-mails regarding the delay. Is there a manufacturer's delay? The companion DVD, Buster Keaton - A Hard Act to Follow is available...
  6. Irina

    Peter Sellers UK Box Set

    Does anyone know what movies will be included in this February 27th UK PAL edition. I found the answer on another site: The set includes: The Mouse That Roared, Dr Strangelove, What's New...
  7. Irina

    DVD Delivery from Russia

    Does anyone know why DVDs are not allowed to be shipped outside of Russia any more. This new rule has apparently came into existence within the last couple of days. I tried both and I have sent both of them e-mails with questions and have not received any information back.
  8. Irina

    Dietrich's Morocco on DVD (German Edition)

    Does anyone have a copy of Marlene Dietrich's Morocco DVD? How is the audio/video quality?
  9. Irina

    French Movies with English Sub-Titles

    Does anybody know if any of the following French editions have English sub-titles: 1. Hotel du Nord - 2. Macao, l'enfer du jeu - 3. Entre onze Heures et minuit -...
  10. Irina

    Gloomy Sunday (Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod)

    Does region 2 German edition have English sub-titles? Is there any other edition of this movie with English sub-titles?
  11. Irina

    Can Anyone Recommend Studio Canal Classics with English Sub-Titles?

    I have some Studio Canal classics editions: 1. La Bete Humaine 2. Le Jour Se Leve 3. Jeux Interdits. Can anyone recommend additional Studio Canal Classics with English sub-titles. Irina
  12. Irina

    For Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers Fans

    The great Astaire-Rogers 'Swing Time' is available from Editions Montparnasse (released on 02/15/2005; the French title is 'Sur les ailes de la danse'). The French subtitles are optional. Another great Astaire-Rogers set is available from the UK - The Fred and Ginger Collection. It includes 4...
  13. Irina

    Does anyone have Fernandel R2 Don Camillo Movies?

    I was looking at the Studio Canal Region 2 French editions of the following Fernandel movies: 'Coffret Don Camillo : l'intégrale' which contains all 6 movies in the series and two other editions: Le Petit monde de Don Camillo - Edition Collector and Le Retour de Don Camillo - Edition Collector...