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  1. Stas T

    Whatever happened to "The Devils?"

    I recall in a previous Warner chat here, they mentioned that we'd get "The Devils" on DVD "sooner than you think." But no mention of it after that. Just wondering if and/or when it might get released.
  2. Stas T

    Moonlighting, at last!

    Coming to DVD this spring, according to David and Maddie fans rejoice.
  3. Stas T

    Umberto D. cover art discrepancy

    Just bought Criterion's release of Umberto D. and was disappointed to discover the cover art for the DVD differs from that posted on the Criterion website. The posted cover is a tight profile of Umberto, bottom cropped at the lower edge of his nose and ear, and with the upper portion of the...
  4. Stas T

    Any hope for a DVD release of the documentary "Streetwise"?

    Martin Bell's doc on kids living on the street in Seattle, based on a Life article by Cheryl McCall (an article for which Bell's wife, photojournalist Mary Ellen Mark, shot the pictures), and which later provided the inspiration for Bell's excellent fictional narrative "American Heart," is long...
  5. Stas T

    Fox: Buffy musical ep., Please!

    Just read that the Buffy musical ep., "Once More, With Feeling," is getting a stand-alone release in the U.K. and Germany. Please, Fox, give Buffy's American fans the same! We'd rather not have to wait another year and a half until the full season six set comes out summer 2004. Thanks for...
  6. Stas T

    Buffy musical getting stand-along release in U.K.

    According to a BBC website, the Buffy musical ep., "Once More, With Feeling," will soon be getting a stand-alone DVD release in the U.K:
  7. Stas T

    Will Trek 2 theatrical cut remain in print?

    Anyone know if ST II: The Wrath of Khan theatrical cut DVD will remain in print after the 2-disc director's cut is released next month?
  8. Stas T

    ***Official ET on DVD Discussion (Gift Set, Packaging, Features, Etc) Thread***

    If this Hollywood Reporter article is to be believed, any of us purists who desire the original theatrical cut of E.T. on dvd will pay a premium for it. Here's the relevent info from the article: "E.T. Limited Collector's Edition DVD," priced at $22.95, is designed for the masses. A...
  9. Stas T

    Aliens non-SE available?

    Was there ever or is there still or will there ever be an Aliens disc featuring the theatrical cut? Thanks for any info.
  10. Stas T

    Columbia/Tri-star: Husbands and Wives

    Woody Allen's best movie, and once the upcoming, final MGM Woody Allen collection is released, the only one not yet released on DVD.
  11. Stas T

    MGM/UA: Lenny

    One of the greatest movies ever, arguably Bob Fosse's best film, featuring Dustin Hoffman's best performance, nominated for five Oscars, incl. Best Picture, and currently only available in full-frame VHS. Of all MGM/UA's many catalogue titles, this one should top the list for potential DVD...