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  1. Chris Quinn

    Ascend Acoustics 340s

    3 Ascend Acoustics 340s L/R and CC $575 obo plus shipping. These are the Classics and not the SE version.
  2. Chris Quinn

    Hsu announces new VTF-3 Mk3 now shipping!

    Sweet intro price on the new VTF-3 Mk3. Link. The MBM-12 is now shipping too.
  3. Chris Quinn

    Pioneer DV-563A universal player $100

    Pioneer DV563A plays DVD, SACD, DVDA. Has 2" long scratch on the face. $100 shipped.
  4. Chris Quinn

    Was Dr. Hsu ever part of M&K?

    Someone posted on another forum that Dr. Hsu was formerly with M&K. While I know Dave Fabrikant of Ascend Acoustics was a former M&K designer/engineer I've never heard that about Dr. Hsu before. Anyone know about it?
  5. Chris Quinn

    Ascend 170SE response graph is out.

    First 170SE response graph is out. sensitivity = 89dB @ 1w @ 1meter response = 58Hz to 22kHz +/- 3dB
  6. Chris Quinn

    THe Ascend forum is back up!

    The Ascend Forum is back! The old forum wasn't working with the new software but it looks like Smokey and Curtis were able to save it all as archives at the bottom of the new forum. Thanks to Smokey, Dave F, and Curtis.
  7. Chris Quinn

    Where did the $400-500 subwoofer thread go?

    I saw it this morning and now I can't find it.
  8. Chris Quinn

    FS Hsu STF-2 $300

    SALE PENDING New in box STF-2 $300 plus shipping. From the sun drenched, earthquake riddled coast of California comes an exquisite rumble that will stir the soul. Since its inception in 1991, HSU Research has delivered a secret blend of high quality, high output, high value bass that...
  9. Chris Quinn

    WOW! Seen the Rocket UFW-12 graph?

    The competition just got better. Rocket UFW-12 preliminary numbers w/o room gain- 112dB at 20Hz were it rolls off to 97dB at 15Hz and 80dB at 10Hz. Has a 1000 watt amp with built in EQ, R-DES, and an introductory price of $899. BTW this is a sealed sub which I believe will be a 18-20" cube...
  10. Chris Quinn

    FS- Paradigm Atom V.3 in white

    SOLD Paradigm Atom V.3 in white with Premier MB-60wall mounts $100 plus shipping. Two years old limited duty as surrounds only.
  11. Chris Quinn

    FS- Hsu STF-2 $299

    NIB. Hsu STF-2 $299 plus shipping. SOLD Technical Specifications: Woofer size: 10 inches Bass extension +/- 2 dB: 25 Hz Crossover: Continuously variable 30-90 Hz, defeatable, 24 dB/Oct Phase switch: 0/180° Finish: matte black Dimensions: 19”(h)/14”(w)/18”(d) Ship-weight: 44 lbs...
  12. Chris Quinn

    FS- Hsu STF-2 $300

  13. Chris Quinn

    Toshiba Cinema Series 36" $500 obo

    Toshiba Cinema Series 36" $475 obo. 3 years old Model CN36Z71 Houston area only.
  14. Chris Quinn

    FS- BDI Axis 8028 4 shelf AV rack -$500

    BDI Axis 8028 4 shelf AV rack in black handles up to a 50" monitor. $500 OBO. Pick up in Houston area only.
  15. Chris Quinn

    FS - Ascend Acoustics CBM 170 and 340CC

    SALE PENDING These are three months old. 9 out of 10 for being used. 170's - $250 plus shipping 340CC- $225 plus shipping Both for $450 plus shipping
  16. Chris Quinn

    Anyone seen the boycott Monster Stuff?

    Monster cable apparently sues every company or company with a product with the word monster in their name. Monster Cable Strong-Arms Small Businesses Again For those who remember Monster Cable Products Inc. vs. Mike Shkolnik, dba Mad Martian in the summer of 2002, where the attorneys...
  17. Chris Quinn

    Smoking and subs don't mix?

    Loud Music Can Cause Lung Collapse Yahoo! By Amy Norton NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Blasting music can be hard on the ears and the neighbors, and now researchers say it can also pack enough punch to collapse a lung. Reporting in the medical journal Thorax, they describe the...
  18. Chris Quinn

    Polk PSW- 350 subwoofer

    Polk PSW 350 10" Subwoofer $125 plus shipping $25 UPS ground or pick up in Houston, TX. I've moved up to a nice Hsu. Condition 7/10; a few scratches here and there not visiable until upclose none thru veneer. I can deliver to most of Houston, TX. email at- thequinns at mail dot com Electrical...
  19. Chris Quinn

    Titan A.E. $5.99 at Target

    Titan A.E. $5.99 at Target for you bassheads w/o this disc.
  20. Chris Quinn

    Walmart $5.88 bin rolled back to $5.50

    My local Walmart has the $5.88 bin on sale for $5.50.
  21. Chris Quinn

    Suggestion for a first time diy

    I looking for suggested diy kits with cabinets and crossovers under $200( preferably around $150). I'm looking to give these as a gift with my old Marantz 4130(60 watts) for a two channel set up without a sub. These will go in a small room 9wx11lx8h. This is for someone in their 60's(my mother...