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  1. horrorfreak

    Screen "Up" with harmony 650 All Off?

    So I got a Harmony 650 for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I have everything running pretty much how I want except for one thing. I have an Elite Screen that I am able to get to go up and down, but I would love to be able to add the "Up" command to the "All Off" button. is there a way to...
  2. horrorfreak

    Projector picture setup help (Optoma HD20)

    I'll apologize up front if this belongs somewhere else (please feel free to move if so) I'm extremely close to finishing my theater room. I just this weekend installed the screen and the projector. now yesterday when I was trying to fit the picture to the screen I just could not get it...
  3. horrorfreak

    Screen suggestions

    So I'm in the final stretch of building my home theater (drywall goes up tomorrow). One of the few things that haven't yet gotten is a screen. I have an optoma HD20 projector that I bought a few years ago in preparation for this room (life got in the way of construction unfortunately) The...