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  1. David Singleton

    Peacekeepers on USA

    Has anyone caught the pilot episode of Peacekeepers on the USA network? If not, you couldn't have watched USA for at least the past week. While very much a copycat of CSI, the western genre has always had a special charm for me. The pilot episode had a fair story and Berenger makes for a...
  2. David Singleton

    Jag, 4/22

    Ladies and gentlemen, I need help. I was only able to catch the last few minutes of the episode to see that Harm was charged with the murder of Lt. Singer (?). Can someone fill me in on the details prior to next week's episode? Thanks, David
  3. David Singleton

    Help Please... JAG Details?

    Unfortunately, I was not able to watch JAG last night. Can anybody fill me in on the details? Thanks, David
  4. David Singleton

    Assistance with OAR of Thunder Road Please

    Can someone please tell me the OAR of Robert Mitchum's Thunder Road? I couldn't find the details of the film at IMDB, but their specs of the MGM DVD indicate it is pan 'n scan. Is that correct? Thanks for any assistance. David
  5. David Singleton


    Every weekday, the PAX network airs two Bonanza episodes (1 and 4 pm CST). It has become a ritual for me to tape those while I am at the office and watch them every evening. The Bonanza series has some of the most beautiful scenery along with some of the most endearing characters (not just the...